The Feerrott  

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1 - 35

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NOTE: This is the low level Feerrott.
For the version of the Feerrott introduced with the House of Thule expansion, click here.

The Feerrott is a thick forest which blankets the southern region of Antonica.
It is home to a tribe of lizardmen (whose temple is located in the south), spiders, marsh bears, and other creatures you'd find in a typical forest.

With the city of Oggok sitting along its northern boundary,
this forest also serves as the ogres' gateway into Norrath.Travellers should also be aware of what lies in the southwest -
a spectre-ridden network of caves leading to a portal into the Plane of Fear.

The FeerrottThe BridgePassage to the Mountains of RatheWhat's For Dinner...?
Oggok EntranceSome of the Feerrott's WildlifeOne of Several Lizardman CampsA Riverside Gathering
Druid RingPortal to the Plane of FearOutside Cazic ThuleNewbies Beware!
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# Jan 31 2001 at 7:32 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I know you sinmple Ogres will hold my Troll lineage againt me, but I think that even your simple minds can comprehend my simple summary of the Feerrot.
Fist we will look at the easy stuff. All of the area just south and east of Oggok's exit is the area young Ogres should hunt in. It is sparcely populated by decaying skeletons, jungle spiderlings, lizardman broodlings, froglok tads, and The occational scarab (these are a teeny bit harder).
If you start seeing lizardman scouts, giant bats, jungle spiders, or skeletons, you have left the beginners' zone and reached the more advanced part of the jungle. generally to the south and east of the beginers part of the zone, this part of the zone is much of the same stuff with sparse monsters and endless stretches of jungle with the occasional path to tell where you're going. Some places of note here are the 5 lizardmen camps, 3 in the SW and 2 just north of the path to Innothule. These camps can be tricky at low levels as the lizardmen casters will blind you while the scouts swarm you.
All this time we've been staying east of the river. this is generally a good idea until your at least 8, maybe 6 if you have a group. There are to bridges across the river, each leading to a different peice of land. The first brige is the one just south of Oggok on the path. This leads to a large peice of land covered in jungle.
In this part of the jungle it is important YOU DO NOT GET LOST. This half of the jungle is mostly lizardman warriors, skeletons, zombies, and some fairly difficult bugs, but the Southwest corner of this land has an area with spectres, MOBS which can kill a level 9 or 10 Ogre with little difficulty. If you really want to fight there, awit until you're at least in the high 30's or 40's in ;evel. Some interesting parts in the western jungle include a couple higher level lizardman camps with warriors and mystics (one of these camps is takable by a level 10 or 11 solo or a group of 9's) snd the skeleton ruins in the NW corner. These camps are a great source of bonechips, but the fact that there are 3 skeletons per ruin (with the occasional harder zombie) can catch some people off guard. i would recomend hunting the skeletons for a group of 7's or a solo 9.
Finally we go back across the river and go to the second bridge, a fallen tower that bridges across to the lizardmen temples. If you can't find the 2nd bridge, just follow the river south from the first one. You shouldn't miss it. This island is smaller and more controlled than the rest of the jungle, with most of the lizards at static spawn points. There are 5 temple, each of which spawns a lizardman warrior or mystic. There is also one or two spawn points on the ground, which spawn warriors that wander around. The easiest warriors can be taken by an 8, but the hardest lizards give 10's a little bit to worry about. Smack dab in the middle south of the island is the giant wall that makes up the Temple of Cazic-Thule. There are two lizardmen warriors that spawn and guard the entrance to the zone, which is at the top of a large ramp on the south wall.
past level 12 or 13, not much in this zone is worth sticking around for. There are the spectres for later and a few things that will still give you a bit of experience, but they are far and few between, requiring luck and searching.
Just as a note, If you still want to know more about this zone, I recomend first looking at the EQ Atlas map, and second just running around the zone with an expendable ogre and getting your bearings. The best way to know a zone is to fight in it and run around in it.
Inkuu, now Lallia
RE: Summary
# Jan 09 2003 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Finally we go back across the river and go to the second bridge, a fallen tower that bridges across to the lizardmen temples.

