Old Blackburrow: Freedom!

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80 - 85

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This is the instanced zone involving the group task "Freedom!" in which you are charged with freeing a group of captured Darkpaw pups from the clutches of a menacing Blackburrow tyrant.
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# Jul 25 2010 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
Our group killed all 8 slavers but Grohlek the Tyrant did not spawn. The task did update such that he's the last thing to do. He was not in the Green Room or the Clover room or the Snake pit and not on track either.
Slavers Pathing....
# Nov 18 2008 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
Sucks. Tried to PAcify and pull one up the corridor and off it run in the opposite direction and brings back all it's friends.

Prolly need to fight them in the room with crowd control.
Slavers Pathing....
# Nov 18 2008 at 4:41 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah the pathing in this zone is horrible in certain spots, there is one small corridor near the highest bridge you land on if you drop of waterfall that you simply can't pull mobs through, they'll just run the super long way around and then arrive with 10 friends behind your group. Either charge mobs or have a FD puller who can test the pathing.
Grohlok the Tyrant
# Nov 17 2008 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
The final mob of the zone is called Grohlok the Tyrant. Tanked him pretty easily with 80 group geared monk, 21k HP, 3k AC buffed, 85 merc as primary healer. Doubles, high hit on me was 2379, average hit about 1200. Info below is a little off, first becomes un-attackable at 70% (not 50%), next at 30%, then you can kill him.

So quick run through:
1) Fall down waterfall and find 1st named Raxtor Drakpaw on beach at the bottom of waterfall. Kill him and loot for task update

2) Kill the 8 slavers in two large rooms in NE/E of zone and kill the 1 slaver in SE of zone

3) Kill Grohlok the Tyrant in the snake pit
Additional information
# Nov 08 2008 at 7:32 AM Rating: Decent
If you know old layout of Black Burrow you will not be lost as they have not really changed much in here.

Fastest way to the Room.

Reaver's and Ravagers see through invisability, from zone in get a Float buff and go to the rim of the Hole that drops you into the heart of Black Burrow. Look for the suspension bridge and drop down onto it, head to the Door and open. You will probably get aggro from a Reaver at this point but it is only 1 and easliy killed.

Follow the tunnel ahead after killing the reaver it will open up to the point I know as the Clover rooms, the slavers are to he left through that tunnel you cannot miss them. Kill the roamers and Med and prep for the fight here, nothing will see through invisibility at this point in this opening.


The Slavers are normal Monsters with no special abilities except they all seem to be chained and will come at once on aggro. They can be snared and rooted, so a chanter might be advisable to make this encounter easy.

We did this with 2 Wizzy, Ranger 3 healer Merc. I (Ranger) ran into the room far side and and AE snared hit Weapons Shield and nuked as fast/much as I could. Between the 3 of us we killed 2 Gnolls and evac'ed back to entrance, Wizzy's went back and solo'ed the remaining Gnolls.

Next room was simular with less monsters wizzy in group ran in and solo'ed the room.

    BOSS (I do not have his name)

he spawns in first room after task update from freeing the pups, kill him down to 50% he becomes un-attackable and pops a normal mob (Shaman for me, and regens to 100% kill the normal mob.

Boss becomes attackable again, continue killing him. Once again he gets down to about 30% and another Gnoll spawns, target and attack ASAP. Nothing special about the spawns just straight melee monsters.

Kill BOSS now all the way down at this point he should be at 100% at the beginning of the fight. At the end of the fight I had to pop a potion for heals as the Merc's were drained of mana.

Hail Raxtor

Go back to the good Gnoll camp hail Raxtor and your done.
A guide on how to do this mission..
# Nov 05 2008 at 6:38 PM Rating: Default
This is one of two progression missions that you must do in order to complete Oceangeeen Hills/Village progression.
While you can have others who have not done the quests from the seargant and mission from the captain inside the fort in your group. I would not reccomend it since I do not know if it could mess up your progression. The whole idea behind this progression is you are as always the good doers of EQ. The good Gnolls called Darkpaw gnolls have had some of there pups stolen when they were out learning how to hunt. Raxtor Drakpaw thinks that the Sabertooth Gnolls have kidnapped(or gnoll napped) them.
After getting the mission you go and zone into Blackburrow North East of the Darkpaw Gnoll camp. The gnolls appear to be a little bit tougher then the regular non instanced version. The mobs were split pretty evenly between light blue con and dark blue con at level 81 . I found that there were more see inviz mobs in the instanced then in the regular, the see inviz usally conned dark blue. The first part is finding information about the kidnapped Gnolls a named drops the information. Best way to get there is do a combination of killing and invizing until you reach the giant pit on the top floor. Jump off and swim ashore You should be in the middle of many see inviz mobs. You will see the named he paths to a point where he is not near any mobs. Get out of the water and jump him. This is easy part loot the thing he drops. The next step is to free the darkpaw Gnolls. To do this you must kill teh Enraged Gnoll Slavers or any mob with a similar name. You will see small Gnolls who are indif con with a name like Darkpaw Gnoll.. You have to free 8 of these mobs. My group and I which consisted of a level 80 Magician, 81 Necromancer, 82 Necromancer, and a level 82 Shadow Knight(17kHP unbuffed 3300Ac and like 1,000AA's) aswell as a level 80 Cleric Mercenary and a level 81 Cleric Mercenary we all had decent gear none from the new expansion. We found a massive group of 7 Slavers at the location -73.26,-298.51. The one by itself was due south from the big group. Once 8 slavers are killed a named will spawn near by but far enough away so it wont attack you as soon as you kill it. This mob was pretty easy but requires conservation of mana because once he gets down to 50% he becomes un-attackable and pops a normal mob, and regens to 100% kill the normal mob and continue killing him. Once again he gets down to about 30% and the same thing happens. Then kill him again and he will edventually die. Go back to the good Gnoll camp hail Raxtor and your done. It took us about 2 hours to do this mission we had no idea where any mobs spawned or anything about this mission. Also the mobs DO NOT respawn atleast as of November 3rd 2008. Hope this guide helps everyone.
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