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8 - 30

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Rile Sathir ordered the construction of this tower during his rule of the Sebilisian Empire. It is named after the warlord Kurn Machta, and was used by Rile's son, Atrebe Sathir, to breed the Sarnaks. Those who were killed here during Rile Sathir's reign can still be found haunting the tower.
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# Jan 16 2012 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
63 posts
Plus, if you need PL through your teens and twenties, you should be playing WoW
Great for mages
# Apr 22 2009 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
1,308 posts
Get a cleric merc. Cast fire pet, give him two fangs. Cast DS on self. Grab 4 - 6 mobs. Stand in middle of mobs.... hit f8, to target mob, Chain cast Point blank Area affect spells. Let the pet mop up the slackers.

To get full exp from a mob, you only need to do one point of damage..pet can do rest.

Sit in an area, drinking your elixer of clarity III potion, med up. If you see a mob, send the pet, and hit it with your level 1 flame spell.. for 5 points. You get to rest, you get the exp and pet is just wailing away.
Bonesmasher/95 Nec http://eq.magelo.com/profile/439476
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Hyrax/95 Enc http://eq.magelo.com/profile/1762728

Great for mages
# Jul 07 2010 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
129 posts
you dont need to cast a nuke on the mob.. if the pet is killing it and is urs u still get exp for it..

Ribbitribbit 105 Necro Seventh Hammer > Merged to Tunare
Thinlegs 85 Cleric Seventh Hammer > Merged to Tunare


Great for mages
# Aug 20 2010 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
Not full XP though. If you do zero damage then the pet takes a percentage of your XP. If you do 1 point of damage or more on a mob then you get 100% of the XP.
# Mar 11 2009 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
I don't give a damn what anyone says, Kurns is still THE best PL zone from 1-20 (for twinks). Excluding the burynai bastards, the mobs in this zone are ALL undead, they don't run from you and continue attacking you until they are dead (hence you can hit mobs once then run and grab another and let a damage shield kill them, rinse and repeat till you are low on health) and you can have 1-15 or 20 in like 30 minutes. The only issue I have with the zone is the fact that I usually do run out of skeles, which only lasts about a minute or two until they start repopping (need that for med time anyway). Hands down, best lowbie zone for quick levels.
# Jan 16 2012 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
63 posts
Typically, power levelling 1 through 40 will lead you to an underdeveloped toon come the 50s, making you gimp. The only time PL is worthwhile is 50+, and I Dont give a damn what any noob says.
# Mar 08 2012 at 8:15 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
I have to agree... Any toon without skills is worthless and should be re-rolled.
New mobs in Kurns on test
# Feb 27 2008 at 7:00 AM Rating: Decent
Went to Kurns to farm some bone chips today on test.
Upstairs from the main hall and at the base of the stairs were *red* to 67 mobs.
A Baleful Spectre, A Ravenous Slimebeast, A Raging Burynai, Minion of Kreska, A Servant Of Kreska, and I believe there were one of 2 other mobs, all seemingly generic. Normal skelly, Slime and Burynai models.
Noone on test seems to know anything, and no idea if it will hit live, but just throwing it out there.
level 67 Necro on Test
New mobs in Kurns on test
# Mar 15 2008 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
Mobs went LIVE!! Not sure if they drop anything. Tried killing them on Bertox today with 2 groups all 77-80 with one 66. They hit for around 2k on war respawn fast and are bunched up in big groups. All DB to Red to 80. Red mobs grouped together in the upper lvls of Kurns with as many as 10 in a room. WTH is this for. Most they dropped where a few flawless silks and some uncut gems.
We didnot get past the second lvl so not sure if there where any named going to spawn.
New mobs in Kurns on test
# Sep 25 2009 at 12:09 AM Rating: Decent
I think I know what the problem is, you are dealing with the Void Kurn's Tower, not the newbie one.
The newbie one is Plane of Knowledge(PoK)<Field of Bone(FoB)(Cabilis stone)<Kurns Tower(KT) *level 10-15 training zone
The zone I am guessing you are talking about is the one PoK<Plane of Time(PoTime)(through Plane of Tranquility(PoT) or the Priest of Dizzel Ro in PoK along the SE inner wall)<The Void<Field of Scale(FoS)<(Old) Kurn's Tower(OKT) *level 80-85 zone
Just a guess, because I can't imagine them puting 80+ mobs in the newbie zone.
Re: New mobs in Kurns on test
# Sep 25 2009 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
2,689 posts
The mobs in question were part of the Fabled events in 2008 (where they in 2009? I don't remember). The posts were many months before SoD was released, or even on Test.

