Al'Kabor's Nightmare

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House of Thule



Level Range:
90 - 95

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This zone consists of four separate islands. To port from island to island, you can complete a few short tasks for each one (alternatively, you can just levitate from island to island):

- "The Rivervale Ruins" (from Dreezil Stickens Pocketdip)
- "Wastelands of Everfrost" (from Dagda Icefury)
- "Faydark's Shadow" (from Sionachie Heartsinger)

Once these tasks have been completed, you can speak to any of these NPCs (or Al'Kabor, if you're on the Dreadlands island) to port to any of the other islands, or say "leave" to exit the zone.
The Misty ThicketSmall Reminders of the PastThe Rivervale RuinsWastelands of EverfrostFelwithe Sits in RuinsThe Great SpiresDagda's Tower on the Everfrost IsleKelethin Has FallenWhat Remains of the DreadlandsFaydark's ShadowThe Grand Wizard, HimselfFiriona's Refuge
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# Oct 09 2012 at 11:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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You can levitate from one island to the next (assuming good framerate and not too much lag). But only in one direction (downhill) Rivervale -> Everfrost -> Faydark -> Dreadlands; you cannot levitate the other way. You can do this without having completed any of the quests to travel between islands.

On the last island is Al'Kabor himself, talking to him will allow you to port back to Rivervale; you don't appear to have to do any of the quests for him to do this.

So it is possible to travel around this zone if you haven't done the quests; but can be mildly inconvenient (having to go all the way to the end in order to go back an island).

Edited, Oct 16th 2012 12:36pm by Umbraeques
Navigation Through the Islands
# Nov 06 2011 at 7:47 AM Rating: Decent
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A few more details: Not through this yet so some of this we've seen, some is speculation but we scratched our heads at a few details doing this progression.

Each island appears to project the illusion of the local mobs. We didn't always get it immediately but would eventually.

Falling off the island: Doesn't seem to do anything but suspend you in space. Had lev on but sat there a couple minutes and nothing happened. CoH'd the toon back up to land.

"These npcs" aren't the pictures below, they mean the npcs that gave the quests. The island progression quest giver is also the porter to the next island and out of the zone. We studied the pictures looking for the "these" then sort of went "Dope!", but three of us did the same thing so hence the explaination.

Dreezil Stickens is the quest giver for the right to port to island #2 (Everfrost). After you complete his quest you have the following options:

(1) To port from island #1 to island #2 after completing the 1st progression quest, save "Everfrost" to Dreezil Stickens.
(2) To leave the zone, say "leave" to Dreezil Stickens.

Navigation Through the Islands
# Nov 06 2011 at 8:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Adding a few details and/or corrections to my prior post. The first comment to move from zone to zone is "/say passing" then the options appear. Dreezil only had forward (next island; Everfrost) and leave. Dagda IceFury has three options after /say passing: Riverdale (back to prior island), Faydark (forward) and leave (exit zone).

hail Dagda Icefury:
She replies .... [passing]
/say passing

Queen Klaknak
# Oct 14 2010 at 8:18 PM Rating: Good
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named, drops Queen's Horn, bard only.
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