Oceangreen Village

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70 - 85

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Oceangreen Village is a small human village within the Oceangreen Hills. With its simple wooden structures and humble surroundings, this small hamlet is on the edge of prosperity under the direction of Antonius Bayle. The plague (of Bertoxxulous) has begun to creep towards the village, but has not yet infected the population at large.

For more details about Oceangreen Village, check out this article.

For a Seeds of Destruction overview, including progression information, click here.
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P 636.6300, 3050.5000, 27.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, a_gravid_fire_beetle
P -399.2500, 2128.3799, 9.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, a_gravid_fire_beetle

P 439.8800, 2284.0000, -10.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 132.5000, 2573.1299, 11.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 314.3800, 1718.1300, 19.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 290.8800, 2386.6299, 4.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 215.1300, 2047.0000, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 660.0000, 2604.1299, 5.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang
P 317.8800, 2050.0000, 5.7500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Blightfang

P -132.0000, 2988.2500, -0.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Claybeast

P -320.2500, 1479.3800, 9.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P 211.3800, 1033.5000, 2.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P -335.8800, 1624.6300, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P -486.0000, 1243.6300, 6.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P 235.7500, 573.2500, 16.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P -717.3800, 1079.1300, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat
P 662.8800, 3149.7500, 28.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Crimson_Bat

P 796.7500, 1936.5000, -55.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord
P 851.0000, 1819.0000, -66.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord
P 794.3800, 1818.8800, -56.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord
P 579.8800, 1872.7500, -4.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord
P 757.1300, 1853.8800, -36.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord
P 749.5000, 1873.1300, -36.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Jelvalak_the_Tomblord

P -382.3800, 1689.3800, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign
P -208.8800, 1617.7500, 5.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign
P -406.5000, 1950.7500, 30.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign
P -199.0000, 1801.1300, 8.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign
P -556.5000, 1695.2500, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign
P -126.8800, 1942.5000, 14.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Malign

P -539.6300, 1555.7500, 3.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Master_Putremancer_Fellid
P -427.1300, 1203.0000, 5.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Master_Putremancer_Fellid
P -166.2500, 851.3800, 4.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Master_Putremancer_Fellid
P -580.2500, 1385.6300, 7.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Master_Putremancer_Fellid
P -526.6300, 464.0000, 11.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Master_Putremancer_Fellid

P 122.8800, 1952.2500, 4.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 920.6300, 1610.8800, 13.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 455.0000, 1610.7500, 10.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P -59.2500, 1727.7500, 7.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 233.2500, 1788.3800, 16.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 654.1300, 1542.3800, 2.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 80.7500, 2127.8799, 3.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 452.3800, 1947.5000, 5.2500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P -41.3800, 2037.1300, 10.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 77.5000, 2223.0000, 4.7500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller
P 268.2500, 1989.7500, 3.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Megrima_the_Plaguecaller

P 453.6300, 3056.8799, 43.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 237.1300, 2409.2500, 5.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 590.2500, 2403.1299, 0.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 530.6300, 1697.6300, -1.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 118.1300, 1859.1300, 10.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1228.7500, 2787.7500, 7.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 624.1300, 2457.3799, 1.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 389.7500, 1851.1300, 6.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 989.1300, 2608.6299, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1202.1300, 2937.5000, 8.8800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 709.2500, 3084.6299, 33.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1293.5000, 2646.5000, 40.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1082.2500, 2797.1299, 19.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 696.8800, 1480.3800, 5.6300, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1039.6300, 2561.7500, 8.7500, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp
P 1282.2500, 2891.3799, 9.7500, 255, 50, 0, 3, The_Blight_Wisp

P 520.6300, 901.3800, 3.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb
P 636.8800, 1458.8800, 3.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb
P 431.5000, 1201.0000, 6.7500, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb
P 384.0000, 217.2500, 15.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb
P 574.8800, 539.0000, 7.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb
P 174.8800, 904.8800, 3.5000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Twisted_Limb