Specific mobs dropped XP potions. They were in many newbie zones, including Commonlands.

Yther Ore.
Friar Bijou wrote:
Help me Obi-Wan Yther!!!
Quest Solved
# Dec 25 2006 at 5:15 AM Rating: Good
You should consider this people:

When you kill the Skeletal Cook he sometimes drops 2 Items:

A Hollow Skull (4-Slot Container)
Glowing Mask

Get a dried Tongue from a Burynai Forager and 2 Dusty Sealed Canopic Jars (One will say Left Eye of Torture one will say Right Eye of Torture - when they are identified).

You can only carry one of each since they are Lore so you will know when you have both.

Take all of these items to Galdon Vok Nir in the Overthere Outpost and say to him," What about the dusty sealed canopic jars?" He will open the Jar and give you back a preserved eye which you put into the Skull.

Put the other eye in, the Mask and the tongue and combine them to get:

A Glowing Bone Helm:
+18AC, +7 WIS/INT, +10 SV MAGIC

Not a bad item I'd say but beware only Evil Races can get Galdon to open the Jars. I have yet to find out if this is MQ able but it ought to be once you get the eyes.

Quest Solved
# Dec 25 2006 at 8:39 AM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
Oceanlife wrote:
You should consider this people:

When you kill the Skeletal Cook he sometimes drops 2 Items:

A Hollow Skull (4-Slot Container)
Glowing Mask

Get a dried Tongue from a Burynai Forager and 2 Dusty Sealed Canopic Jars (One will say Left Eye of Torture one will say Right Eye of Torture - when they are identified).

You can only carry one of each since they are Lore so you will know when you have both.

Take all of these items to Galdon Vok Nir in the Overthere Outpost and say to him," What about the dusty sealed canopic jars?" He will open the Jar and give you back a preserved eye which you put into the Skull.

Put the other eye in, the Mask and the tongue and combine them to get:

A Glowing Bone Helm:
+18AC, +7 WIS/INT, +10 SV MAGIC

Not a bad item I'd say but beware only Evil Races can get Galdon to open the Jars. I have yet to find out if this is MQ able but it ought to be once you get the eyes.

If someone has a complete walkthrough for this, hopefully including logs and/or screenshots containing all the dialogues, please send them to me at fleven@allakhazam.com.
# Dec 07 2006 at 10:26 PM Rating: Default
Well, this is supposed to be a hotzone for lvl 20-25 and I went there with my 21 necro and much to my surprise most mobs conned grey (meaning zero exp). Some conned green and after much exploration in the basement area, I found 1 mob that conned dark blue. I believe that if you are going to make a hotzone for specific levels, the mobs in said hotzone should be of sufficient level to provide experience for those levels.
# Feb 20 2007 at 7:15 PM Rating: Decent
175 posts
I think this is a 10-20 hotzone, with unrest being 20-30 and guk being 30-40 or something. At 10, the mobs con yellow at the enterance to the zone. I didn't see the patch information to see what SOE planned it for but Kurns is a newbie zone and I find it doubtful SOE made it a hotspot for L25.
- Vu~
Haven's Edge
# Jan 04 2007 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
kurns is a hotzone for lvl 15-20ish players, i believe. I think that some of the stuff in the bottom of the tower is higher level but of course most of the stuff at the top is going to be grey. For lvl 15's though, this is a hotzone. If its grey to you then you need to go to Unrest.
# Dec 14 2006 at 6:33 AM Rating: Decent
I think SoE means you should be killing "an odd mole" every 60 minutes it respawns. Should be dark blue / even to you. :P
Good Warrior Drop
# Jan 31 2006 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
Are there any good drops for a warrior that i should be looking for in here?

