Blacksail Folly: Reduce His Numbers

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The Buried Sea



Level Range:
75 - 80

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This is the instanced zone involving the third group mission for Blacksail Folly, "Sharpeye's Folly: Reduce His Numbers". Macon Teach has decided he wants Sharpeye eliminated, and he's going to start with his recruits...

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List of Mobs
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here is a list of mobs for the zone. These mobs appear in ALL the instances of blacksail folly, with the same levels. (i do not know yet if they instances scale down for lower level groups).

the static (non instanced) version of the island also holds the same mobs.

a blacksail hound 64-66
a sharpeye recruit 72-74
a snapjaw tortoise 74-76
Agnostic Eugene Kidd 76
Baird Jailbird 75
Beth Bloodbucket 76
Blind Macon Slasher 75
Bob Bloodbucket 76
Bradford Slaughter 76
casey Greenbeard 76
Clive the Ochre 75
Decayin` George Cooke 74
Diego Bloodbucket 75
Disastrous Hester Straw 75
Drownin` Fritz Smythe 75
Edgar the Infected 76
Edmund the Malformed 76
fancy crate of rum
Ferdinand Jellybones 76
Fruitless Finn Straw 75
Fruity Sam Slasher 74
Guideon Teach 75
Hubert Backstabber 74
Hubert the Ochre 74
Jake Swiftknife 75
Jaques the Infected 75
Javier the Staggering Drunk 75
Jean Jailbird 74
Jelly Legs Jane 75
Jessie Mohawk 75
Jezebel Fancypants 76
Jimbo the Staggering Drunk 75
John the Bald 76
John the Infected 74
Jules Baird 74
Jumpin` Eve Scarr 76
Jumpin` Hidalgo Scarr 75
Lazy Eye Sully 76
Liza Slasher 74
Louis the Infected 75
Mast Hugger Edgar 75
Musket Ball Wallace 74
Navigatin` Daryl Grimm 74
Norm What`s-His-Name 74
**** Deck Billy 76
Randal Dregg 75
Reeking Iggy Slasher 76
Saggin` Jowls Bailey 75
Shoutin` Elmer Cutty 76
Slouchin` William Smythe 75
Smarmy Tess Bellamy 74
Sniffin` Beatrice Straw 75
Swabbin` Bernice Teach 74
Wade the Periwinkle 75

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