Windsong Sanctuary

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Veil of Alaris



Level Range:
95 - 95

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This is a Tier 4 zone, accessible only from the central island in the Pillars of Alra.
It's a very dangerous, highly volatile zone as the dense mob population is quite hostile and almost all capable of seeing invisibility.

Windsong Sanctuary is home to the god known as Ryken.
A cloudbank makes up the outer areas; dense enough that you can walk on it, yet airy and light.
The inner area is much darker and even more dangerous than the outer parts, with a brooding fury laying in rest at its center...

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getting around
# Nov 10 2018 at 7:35 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah, many (but not really "most") mobs here see thru invis, especially the annoying bats. I found a good way to move around, if you're not a rogue, is to get up high with lev and float around. It works most of the time altho sometimes the bats will pick you up. Certainly works better than on the ground.

Interesting zone, like most in this xpac, which I've spent some time in recently doing the Hunter achievement. But I'm down to only needing Riffmaz and I will be happy at this point to see the last of Windsong.
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