thank you

RE: Good Warrior Drop
# Feb 06 2006 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
Runescale armor drops here and the Iksar beserker club.
attacking skeletons that con red
# Oct 06 2005 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
I'm a lvl 13 dwarf cleric and so far I've just arrived here and just to let anyone know who's interested, I attacked a skely that conned red and killed it fine with 70% health left, all i did was root it first then start nuking it with furor, don't know if this will work all the time but this is the 3rd red that i've killed by myself, of course when i do this I make sure that I'm next to the zone to FoB so in case i get in trouble i can zone, but so far its been real easy to kill all skely's, great way to get some fast levels.
Kurn's FAQ
# May 24 2003 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
183 posts
Never been to the basement -- the thought of large furry shadowknights (harm) touching me all over gives me the creeps... so I will keep this discussion to the undead floors above.

1) great place for soloing from levels 10 to 18, after that the xp starts to drop off simply because there are not enough greater scalebones and icebones to go around (and fighting green skellys that get in the way becomes annoying).
Floors increase in difficulty as you go up, so first floor is relatively easy and you can run around like a newb creating trains and what not. Harder MOBs may be found as you go up the stairs.
There are numerous points throughout the dungeon where static MOBs spawn on a regular timer, as well as regular routes that some roaming MOBs follow -- learn where these are and there will be no surprises popping up around the corner (or right on top of you).

2) Like everyone else says, low aggro radius for skellys, but greens will aggro anyone. Also, when pulling, make sure there is no one else around (MOBs will take off after the closest person regardless of who struck it first).

3) As far as loot goes, you are not going to get rich unless someone needs a bunch of bones to gain faction in Cabilis (and those folks do drop by from time to time), but many of the skellys are carrying around a few gold pieces, which do add up. Some will also drop rhino hide armor or burynai hide armor (a few plat for each piece).

4) couple of lowbie Iksar class quests have components that drop from skeletons: undead crusader drops "an Iksar skull with an X" which is used by shammys for a cudgel quest (two versions -- lore is rarest). Merchants do not buy these things, so if there is a shammy in the house, make his or her day by giving these skulls to them. Undead crusaders usually spawn on stairs between 3rd and 4th floor, although they may wander on either level (also drop FS mace which sells for 5pp -- keep the mace, leave the skull or give it to someone who can use it as it is dropable).
"A glowing skull" (no drop) is used for monk shackle quest, and is an uncommon drop from any of the greater scalebones in zone -- sometimes I see several of them in an outing, sometimes none.

5) Also see spell research components every now and then, most seem to be pages (for enchanters) and words (have gotten alot of Words of Tyranny here), with a few runes thrown in to even things out.

6) As far as hunting tactics, I generally keep along the walls to avoid too many adds from wandering skeletons. Those who are new to the zone may hang out in the entry way and pull toward there, but PC traffic and the occasional train make for a mess sometimes. If you plan on resting or medding, do not do it near the entrance to FoB.
Moreover, do not pull MOBs into the "safe room" at the other end of the zone (#2 on EQ atlas) -- if I am going in there to slap on a couple of bandages, I don't want to fight off someone else's trash simply because they are too lazy or scared to deal with whatever is wandering around on the main floor.

Great zone for anyone who wants some nice xp at a relaxed pace (unless there are a bunch of noobs who all want to hunt on the first floor). Clerics and pallys are particularly effective (as is anyone with a pet), but any class can solo here through those levels. Happy hunting.

Edited, Sun May 25 00:39:25 2003
RE: Kurn's FAQ
# Oct 09 2005 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
Barfly's post is very good. Kurn's upstairs has been changed (currently anyhow) in that the skeletons do not aggro unless (and only my wizard friend had this problem) you med on them.

On several characters in the past weeks I have run through the upstairs, by yellows and reds, and not been attacked. I have attacked a group of skeletons and only had the one respond (practically standing inside one to kill the other).

It seems like Kurn's has been made into the follow-up to Gloomingdeep (makes sense, as places like Crushbone do tricks to your faction that new players may not realize).

It would actually be a neat idea for them to explicitly connect the mines to Kurn's. Toss in some better drops and a quest NPC or two. Maybe deepen the basement...