P -632.2500, 333.7500, 5.3800, 255, 50, 0, 3, Vileplume
P -169.2500, 1362.8800, 6.1300, 255, 50, 0, 3, Vileplume
P -551.8800, 162.5000, 14.0000, 255, 50, 0, 3, Vileplume

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From what I can tell while doing hunter here in OGV, the PH's for the names here are all undead. All the undead path quite far. They have various psawn points in general areas and path within those general areas. In the far northeast, you can pop the crimson bat, central east can see twisted Limb and megrima near the crypt. The blight wisp around there as well and south of the crypt. claybeast of course by the town and clay pit. Supposedly blightfang can pop around the lake like the clay beast but i have yet to see it. On the west side, near the village itself on the ridge you can spawn Malign ( or just over the ridge) . you can also pop the beetle. and putremancer to the north. I also saw the crrimson bat here once. Further north by the temple you can pop putremancer or vileplume. The tomblord spawns in the crypt only and has been outlined elsewhere. but for a fast explanation, mobs spawn latenight and despawn early morning before dawn. chance for named then. back to hoping for blightfang so i can complete hunter
# Jun 15 2012 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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I hate to say it.. but .. there doesnt seem to be PHs for alot of the named here. They just spawn at random times. I can kill the whole zone with my main and spawn nothing or I can zone in and every named is up. For example the Tomblord spawned and nothing was killed in the crypt..he just popped. I believe its the same for many of the other named, ie Twisted Limb, Fellid, Megrima, Malign. GL!
# Nov 28 2008 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
for those that do not know... since i see it on my server alllll the time lol.

if youre hunting for undead things in the village, please kill the wisps too. those are the PHers.

often, people end up complaining about not enough undead for everyone. but when you end up killing only undead soon enough the only thing left are going to be the wisps, which like i said, occurs frequently lol.

so yes, wisps are the undead PHers. might be for other things too, probably lol.
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# May 13 2009 at 9:10 PM Rating: Decent
Some spawns in the village zone only spawn undead. There are 2 just outside the village on the left side of the path (as your leaving village). I had the named Malign pop twice in a row from one of the spawns. Several more are a bit further north just over the first hill. Those seem to allow for any mob type (live or undead), but are heavily weighted towards undead (50% or better chance of undead it seems).

Just my observations while doing the augment quests there.
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The Claybeast - dropped Archaic Leather Boots. Roams between pit 1 and pit 2. Wild rampage and Back Hand Slam

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Kadcea 350 Master Alchemist
Orelinde 350 Master Poison Maker
Kynsh/Rabon/Atracker and a whole host of additional alts
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Oceangreen Village and tasks...........

(I will not where I satnd on them to show that details are self verified or not)


>>>>Arms of the Dead

1) Deliver 10 Rusted Blade Fragments to Dan Hearthpride

REWARD: 75 Chronobines, XP, Cirtan faction

NOTES: Frags drop off various undead in Village and Hills and can be pre-looted.
Confirmed by completion.


>>>>Good Seeds

1) Deliver 5 Handful of Grain Seeds to Yvette Miller

REWARD: 60 Chronobines, XP, Cirtan faction

NOTES: Seeds drop from healthy animal MOB's and can be pre-looted.
Confirmed by completion.


>>>>Paint Supplies

1) Deliver 1 Fine Bear Skin to Vicktor Snowborn
2) Deliver 3 Wolf Whiskers to Vicktor Snowborn
Deliver 4 Wild Blueberry Branch to Vicktor Snowborn
Deliver 4 Wild Bloodberry Branch to Vicktor Snowborn

REWARD: 60 Chronobines, XP, Cirtan faction

NOTES: Bear skin is from bears and whiskers are from wolves, of course. The Branches seem to drop more from rats than any other type of animal, but also seem rare (as does the bear hide).


