The Void (D)

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Seeds of Destruction



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85 - 85

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This is the version of "The Void" entered after you've completed three themes in the Seeds of Destruction expansion (three of: Oceangreen, Kithicor, Field of Scale, Earth). It is slightly repaired from its previous version, and Zebuxoruk has a number of new items for sale.

For a Seeds of Destruction overview, including progression information, click here.
The VoidDistant MatterRo Brightens...Zebuxoruk
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Zeb's Text
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You say, 'Hail, Zebuxoruk'

Zebuxoruk says 'Welcome back! Ha, I never tire of saying that to you. It is a small amusement we share... but I see you don't remember. I have heard the echoes of the gods, perhaps even Veeshan will be returning soon to mourn the death of her world. As you can see, the destruction has been catastrophic, but not [total]. You may have had something to do with this.'

Zebuxoruk says 'Whatever victories you have won in the past, know that even a single arrow can slay the future. In this place, the [future] belongs to the ones who dare to defend the past.'

Zebuxoruk says 'You have confided to me many times on these repeated travels that you could not rest in your own timeline, knowing that this struggle was as yet underway. Time and time again... you might leave the battle for years, return to Norrath, settle down, raise children, build a different life... and still your [nightmares] of the Enemy would disturb your sleep.'

Zebuxoruk says 'Yes, the recurring thoughts of the Enemy, working day and night to undo your reality, in past, present, and future, made your inner peace impossible to regain. Now, you are as much a prisoner of this reality as I am, though we both now possess the freedom to [leave] this place anytime we wished.'

Zebuxoruk says 'But where would I go? What would I do? My place is here. If you came here and did not find me, that would truly mean the Enemy's final victory. The loss of my remaining magic, which holds these Portals open and the air upon this rock, would eliminate forever the possibility of saving Norrath and giving you mortals yet another chance to [save] yourselves.'

Zebuxoruk says 'When the Rallosian Empire was at its peak, the ogre leader Murdunk led an army to the Plane of Earth to subdue the Rathe Council. With a push by the Discordians either way, history as we knew it could become undone.'

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