The benefit of this would be that new players would learn the real-eq-world and the downstairs gives a better sense of normal mob behaviour. Maybe even create a locked out version to anyone over level 25...
RE: Kurn's FAQ
# Jan 22 2004 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
Just a little FYI. The glowing skull can also be turned in to the Skeletal Cook in this place for a nice little item. Skull of Torture. Sweet and easy
Kurns and Necros: A winning combination!
# Mar 14 2003 at 6:15 AM Rating: Excellent
63 posts
If you're a necromancer in your mid to late teens, you are absolutely cheating yourself if you don't go to this zone. At this level, with your abilities, this is the easiest experience in the game. And YES, I am counting that cesspool of human idiocy, Paludal Caverns.

Now, I'm sure the furbies in the basement are nice exp, but they're casters and can do nasty things to you (hello, Harm Touch) so I leave them alone and focus on the skellies in the upper floors. And let me tell you, these skellies might as well walk around with "Plunder Me!" signs around their necks. It's so easy it's almost unfair.

As a necro, you get at level 12 a little spell called "Spook the Dead". For a measly 10 mana, you can keep skellies feared almost at will. What's that you say, fearing is dangerous? Not here. The skellies don't assist each other at all, and will happily watch your pet pound their colleagues into baking soda.

The trick is, don't go too close to the skellies yourself, but manipulate from afar while your pet does the dirty work. This is nothing earth-shattering, but know that no skelly will aggro on your pet unless it attacks them.

The dungeoun exp modifier here is great: I got nearly twice the exp from these mobs as I did from their namesakes in the Field of Bone. And I did not have to inconvienience myself to memorize a regular fear spell, since nothing (save one straggler Furbie) is alive in the upper floors. Kill anything that's dark blue, sneak by mobs that have the aggro radius of a large posicle stick, and gather enough bone chips to last you half your career. It doesn't get much easier than that.
# Mar 03 2003 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
I have to agree that Kurn's is great for paladins...the undead spells sure do come in handy. Even at lower levels, a paladin can solo just inside the zone. Just pull one skeleton at a time into the entryway and you'll be fine.

Also, there is a hidden room on the main floor of Kurn's. It's in the furthest right corner of the room and it's a safe place from mobs if you're in a bad situation and don't want to zone.
RE: Kurn's
# Nov 28 2003 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
The room is a nice place to med or bind wounds because the mobs don't path there, but they will FOLLOW you there if they've already agroed on you. So don't think you can escape there if you're getting beat on.
any traveling suggestions?
# Feb 09 2003 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
I recently started started a DE necromancer a few weeks ago and just lvled to 13. A lot of my guildmates and friends go / are in / went to kurns tower at lv 13 and have told me great things about it. I really wanna go there and check it out for myself but I am new to traveling as a darkie seeing as how this is my first one. Can anyone suggest a route or way to get there? And is there anywhere nearby where I can sell? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Oh ya, I don't have PoP either so I cant take any of the books...
RE: any traveling suggestions?
# Jul 24 2003 at 3:15 PM Rating: Excellent
2,268 posts
Hopefully you've found your way there already, but this may help anyone else who is without the newer expansions. It is possible to get there, although it is a very very long trip. This is the easiest route to get there (I'm not counting ports, cause I don't run a porting character, and I'm not sure where the closest one would be, so there may be an easier way in the form of a port.)

NOTE: This guide is for EVIL races only, because you WILL be KoS when you land in The Overthere if you are a good race.

1. Get to Oasis of Marr. This is one of the original zones on Antnotica. Find the shore (on the east side of the zone) and follow it down to about half way through the zone. There should be a dock there with a gnome on it. That's your way to Kunark. Hail the gnome (or NPC, it is more than likely a gnome, but I'm not 100% sure) and get yourself a port from that gnome to Kunark. You can also take the boats, I believe (or you may HAVE to take the boats, but I beleive the gnomes will port you.)

2. Once you get to Kunark you will be in The Overthere at The Outpost. This is an evil city-type place, where there are merchants, etc. You will want your Gather Shadows spell memorized. Things are fairly mean here, so cast it right away (remember, undead see through this, so do keep an eye out for undead. I don't believe there are any in OT, but you will see some on the way to Kurn's Tower, somewhere in your travels.)