And if you're less than level 30 or so, it's probably instant death to even try and do so now. The other side of the river, on the south side of the Feerrott, has recently had the mobs from Cazic-Thule added to the area. CT was upgraded to a more difficult zone, and the old mobs now spawn at the temple locations in front of the entrance. Just a note of warning to all you ogres out there - stay well back from the temples in the south until you're ready.

Kardok sez: Me no find fingz to bash and smash on dat side uv da rivur. Me come bak wen me tuffer, and eet doz lizzurds on uh stik. Lizzurd on uh stik iz gud. Yum.

And of course, an ogre knows food, right?
Ogre Lowbies
# Aug 25 2000 at 5:31 AM Rating: Good
6 posts
I decided to write this document since I could not find a Ogre Warrior specific guide any ware on the internet. You might say -'Bah!, a guide for Ogre warriors, what's more to it than bash everything you see!'

I think there is allot more to it. I've missed a good guide when starting out so I will here try to give the Ogre warrior a good start in life.

When you start out, first go find your guild master if you feel for it. It will give you a chance to look around in the place which you will call home for the next 8 levels, Oggok. There is a lot of maps for Oggok, and I wont go into detail, since it's very good practice to find the way yourself. My advice is NOT to spend any practice points at this time. There is allot of different opinions on this, but mine is that practice points should go into higher level skills. Your skills will eventually 'cap' anyway. Ogre skills take along time to cap out, since we lack allot in intelligence which is the ability which has to do with skill advancement. The other reason for not putting practice points on skills yet is that you start out with a one hand slashing weapon. My opinion is that an Ogre SHOULD have a BIG 2 hand slashing weapon as primary choice. This opinion is mostly based on role-playing arguments, Big warriors use big weapons. So, save your practice point until you have decided which type of weapon you are gonno use as your primary weapon, then you can boost that.

So, you found your guild master, you have given him the not, now it's time to bash some monsters. When you exit Oggok there is a road. Follow it for a couple of meters. It will split up. Follow the road to the left. You till here some to a place with two huts and 2 Ogres. These fellow cant be spoke to, traded with or anything else. I think they are just 'there'. After that the road will split up once again. Turn right here. Now you are at, in my opinion, the perfect warrior hunting zone for level 1 to 5. Just go out bash everything in sight until you reach level 4. Note that once you reach level 4 you will not get free food and a free weapon when you die, so remember where your corpse is. Smash Froglock toads and other critters up until 5. Now you feel a bit more brave. The problem for a fighter is hit points recovery, this is really not a problem yet, but will be more of an issue the higher up in level you advance. From 6 and onwards I recommend the other side of the bridge. You exit from Oggok and follow the road straight ahead until you reach the bridge. There is usually a guard here which means that there is safe to rest on the bridge. Always sit down when resting, this doubles you HP regeneration. Follow the road from the bridge and bash more bigger monsters. Be aware, you loose XP when you die from level 5 and onwards. It could be a good idea to group from now on, maybe with a shaman who has healing capabilities. As you now have started to notice, 2 hp per 'blipp' when sitting down is not much a regeneration capability.

Grouping becomes more and more important the higher you advance in levels, Drawmjil is now level 16, and he just cannot solo anymore. Ok, I can kill a blue mob, but then I have to sit down for 5 minutes and rest. When grouping with a cleric of shaman you can have a very good tempo when hunting for XP. As you advance in level you can try then Swamp outside Grobb to. It's a bit hard to find, and be aware of the bard which is located in the south-west area, he will whack you quick.

When you are at approximately level 8 or something its a good idea to 'move'. I'm binded in Neriak, the home of the darkelfes, which is one of the few cities which we unpopular Ogres can really live in. This gives you access to Nektulos forest which can be hunted until level 10, and then east and west commonlands in which Drawmjil hunted up to level 13. Be sure to ask a shaman to help you with a SOW for the long run, and when you arrive, ask a kind magicuser to bind you in Neriak.

At last some other words of advice. Equipment, you should try to save as lots of money as you can. What you could aim for as early in life as possible is a complete Leather amour, which is quite affordable until you find something better. Leather is also the first amour which makes you look 'not-naked'. Another thing is to look on you message log, sometimes nice highlevel characters give stuff away to newbies, usually on the bridge, be quick to accept these gifts.