>>> A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

1) Recover proof of the Bertoxxulous worshipper's treachery 0/7 (Temple of Bertoxxulous)
2) (Deliver pages to Cadmael) 0/3 (Oceangreen Village)
3) (deliver Scraps to Cadmael) (0/7) (Oceangreen Village)
3) (Activate document's power) 0/1 (Temple)
4) (Defeat MOB's) 0/?? (Temple)
5) (Back to Cadmael) 0/1 (Oceangreen Village)

REWARD: 50 Chronobines, XP, Cirtan faction

NOTES: I have not got past step one yet.
I can confirm that there are sever "XXXXX Parchment Scrap" that drop in the Temple from human/golem models (it seems).
It appears they are called Contaminated, Corrupted, Defiled, Infected, Malignant, Plagued and Soiled Parchment Scraps).
Supposedly, giving them to Cadmael will result in you getting back one of three versions of a Recinstructed Cultist Manual and a Completed Cultist Cipher.
In the north room of the Temple, you merely speak one of three phrases (/say) while standing in the center of the room on the symbol on the floor.
Then a named spawns (Vaxztn the Purifier?) that you need to kill.
All I can confirm right now is that for step one, the scraps drop as noted.
It appears finishing this opens up missions.

>>>A Corruped Arch Priest (group mission)

NEW ZONE: Oceangreen Village: A Corrupted Archpriest

Seems to involve collecting 6 Bertoxxulian Badge of Station and killing Disease Knight Cronvair, Handservant Vicco, Putrifier Moldows and Arch Priest Cronkle.

REWARD: 60 Chronobines, Cirtan faction

>>>>Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die

NEW ZONE: Oceangreen village: Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die

Seems to involve killing Machinator Grengwar for a key, Prime Lector Quilok for a key and then Scumlord Heyanti.

REWARD: 60 Chronobines, Cirtan faction

NOTES: This seems to lead you to Jerome Bertrand, right beside Cadmael.

JEROME BERTRAND (2-group raid)

NEW ZONE: Ocangreen village: The Bubonian are Coming!

>>>>The Bubonian are Coming!

Seems to involve killing Kalcik, Plaguebearer Scil, Plaguelord and Musca.

REWARD: 45 Chronobines, Cirtan faction

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[Thu Oct 09 09:08:57 2008] You say, 'Hail, Claria Green'
[Thu Oct 09 09:08:57 2008] You return to view.
[Thu Oct 09 09:08:59 2008] Claria Green says 'Hello. I hope you are well. I'm sorry, but I have no bread for sale,

haven't for a while now. There's little wheat, or any other grains for that matter. With [faith], however, will come

salvation. We already have help in the form of Bayle's Irregulars. Soon enough this blight will pass and we will be

able to resume our lives.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:09:03 2008] You say, 'faith'
[Thu Oct 09 09:09:04 2008] Claria Green says 'Personally I follow Erollisi Marr. My faith can't be broken, no matter

the evils brought upon me. It's too bad I can't get my young cousin Jay to understand my faith. He could use a bit

of faith to get him through these hard times.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:09:26 2008] Targeted (NPC): Spig Mason
[Thu Oct 09 09:09:26 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:11 2008] You say, 'Hail, Spig Mason'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:17 2008] Veronika begins to cast a spell.
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:17 2008] Spig Mason says 'Hello there. Pardon my raspy voice, but I've inhaled a lot of [stone

dust] in my days and it's taken its toll on my throat.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:24 2008] You say, 'stone dust'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:32 2008] Spig Mason says 'Aye, stone dust. I'm a mason by trade and I spend a lot of time cutting

stone to fit. Right now I'm overseeing the disassembly of the old ruin to the east. My crew, well, it's mostly just

[Tenna] and myself, spend most of our time just trying to dislodge the old stones. There's some sort of residual

magic in that building that resists us when we try to pull one stone from another. It would be nice if we could just

pull them out, we sure have a lot of [building] still to do.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:36 2008] You say, 'building'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:38 2008] Spig Mason says 'Nobody knows what its function was or who built it, but it's a ready

source of sturdy, pre-cut stone. It's certainly old, and I don't think the stone was mined anywhere near here. Most

of the foundations for the houses in the village are built of this stone. We sure could use a few more houses now, in

fact. I've given my home to Jay. It's not exactly the dream home a builder like me wants for himself anyway, and