3. Start walking. :-) Walk east, (along the shore) till you hit the zone wall. Follow that south to the zone to Warsliks Woods. (Sidenote: sometimes there are nice shammans, druids, or rangers willing to cast a SoW on you at the PoK book. It never hurts to ask and this will cut down walking time considerably.)

4. Warsliks Woods (WW henceforth) is a kind of mean zone. It is hilly and quite hard to see where everything is. You will want to zone in and follow the zone wall north. At about pos 2000 (and whatever cordinate that you're at on the zone wall) you'll want to start going east. This will take you between the goblin fort and hill giant fort (neither of which place you'll want to visit...) Make sure you are invised the whole way, and conning like a mother the whole way there (everything that can't see you will be indifferent. If they are ready to attack, then they CAN SEE YOU.) Keep going east till you hit the SECOND path going north to south (You'll cross a stream, and go over a path. Keep going east till you hit the next path.) Follow that path north till it ends, and follow the hollow that you're in from there to the zone for the Field of Bone.

5. Field of Bone is where Kurns Tower is. Once you zone in, go east till you hit a path going north to south. Follow this path south till you hit a scary pit looking area (this area, coincidentally, is known as "The Pit.") You will see a giant tower off to your left. That is Kurn's Tower.

6. ???

7. Profit (If you didn't get it, don't worry about it...)

Also, keep in mind that Verrant has added maps to all newbie zones. I believe that WW is a newb zone (as Cabalis attatches to it) and I know that FoB is. So to get these, without the LoY expansion, just hit backspace and play around till you get a good view (may have to take the Height Filter off.)

On a side note, I have a 13 necro there now, and I hope to be 14 or 15 by the end of the night. It's a great place, and you should get there at all costs. :-) Have fun!

P.S. RATE THIS IF IT HELPS!!!! Smiley: glasses

Edited: Made some minor grammer corrections and added a few helpful parts (the part about the SoW, and some other stuff of that nature.)

Edited, Thu Jul 24 16:12:02 2003
RE: any traveling suggestions?
# Jul 11 2003 at 9:12 PM Rating: Default
u cant get there without pop that i know of
RE: any traveling suggestions?
# Aug 04 2003 at 7:25 AM Rating: Default
There are many ways of getting to Kurns tower without PoP
secret room?
# Dec 08 2002 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
Easy XP
# Dec 04 2002 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
I solod here from 14-19 and NEVER died..took me 1 day to do it..GREAT PLACE!!!!
Great Dungeon
# Nov 23 2002 at 9:48 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
This is the best dungeon I've ever hunted in for several reasons.

I entered this dungeon with my level 10 Necro and found the exp to be great here. Am now level 17 and still getting good exp here.
Not sure how long it took me to get those levels but wasn't very long. The character only has about 26 hours total play time on him and thats taking time out every couple levels to train his skills up.

Mobs here seem to have a real small argo range. Can walk fairly close past them and not get jumped on.
Pulling skeletons here is a breeze to pull. Can pull one with another standing right beside him and just get the one I pull.
Can pull the burynai without getting an add unless there is one standing right on top of the one I pull. If there is a little distance between your alright.
I'm hunting the basement now and have found several safe places to sit and med and pull to with out being jumped.
Don't know how long you could level here as I'm still seeing evens and yellows and havn't tried the area under the basement yet,but am getting tired of looking at it after 7 levels :)
Odd items
# Oct 03 2002 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
I've picked up several odd items in the basement and can't find out what they're for. If you have any ideas, please post...

Hollow Skull (off cook) 4 slot tiny combinable container lore item no drop
An Emerald (off thick) lore item
A Sapphire (off thick) lore item
Thick Iksar Skull (off thick) lore item no drop
Skeletal Feet (off thick) lore item no drop
Odd items
# Dec 24 2006 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
You should keep that container. Look up Skull of Torture as well as Glowing Bone Helm.
RE: Odd items
# Jan 15 2003 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
The Hollow skull: 3 items are known(the fourth may be known by now as well ...)

An Emerald & A Sapphire: part of the iksar warrior quests

Thick Iksar Skull: Never found it, so never looked it up :P

Skeletal Feet: Again, never found it, so never looked it up.

