Solteris, the Throne of Ro

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The Buried Sea



Level Range:
75 - 80

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For an outline of the Solteris raid expedition, and for information about Phosphenes, Phosphites, and the unlocking of raid armor, click here. The quest arc needed for Solteris access begins with this task.

There are seven events in this expedition, each with a 4.5 day lockout timer:

- Mayong's Mistresses
- Deadly Swarm
- Stalwart Defenders
- The Captured Portal
- Portal to Dreadspire
- The Final Portal
- Two Gods.
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# Oct 20 2008 at 11:17 AM Rating: Good
142 posts
you need rthe ring on u to zone
Keyed or not ?
# May 31 2007 at 10:05 PM Rating: Default
Um you say not keyed. Then say flagged. Am confused but will say i have clicked on that globe many times and gone no where. Zone is probrably so far up ill only see it in my dreams but hey a guys got to dream some amazing weapons . No data as yet :( will keep looking.
Keyed or not ?
# Jun 01 2007 at 3:17 AM Rating: Good
1,352 posts
the 8 missions are

[] 1) Knowledge for Power

[] 2) Locating the Statue

[] 3) The Snakes Are Hiding Something

[] 4) Counter Attack

[] 5) Confront Emperor Zaakiszh

[] 6) Where There's a Will

[] 7) Slay the Serpent

[] 8) Stop the Ritual


or use thise checklist
Solteris Progression Checklist

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Speak with Researcher Plik -- /say: "pursue"

[ ] (Group) Task: Knowledge for Power -- /say: "help"

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Speak with Researcher Maladoks -- /say: "travel"

[ ] (Group) Task: Locating the Statue -- /say: "interested"

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Deliver the rubbing to the Head Mage

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Speak with Tactician Sodut -- /say: "Shissar"

[ ] (Group) Task: The Snakes are Hiding Something! -- /say: "find out"

[ ] (Group) Task: Counter-Attack! -- /say: "strong enough"

[ ] (Group) Task: Confront Emperor Zaarisz -- /say: "undertake"

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Make Contact with the Shissar Loyalists -- /say: "proceed"

[ ] (Group) Task: Where There�s a Will -- /say: "goals"

[ ] (Group) Task: Slay the Serpent -- /say: "objective"

[ ] (Group) Task: Stop the Ritual -- /say: "search"

[ ] (Single) Task: A City in Peril � Give the items he requested to Elnot
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