when Jay came by to visit his cousin Claria and was [stranded] here, well, I felt bad for him. Besides, I like

sleeping under the stars.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:44 2008] You say, 'stranded'
[Thu Oct 09 09:10:45 2008] Spig Mason says 'Jay arrived just before the first cultist started showing up. It's not

safe enough for anyone to wander around these days, so he stayed here. I also suspect that he wanted to try to help

protect his cousin Claria as well, but he's too tough to admit it.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:13 2008] You say, 'Hail, Constable Wendle Nottington'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:15 2008] Constable Wendle Nottington says 'Hello. I'm Wendle Nottington, [nominal constable] for

Oceangreen Village. We no longer have a [mayor], so I suppose that makes me the village leader, though I would rather

not take that task. I'm a simple soldier, not a leader or organizer.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:32 2008] You say, 'mayor'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:33 2008] Constable Wendle Nottington says 'Everette Fairweather was an old friend. A good man with

a big heart. He founded this village and asked me to come along to help him get started. He was killed by those

despicable cultists defending his [daughter]. As her godfather it's now my duty to take care of her. She doesn't

need me to take care of her, mind you, but I shall do so for as long as I breathe.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:40 2008] You say, 'daughter'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:41 2008] Constable Wendle Nottington says 'Sussette? She's a lovely girl. Looks like her mother

but gets her heart and openness from her father. No doubt once this is all over she will take her father's place as

mayor. She's certainly capable enough and everyone trusts and respects her judgment as much as they did her fathers.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:42 2008] Veronika begins to cast a spell.
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:56 2008] You say, 'nominal constable'
[Thu Oct 09 09:11:56 2008] Constable Wendle Nottington says 'It was my task to guard the town from minor troubles like

wild animals or any thieves that might try to take advantage of our unlocked doors. Well, it still is my task, but

Bayle's people have been doing a very admirable job of keeping unwanted animals and various cultists out of the

villages. Heh, I might even enjoy a visit from a thief or a rowdy mercenary or two. I admit that I feel a bit

outdated these days.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:02 2008] You say, 'Hail, Jay Pierce'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:04 2008] Jay Pierce says 'Hail friend. I hope you've been finding the weather to your liking, what

with everything else around here being so horribly [messed up].'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:08 2008] You say, 'messed up'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:10 2008] Jay Pierce says 'I'm not sure what tragedy to start with. There's the lack of real food

due to all the diseases in the animals. There's the fact that we can't [leave the village] and expect to survive.

There's nothing to do here other than pick infected [weeds] from out pathetic gardens. And all we have in the way of

saviors from our woes are eight [pathetic] guards who can barely manage to stand their posts for half a day. Not to

mention the fact that they also expect to be fed, as if we had any food to spare.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:17 2008] You say, 'leave the village'
[Thu Oct 09 09:14:22 2008] Jay Pierce says 'A few tried shortly after I arrived. They were brothers, Ingvard and

Hertog. As tough as they were, they didn't get as far as the short wall. I suspect that by now they've risen again

and are haunting the hills as we speak.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:20:37 2008] Tenna Feldon says 'Welcome to Oceangreen, friend. I would offer you a drink or a meal, but

we have none to spare. I can't offer you pay for work either, as much as I would dearly love to. We have little

left. That won't stop us from doing [what needs to be done], though.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:20:43 2008] You say, 'what needs to be done'
[Thu Oct 09 09:20:43 2008] Tenna Feldon says 'We need stone for new buildings, for one. We need clay from the pits to

use in mortar and for pottery, though I suppose we have little enough to store in such containers. We tend our sickly

gardens as best we can. I freely admit that at times such work seems to be just to keep ourselves busy, but if it

serves only that purpose, then at least it has meaning.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:15 2008] You say, 'Hail, Jessica Marsdaughter'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:15 2008] Jessica Marsdaughter says 'Hello, Turgos. I am Jessica. It is an [honor] to meet you.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:19 2008] You say, 'honor'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:19 2008] Jessica Marsdaughter says 'I am always honored when someone chooses to speak to me. As a

mistress of the blade, a paladin in service to Mithaniel Marr, I admit that many people are unwilling to approach me.