Check the Cabilis, Field of Bone, and Kurns Quest listings for info ...
By far the best 10 - 22+
# Jul 16 2002 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
77 posts
This zone is, IMO, by far the best zone for a character from level 10-12 to 22, possibly higher. I know mobs in the basement are higher level, but I've never been down there myself. I've gone here for 4 characters and never regretted it. My first was a Shaman, went there at 14, started fighting solo and my jaw just dropped to the floor at the exp. Not the best loot untill you can head near Jester camp, except the bone chips, you can grab some stacks of them and sell to a necro or SK. My new main, an SK, had a field day there grabbing all the bone chips he could eat. Never a lack of mobs, at least on my server, there's hardly anyone there, and unlike Lake of Ill Manners, everyone there seems to be cool. One tip though... watch out for the Burynai, most are casters, and the Shadowknight ones HT pretty hard.
Exp is great
# May 13 2002 at 8:06 AM Rating: Good

Never posted here before, but just had to say . . WOW.

I am playing my 15 mage when a friend (iskar shaman) tells me he is in Kurns and the exp is great.

Now as an Erudite it is a long way to travel, and I have nowhere to bank, except FV, which is a long way off.

But it has all been worth it.

Level 15 took me 2 and a half hours. Level 16 (with my new pet) took 1 and a half hours. All done solo, Im no twink just normal player.

All I can say is, there must be some exp bonus, I am getting (at 17 still) 1 blue per blue mob kill.

I'm hunting Greater Skellies and Greater Spurbones. I hunt ground floor and up to 1st 2nd and 3rd floors.

I have been soloing, but still, this exp is far more than anywhere else I have hunted.

Come join the fun :o)
RE: Exp is great
# Jun 10 2002 at 11:58 AM Rating: Decent
Okay, fine, now I believe. To heck with returning to Oasis and North Ro. I'm gonna see some place new!

Maoh of Rodcet Nife server
Good exp
# May 03 2002 at 8:33 AM Rating: Good
Currently using my 2nd necro now at level 13 and the experience here is excellent. Although it doesn't say so on eqatlas, I beleive there to be an exp bonus - it just didn't seem like i was getting the same amount of exp in loio for killing the same whites/yellows as i do here. What's also nice is the number of mobs and range in levels. As you begin to level up you simply move upstairs or into the basement.
Need Recomendations
# Feb 06 2002 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
I have 2 questions....
1)would a level 16 WAR and a 18 PAL be able to level here and get decent EXP?
2)Is this area a good money maker?
RE: Need Recomendations
# Apr 29 2002 at 8:06 AM Rating: Decent
1) yes
2) not really, unless some high level is paying a LOT for bone chips :)
# Nov 07 2001 at 12:48 PM Rating: Good
Can a lvl 20 monk kill the undead jester by himself? I haven't tried camping for the jester yet, but my other 20 monk friend really wants the club.
Jester and his note
# Jan 05 2002 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
I finally killed the undead jester, and only got some 2h slashing and something which I can't find on any site: "A tattered note" WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH IT?!?!? It's lore and no drop, kindly help me out

Nihilith Exnihilo
23monk Bristlebane
RE: Jester
# Nov 08 2001 at 1:18 PM Rating: Good
I wouldnt know since I camped him for over 50 hours at level 27 and never saw him. I did kill thousands of badgers and skellies. Please shoot me in the head now. But, there were times at level 27 when I was in trouble down there, so I wouldn't suggesttrying it at level 20.
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 27 2001 at 2:09 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I went to go camp jester with my lvl 1 cleric and i killed him and got the club:-)
RE: Jester
# May 12 2002 at 11:10 PM Rating: Default
Right :)
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 06 2001 at 8:17 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) liar
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 27 2001 at 2:07 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) What lvl is jester???????????
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 27 2001 at 2:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) GIVE ME ARMMOR OR WEOPONSSSSSS
# Oct 26 2001 at 5:33 PM Rating: Default
hiya! what level group of around 15-20 people could clear this dungeon in a raid, i mean mixed races and classes here, also is it one of theose dungeons where druids are killed every 3 seconds??

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