Mines of Nurga 1.0

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Level Range:
30 - 44

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This is the obsolete version found on Progression servers. The Mines of Nurga are found in the Frontier Mountains.
It is home to a large and diverse tribe of goblins, the Cleaving Tooth Clan.

Mining RailCamp FireDropping in from the Temple of DrogaThabis
A Fine Place to Fall AsleepMining AwayTaking a BreakOverseeing the Goblin Workers
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Nurga 1.0 NPC listing to start with
# Dec 12 2016 at 8:45 PM Rating: Excellent
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Moesph wrote:
I'm on Phinigel which is up to Luclin at the moment, old Droga/Nurga is still active.
I've spent a lot of time in these zones as the xp and plat rates are good, rarely saw other players however, I also didn't really see many named, no named spawned in Nurga while I was there, the spacing of mobs in Nurga is also different, the map shows areas that named would spawn, but no mobs are present there at all.
Overseer Dlubish is in both zones for some reason.

a goblin stalagknight - 31-33
a goblin backbiter - 31-33
a goblin flashdrowser - 31-33
a goblin slavedriver - 31-33
a goblin stonechanter - 31-33
a goblin warder - 33
a goblin blightcaller - 32-33
a goblin dirttracer - 31-33
a goblin boneseer - 31-33
a sleeping ogre - 30
Overseer Dlubish - 30

I am currently lv 40, these gobs are high level and isolated from each other.
a fearless goblin - 41
Red cons
a rebellious goblin
a victorious goblin
a challenging goblin (pet is green con)

Faction (for both zones)
Goblins of Mountain Death -3
Brood of Di'zok 1

Nurga Loot
Leather Whip (slavedriver, stalagknight)
Fine Steel Two Handed Sword (slavedriver)
Fine Steel Short Sword (slavedriver)
Fine Steel Warhammer (backbiter)
Words of Neglect (backbiter)
Exquisite Velium Embossed Rune
Crystallized Sulfur
Grinning Goblin Brew
Raw Runic Hide
Green Goblin Skin
Mt. Death Mineral Salts
Brick of Deathsteel Ore
Drogan Warlord's Insignia

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