They fear that I might judge them or be predisposed to dislike them. That, of course, is not the case. I believe

that everyone has value, at least everyone that has a will. That can't be said for the undead, but even the most

debased [cultist] can be saved given time and effort.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:28 2008] You say, 'cultist'
[Thu Oct 09 09:22:28 2008] Jessica Marsdaughter says 'Those that have been attacking this town can be saved, I

believe, though they rarely give us any opportunity to try. But I shall continue my efforts, though the protection of

the citizens is more important.'
[Thu Oct 09 09:25:39 2008] You say, 'Hail, Tad Carpenter'
[Thu Oct 09 09:25:53 2008] You say, 'Hail, Tad Carpenter'
[Thu Oct 09 09:26:32 2008] Tad Carpenter regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.

# Oct 08 2008 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
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[Thu Oct 09 04:25:45 2008] You say, 'Hail, Henna Greymare'
[Thu Oct 09 04:25:45 2008] Henna Greymare says 'Hello Turgos. Welcome to Oceangreen. Pretty place, isn't it?' She smiles. 'I'm sure it will be pretty again some day soon. I suppose my optimism is a Greymare trait. I suppose you don't know anything about my [family], and I won't bore you with the detail.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:25:57 2008] You say, 'family'
[Thu Oct 09 04:25:57 2008] Henna Greymare says 'Since you asked,' she smiles brightly. 'the Greymares were once a family of horse breeders. The grey mare on our crest represented a breed of horse that only my family could raise. We were, once, a very important family. But that was a long time ago. Now we are wanderers. Once we leave home, and we always leave home, we may never see another member of our family for the rest of our lives. There is no other way we would choose to live. I traveled for only a short while before finding my [new home], here with the Irregulars.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:02 2008] You say, 'new home'
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:02 2008] Henna Greymare says 'I ran across Billik one day in an inn. It seemed as though he was trying to drink every single patron under the table. I found him to be irresistible.' A wry grin crosses her face. 'It turns out that I caught his fancy as well. He says he's always looking for just the right kind of person for this little band. I'm not sure why, but it appears that I am such a person. Of that I am very proud.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:36 2008] Targeted (NPC): Morris Olberson
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:36 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:40 2008] You say, 'Hail, Morris Olberson'
[Thu Oct 09 04:26:40 2008] Morris Olberson says 'What? Oh, hello. I'm rather busy today if you haven't noticed and I have no time for unannounced guests.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:00 2008] Targeted (NPC): Hue Saworth
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:00 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:01 2008] You say, 'Hail, Hue Saworth'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:01 2008] Hue Saworth says 'Hello there. I hope things are well with you. Me, I'm feeling pretty good. I find hard work refreshing, and there's plenty of [work] to do around here.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:07 2008] You say, 'work'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:07 2008] Hue Saworth says 'Well, I'm sort of the handyman hereabouts. I move stuff that needs moving, carry things that need to be carried. . . You know, stuff like that. There aren't so many supplies left to move these days, but we have to move them often. If the animals learn where we keep the grains then we have to move them or we won't have any left.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:27 2008] Targeted (NPC): Henry Miller
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:27 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:29 2008] You say, 'Hail, Henry Miller'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:29 2008] Henry Miller says 'Hrmph. We've got nothin' to sell these days. I'd suggest you try to make your way out of town the moment the sun rises. It's not safe when the sun's up, but it's safer. I don't think nobody would mind if you used a bench in the square for the evening. Just keep yer eyes open for that monstrous [mound of clay].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:35 2008] You say, 'mound of clay'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:35 2008] Henry Miller says 'A big, nasty piece of work that don't much like the fact that we've been takin' the clay from the pits. It gets riled up and marches into town following the smell of clay. Scary thing. I'd suggest you run away if you see it.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:50 2008] Targeted (NPC): Henry Miller
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:50 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:51 2008] Targeted (NPC): Viktor Snowborn
