Sunrise Hills

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House of Thule



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1 - 120

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This is the neighborhood zone entered through a gate in the northwestern part of the Guild Lobby. For an overview of player housing, check out this wiki page.
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How to get to Sunrise Hills
# Nov 13 2013 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
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NW room in the Guild lobby. Click on door. Pick any of them, it doesn't matter. The intermediate zone you'll hit is "Sunrise Hills" even though it isn't listed.
New non-player house?
# Jun 08 2013 at 12:24 AM Rating: Excellent
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Is it just me or is that house in the Southeastern corner of Terminus Heights which is not on the mapped plots a new appearance? I can't seem to interact with it, but I don't recall it being there before. It's probably just scenery, but I'm curious.
New non-player house?
# Jul 23 2013 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
2,596 posts
Perhaps you speak of the house that is actually an instanced zone and part of a quest?

New non-player house?
# Jan 17 2014 at 4:57 PM Rating: Excellent
1,738 posts
I believe that's it. Thank you!
No Sunrise Hills
# Jan 26 2013 at 8:36 AM Rating: Decent
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There is no Sunrise Hills listed in the screen that comes up when I click the gate. How do I get there? NM, figured it out.

Edited, Jan 26th 2013 4:08pm by KEC
# Oct 24 2012 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
It may be beneficial to know that you need to have permission in the guild tool to be able to purchase guild plots. Our leader quit playing long ago, I havent really messed with the permissions so I did not know this even existed, till I spent 40$ on a new guild hall and THEN started trying to figure out how to place it. ♥ this game
More Items With Interactive Text
# Mar 21 2012 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
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There are more interactive text items in Sunrise Hills (though my instance is Colonial Island). In the Market builiding, in the center of the room, are 4 NPC's standing around a table playing a game of some sort. When you click on one of the pieces on the table, it gives you a clue about the game. And there is a bag on the table that will get you spanked half-way across the zone if you are not careful...

Here are the log entries:


[Tue Mar 20 23:33:05 2012] You have entered Colonial Island.

[Tue Mar 20 23:48:42 2012] Garik Nogflop sighs as he moves a small figurine from the grey portal to under a tree. 'I wish Kimble were here, then maybe Gebsle would be nicer about the slow business of late...'

[Tue Mar 20 23:54:22 2012] Garik Nogflop looks up and shoos you away from his backpack. 'Excuse me, that's mine!'

[Tue Mar 20 23:54:23 2012] Garik Nogflop reaches up and slaps your hand away from his precious possessions, 'I've little more patience to deal with you.'

[Tue Mar 20 23:54:40 2012] The unarmored Wereorc in front of Garik stands between the grey portal and rest of the board. Perhaps this means that moving your piece from one location to another entails defeating or circumventing the other players.

[Tue Mar 20 23:55:22 2012] The unarmored Wereorc belonging to Darix appears to be piece furthest away from where its owner is sitting. Perhaps choosing your location on the table as well as progressing across the board are intertwined ideas.

[Tue Mar 20 23:56:06 2012] Garik Nogflop slams his fists on the table and stands up, 'Okay then, you pathetic excuse for a thief!' Garik reaches back and throws his fist into your liver with the might of a million gnomes! 'This'll teach you to touch other people's bags!!'

[Tue Mar 20 23:57:06 2012] The armored Wereorc in front of Indy is standing between two small plots. It is interesting that there are only three plots on the table. You assume this means that they are not connected to the number of players, but instead house resources that the players must try and collect.

[Tue Mar 20 23:57:58 2012] You survey the small cloth figurine that is placed on the edge of the blue portal. Rathgar appears to deeply focused on the position of the pieces on the board. It appears as if a key to victory in this game is correctly positioning the bear, the idol and the firepot.

[Wed Mar 21 00:03:25 2012] You notice a key difference between the Wereorcs in front of Indy and Rathgar in contrast to those in front of Darix and Garik. Perhaps collecting a sword and shield for your Orc is part of this game's strategy...

[Wed Mar 21 00:03:26 2012] You know better than to reach for Garik's possessions now...


Anyone know what this is all about?
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New NPCs with VoA release
# Nov 18 2011 at 3:43 PM Rating: Good
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Arwik Nimbletune
Brent Harnak
Celtreus Arwel
Lysric Loresinger
Postmaster Aric Songfairer
Tanya Bakines

All around the stage on the backside of the round building at zone-in where you buy furniture and whatnot for your house.
New NPCs with VoA release
# Aug 21 2012 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
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This is also where the Guild Hall items are sold as well as where the POSTMASTER hangs out (Parcel merchant for sending/receiving packages).
New Interactive Text Items
# Nov 16 2011 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Copied from my logs (though I took out timestamps):

Your Location is -2728.59, 2054.63, 4.43
An ornate looking lute rests gently on the corner of the stage. Its neck is a bit warped and it appears to be missing a string. Along the side of its body there is a small inscription, 'May the wind bless your journey and the sky echo your song for years to come. - The Marsingers V'

This drum appears to be constructed out of relatively cheap materials, but you can sense a great amount of care and time was put into its creation. Along the top, on the stretched skin covering the body, the following words are painted in beautiful calligraphy: 'To my friends, may The League watch over you always. Lislia II'

Yes, these two are at the same location

Your Location is -2738.99, 2080.54, 4.43
This lute appears to be in pristine condition. It is likely this instrument has never and may never be held in the hands of a musician. Its construction is beautiful even if its materials appear to be a bit on the shabbier side. Along the neck a small inscription reads, 'For your all your assistance in our hour of need, may this lute serve as a modest token of our unyielding appreciation. - Felisity and Ton of Marsheart's Chords VI'

The worn drum looks broken as you inspect it closely. This instrument has likely been the echoing harbinger of many battlesongs and warcries in its day. Before your attention is drawn away you notice a small line of green lettering along the side of the instrument, 'May The Mother of All bless your steps wherever your song may echo. - Idia and Jakum V'

This lute appears to be made of solid bronze, which makes the fact that its body is riddled with dents that much more impressive...

These three are also at the same location

I'm not really sure what this would be put under (maybe all the new NPCs, of whom I sent in submission reports about via email already could have these put on their text?)

These items are on the new stage out the backside of the building at the entrance to the zone.
no mention of the frog quest
# Jul 22 2011 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
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if you go to the zoo keeper in akanon and say "this is for gebsle" hi will give you a tonic. you take it back to sunrise hills and give it to gebsle nogflop and he gives you a little green box called a curious box and tells you not to open it until you get home. you put it in your house and you get a frog form old seb who sings and plays music.
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no mention of the frog quest
# Jul 22 2011 at 4:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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iyeni wrote:
if you go to the zoo keeper in akanon and say "this is for gebsle" hi will give you a tonic. you take it back to sunrise hills and give it to gebsle nogflop and he gives you a little green box called a curious box and tells you not to open it until you get home. you put it in your house and you get a frog form old seb who sings and plays music.

If you have screenshots and/or logs from this quest, please send them in to
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