Nargilor Pits: Preemptive Strike

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Depths of Darkhollow



Level Range:
70 - 75

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This is the instanced zone involving the group task Preemptive Strike, the first task in a series of five leading to class-specific 70th level Darkhollow spells.

The Nargilor Pits are teeming with undead drachnids, shiliskins, and zombies. You must find an ornate chest which holds the key to the pit, make your way past the monsterous gargoyle guardian, and into the pit itself. There, you will find a ritualistic scene involving Draygun's minions and his captives. Unfortunately, Draygun is using these captives to sustain his energy supply. Therefore, they must be destroyed.
The EntranceNargilor PitsSea LifeUndead Drachnids
Watch for the TrapWatery CreviceGuardian of the PitMindless Minions
Base of the PitSome Questionnable PracticesInside the Pit

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