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:51 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:52 2008] You say, 'Hail, Viktor Snowborn'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:53 2008] Viktor Snowborn says 'Hello. I am Viktor. It is good to see you. I am a [painter].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:56 2008] You say, 'painter?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:27:56 2008] Viktor Snowborn says 'I paint landscapes. I have traveled far to see as much as I can so that I can paint it. All of the paintings you see in these houses are made by me. They are places that I have been. I paint them so that I can always remember their beauty. But now I am [trapped] here and can not travel.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:03 2008] You say, 'trapped ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:03 2008] Viktor Snowborn says 'I fell overboard from the ship that I was travelling on. I was very sick and could not leave, and so the ship left me here. Yvette and Henry have saved my life. And so I painted my pictures for them. But now I can not paint. I have no [supplies].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:07 2008] You say, 'supplies �'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:07 2008] Viktor Snowborn says 'I need all supplies; brushes, canvas, paint. . . I can make these things with the right materials, but I do not have them. Maybe you [can get] them for me?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:11 2008] You say, 'can get ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:11 2008] You have been assigned the task 'Paint Supplies'.
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:11 2008] Viktor Snowborn says 'I have much thanks for you.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:19 2008] Targeted (NPC): Yvette Miller
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:19 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider her.
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:20 2008] You say, 'Hail, Yvette Miller'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:21 2008] Yvette Miller says 'Hail, Turgos. I hope you are well. I'm sorry that I have [no food] for sale, if that's why you've come.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:24 2008] You say, 'no food ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:25 2008] Yvette Miller says 'We have no wheat for me to bake with. Precious little of anything for that matter. I can barely feed the [three] of us with what we make in our sad little garden. Hopefully one day Henry and I can expand our farm and grow fields of wheat, corn and all sorts of things. I just wish we had a supply of [good seed] to store for later, once this horror finally ends.' Under her breath you think you hear Yvette whisper 'If it ever ends.''
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:30 2008] You say, 'good seed ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:30 2008] Yvette Miller says 'We have had to plant every good seed that survives just to stay alive. And our farms grow weaker every season. We'll need new seed soon just to plant another season. I imagine that there are seeds out in the wilds that we could use, and I'd be grateful if you could [find some] for me.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:34 2008] You say, 'find some ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:35 2008] You have been assigned the task 'Good Seeds'.
[Thu Oct 09 04:28:35 2008] Yvette Miller says 'I appreciate that you will try. It's not at all safe out there, so don't take any risks.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:11 2008] Targeted (NPC): Bart Masters
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:11 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:12 2008] You say, 'Hail, Bart Masters'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:12 2008] Bart Masters says 'Well, hello there, 'Bart chuckles quietly. 'This little town sure has become a busy place lately.' He looks you over slyly. 'You don't appear to be a casual passerby. I hope you can manage what I never did, to [finish] passing through.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:17 2008] You say, 'finish ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:18 2008] Bart Masters says 'Aye. I got stuck here. I had my own small boat. I was traveling along the coast, my own little tour of the lands. I just fished for my food, slept in the boat. No real goal in mind, other than seeing what I could see. Then I stopped here. It was nice to sleep indoors for a while. It was great to eat food other than fish. I can still remember the first tomato I ate that evening, possibly the best tasting thing I ever ate. But then I got [stuck] here.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:21 2008] You say, 'stuck ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:21 2008] Bart Masters says 'Very stuck. When those lunatics attacked Oceangreen the first time I had only been here four days. They swarmed into town, maybe two dozen of them. They could have killed us all if not for them bein' so sick. Well, that and that Nottington fellow. He doesn't look like much, and he can't match any of Bayle's folks in a fight, but he was a tornado of steel that night. Maybe because he knew if he fell we'd all die. All of us fought, I even took my skinnin' knife to one of them freaks. But Nottington was impressive. Not that it helped much. Even though we stopped them, we all got [sick].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:24 2008] You say, 'sick ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:24 2008] Bart Masters says 'More of us were killed by the fever than they killed with those ridiculous sickles. They would have died from their own disease if we hadn't cut them up. Even so, they had time enough to destroy my poor little boat. One of them tossed a torch into it while I was trying to keep them out of the inn. So I've been stuck here ever since. Not that I mind any more. In a way I'm glad to be done with that foolish trip. I'm content to stay here and help out. I'm a good fisherman, so I help provide food, but I'll do whatever is [needed] of me.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:28 2008] You say, 'needed ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:28 2008] Bart Masters says 'Well, since Bayle's people have arrived, there's little for us to do. We can manage to get to the clay pits, and some of the folks are still determined to get all the stone from that [old building] to the east. At least we're relatively safe now, though I think ol' Nottington feels a bit left out. I hope you can find your way safely out of town, though since you managed to get here alive, I doubt that will prove a problem for you.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:33 2008] Targeted (NPC): Sussette Fairweather