Well, good luck and happy hunt as Drawmjil says, being an Ogre is a though business since practically all NPC's hate you, but it's great to be strong and big, or Strongest and Biggest, especially compared to these Ogre-wannabie-trolls.

Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Aug 22 2000 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
141 posts
I am cross posting this in Feerrot and Fear forums.

If you are hunting Cyndreela, or running from Specters, and you zone into Fear accidentally, gate immediately. Do not look around, do not hit track, do not type /who, JUST GATE. If you do not, YOU WILL DIE.
RE: Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Oct 29 2000 at 3:55 AM Rating: Default
Can you explain wtf your talking about?.. accidental fear zoning?..
RE: Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Nov 16 2000 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Well, you could get Feared by a spectre or the necro, dunno if that would send you toward the portal, or you could back into it i guess if really clumsy, but more importantly ...

Using Fear Portal for fun and profit:

If you gather a group of under-46's to hunt in the Fear Cave, if someone gets in trouble, they can dive into the Fear Portal. It will just drop them at the Feerrott safe point. It makes a dangerous place to hunt ALOT safer. Remember that you are still in the same zone, so you will need to camp or zone in order to clear aggro, but it saved my hide a couple of times. Just don't try it after you ding 46 ...
RE: Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Mar 13 2001 at 1:18 AM Rating: Default
Isnt the only way to get into the Plains a wizzy spell?
RE: Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Apr 28 2001 at 10:04 PM Rating: Default
Getting into the Planes of Air and Hate takes a wizzard spell, but Fear has a zone that connects to the Feerott in the Spec caves. The level requirement to pass through the portal is something like 46.
RE: Accidental Zoning Feerrott-Fear
# Jun 08 2001 at 1:39 AM Rating: Default
Yup Yup. NOT recommended to do planes till 47 tho, cuz of the immense exp loss in 46, along with the fact that if you lose your lvl 46 while on a plane raid.....kiss all your items goodbye.

Graccil da Gnomie
54th Elementalist
Shining Path
Tribunal Server
Bash'n in da Feerrott
# Aug 22 2000 at 4:54 PM Rating: Good
Hail all,
Meez be a ogre dat hab bin bash'n in da feerrott fer qwite a wilz. Sum tings meez wud lik ta tell yooz yung ogres. First ob all, wen yooz at da low lebelz yooz shud bash da litl tings dat lib around da merchants off ta da left comin out ob oggok. Yooz shud bash da stufs here till bout lebel tre.

Unc yooz git ta lebel tre yooz shud go up an down da path infrunt ob da stone shrine next ta da merchant in da house. Bash da stuffs lik spiderz an difrnt tipes ob lizzies. Dun git da lizzies confused wit da iksar, most ob da iksar peplz meez hab met be nice ta us ogres so yooz shud be nice ta dem.

Unc at about lebel fibe or six yooz shud go around wit anudir persun ta help yooz bash at da lizzie camps. Jus be redy ta fite in da dark cuz da mojo slingin lizzies make yooz go blind. Yooz can bash dem fer a lebel or so, but da place ta git da gud exp be on a place calt da island. Der be a bunchz ob templz on dis island (wich be surroundeded by da ribir) dat be gerdid by da lizzies. Dis be gret exp wit a grup ob peplz (don fergit dem shamies, demz be lifsabirz).

Ebenshually yooz can solo deez lizzies at awound lebel 10, but be redy ta be sittn on yooz big itchy butt fer a while since demz lizzies hit herd.

Afir dis yooz shud go to da oasis ob marr an luk fer a croc or orcie grup der. Dis be wer yooz can mak da big exp an yooz no hab ta run bak an fort ta git rashuns since da swimmin lizzies got meat an da madhummies gots da watir. Jus stay here till yooz awound lebel 18 wen yooz can solo da deep watir crocodiles.

Well dat all da info meez can gib yooz since meez only be lebel 18. If'n yooz be on The Nameless server an yooz see meez on den jus gib meez a tell.

Khaak, Ogre Warrior
Nameless of Norrath
Guild Historian
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