Erudin Burning

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85 - 90

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The learned Erudites aren't proof against the nightmares plaguing Norrath. The outcast of Erudin, the Heretics, have taken over the city and are laying waste. The citizens are fighting desperately to preserve the shining walls of Erudin, but the battle isn't favoring them. The Deepwater Knights fight valiantly to save their home against nearly overwhelming odds...

Terris Thule, the goddess of Nightmares, is personally watching over this particular horror and her minions can be seen around the city fueling the dream. Experts in their craft, Terris and her minions give the Erudites just enough hope to keep them in the dream, but never allow them to win...
The Dock AreaThe Port Authority Still StandsErudin BurningTending to the Wounded...Keeping Back the Undead InvadersThe Fallen CityBlue Hawk's is No MoreThe General's CampFormer Guild Hall of the Deepwater KnightsWhat Little Remains of the Library's Second FloorErudin's Palace Burns in the DistanceThe Burning Library
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Heretics Among Us
# Oct 23 2010 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
"Offer words of inspiration and encouragement to any of the Deepwater Knights." 0/5

Hail any 5 "a Deepwater" people inside or outside the building.

"Ask Weligon Steelherder what more can be done to help." 0/1

Hail Weligon Steelherder.

"Kill five Heretic infiltrators near the docks." 0/5
"Retrieve the head of an infiltrator sapper." 0/1
"Retrieve the head of an infiltrator pyromancer." 0/1

Kill any five "a Heretic infiltrator" plus one each of "an infiltrator sapper" and "an infiltrator pyromancer" around the dock area.

"Deliver the head of an infiltrator sapper." 0/1
"Deliver the head of an infiltrator pyromancer." 0/1

Give both heads to Weligon Steelherder.

"Give your report to Weligon Steelherder." 0/1

Hail Weligon Steelherder.

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The Illuminating Truth
# Oct 20 2010 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
65 posts
- Hail all 3 guild masters, Markus (after tunnels go right through building), Lxx (top of purple paladin building), some other guy (2nd floor of library).
- Chat with the Spirit of Erud
- Hail General (near the entrance to the tunnel), after 5-10s he will agro along with guards. Pulling is trivial, guards reset, general does not.
- Turn-in drop to Spirit
- Collect 3 ground spawns, twig by burning timber, book near the bookfire in library, potion near barrels in the shack w/ tarp roof
- Deliver ground spawns to Spirit.
- Hail Spirit, gives you Torch of Truth
- Equipping the Torch near each of the 3 guild masters will trigger a mini brekt mob to kill, first charms, second DoTs, third silences.
- Hail Spirit
- Kill Terris Thule on top of the Library

Sigiled Synochleon
Thulian Helm (presumably all of it)
Unidentified Shard of Bone
Kiss of the Serpent
Fragments 86-89
Items I don't know the name of: Mage staff

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The Illuminating Truth
# Oct 26 2010 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Did this mission, got bugged on the first brekt mob and it didn't give us the kill update.
The Illuminating Truth
# Oct 28 2010 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
How did it get bugged? Did this a few days back and didn't have any problems with it. Group actually wiped to first time due to accidental aggro of other mobs, but the brekt mobs don't see invis and, best we can tell, don't despawn.
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