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:33 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider her.
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:35 2008] You say, 'Hail, Sussette Fairweather'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:35 2008] Sussette Fairweather says 'Hello there. You come from a far off land, I can tell. I would love to hear a story from your home one day. It's easier for me to dream of far away places than to think of our [current situation].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:40 2008] You say, 'current situation ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:41 2008] Sussette Fairweather says 'I'd rather not talk about that. I imagine Wendle can tell you everything. He's quite brave and has become our leader since. . . Since my [father] was killed by a crazy cultist that attacked the town.' Sussette is obviously shaken.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:45 2008] You say, 'father ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:29:45 2008] Sussette Fairweather pauses a moment before replying. 'His name was Everette. He was a wonderful man. He was the smartest man I ever knew. He founded this little village and was our mayor. Everybody loved him. I miss him terribly.
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:15 2008] Targeted (NPC): Merta Longshadow
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:15 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider her.
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:16 2008] You say, 'Hail, Merta Longshadow'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:16 2008] Merta Longshadow looks you over with keen eyes. 'I don't have much time or desire for pleasantries. If you want to chat, I'm certain others in Oceangreen will be more than willing to oblige.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:34 2008] Targeted (NPC): Lendal Ironforge
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:34 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:35 2008] You say, 'Hail, Lendal Ironforge'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:35 2008] Lendal Ironforge's deep voice rumbles in his chest. 'Hello! It's good to see a friendly face. You may know that I'm the local [blacksmith], though I can do little of that these days.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:40 2008] You say, 'blacksmith ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:40 2008] Lendal Ironforge says 'Aye, and a good one at that. But I've no metal to work with. I spend my time mending blades where I can and fixing the rare cook pot. I've been learnin' to work clay, since that's the only thing in ready supply right now. Those that are still out there working the clay pits are brave, even more so than those that guard them. Those soldiers wear armor and carry swords, but those in the pit only have their shovels to defend themselves if something hungry shows up.' Lendal smiles, 'Maybe I'll make them a mug or a water jug.''
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:48 2008] Targeted (NPC): Winna Ironforge
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:48 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider her.
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:49 2008] You say, 'Hail, Winna Ironforge'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:49 2008] Winna Ironforge says 'Hi. I'm Winna. My husband and I handle the iron-working needs for this small town. I'm sorry to say that we have nothing for sale, if that's why you're here. We have [no access] to new supplies, so we can not make anything new. Lenda may be able to make repairs on some items though, as long as they are not too damaged.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:54 2008] You say, 'no access ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:30:55 2008] Winna Ironforge says 'We can still manage to dig clay, but we can't venture any further away safely. No merchants have been here in months, not that I can blame them. I'm surprised that folks are still working on the deconstruction of that old structure to the east. If it weren't for those wonderful [new guards], we wouldn't be able to do even that. For that matter, we might all be dead.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:02 2008] You say, 'new guards ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:03 2008] Winna Ironforge says 'Wonderful, each of them. Brave beyond anything we have a right to expect. They protect us all day and night and we have nothing to offer them but a meager bushel of vegetables from our pathetic little gardens. The man that leads them, this Antonius Bayle, must be a great leader. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet him and thank him myself for his help.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:18 2008] Targeted (NPC): Jerom Bertrand
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:18 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:19 2008] You say, 'Hail, Jerom Bertrand'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:21 2008] Jerom Bertrand regards you indifferently -- he appears to be quite formidable.
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:23 2008] Targeted (Merchant): Apothecary Cadmael
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:23 2008] Stand close to and right click on the Merchant to begin a transaction.
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:24 2008] You say, 'Hail, Apothecary Cadmael'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:25 2008] Apothecary Cadmael says 'How do you do, Turgos? I seem to be running a bit low on [supplies] for healing at the moment, so if you have fallen ill or become injured, I'm afraid that I will have to urge you to seek out some other traveler with a degree of healing skill. My apologies!'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:29 2008] You say, 'supplies ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:29 2008] Apothecary Cadmael says 'We have recently experienced a rather nasty spate of illness in our fine village. People are falling ill, and we can't seem to figure out what is wrong with them! I've tried everything - lilyroot, ashenmoss, even fresh purple flangers - but nothing seems to help. The strong can weather the disease and return to health in time, but those who are young and vulnerable or old and infirm... they may not be so lucky. I'm fresh out of [ideas].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:33 2008] You say, 'ideas ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:33 2008] Apothecary Cadmael says 'My only thought is that perhaps this has something to do with that [vile temple] outside of the village. Have you seen that place? It's disgusting and completely ridden with disease.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:38 2008] You say, 'vile temple ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:39 2008] Apothecary Cadmael says 'I've heard from some of the others that the people in that underground temple are worshipping Bertoxxulous, the disease god! If that is the case, perhaps someone should [investigate] to find out if their disgusting plague worship is causing the illnesses in the village. Or, perhaps you are prepared to [storm] the temple and root out the corruption within?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:42 2008] You say, 'storm ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:42 2008] Apothecary Cadmael smiles. 'Perhaps you should [investigate] the happenings in the underground temple first, Turgos.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:48 2008] You say, 'investigate ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:48 2008] You have been assigned the task 'A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight'.
[Thu Oct 09 04:31:48 2008] Apothecary Cadmael says 'Thank you for offering to help us. Many lives may be in the balance here.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:29 2008] Targeted (NPC): Lyrina Quill
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:29 2008] Right click on the NPC to consider her.
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:30 2008] You say, 'Hail, Lyrina Quill'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:30 2008] Lyrina Quill says 'Hello friend! Welcome to Oceangreen Village. I'm sure everyone will be pleased to see a new face. I know I am. I do so love to talk to people, to learn all about them. Perhaps I can learn something about you. I suppose, just to be fair, that I should tell you about myself first. I am a [writer]. Or at least I was when I came to [Oceangreen]. I mean, I still write whenever I can, but that's only in the evenings. During the days I work in the [clay pits].'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:37 2008] You say, 'clay pits ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:37 2008] Lyrina Quill says 'I may be a writer, but I love the feel of soil in my hands. I've always thought that a writer must experience the world in order to be good at their craft. Sitting in a cabin and trying to write a story about a far away land might result in a tale, but I don't believe it would be very interesting. I also like that the clay I dig from the ground is turned into houses and pottery and other useful and beautiful things.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:44 2008] You say, 'Oceangreen ?'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:44 2008] Lyrina Quill says 'Isn't this a lovely town! The view of the ocean is an inspiration. The emerald grass and beautiful hills seem endless, like an emerald reflection of the ocean itself. And the people are so very kind. I certainly hope that [Bayle's Irregulars] can save the town. Nobody will talk about it, but soon it may be necessary to try to make an escape. I know that Constable [Nottington] has a plan for that.'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:49 2008] That is not a valid command. Please use /help.
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:54 2008] You say, 'nottington'
[Thu Oct 09 04:32:54 2008] Lyrina Quill says 'The Constable is very smart and kind. He saved us all the first time those unholy creeps tried to kill us. Don't let his quiet attitude fool you, his head is full of ideas. I have faith in him. As long as he's with us we will be safe.'
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