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45 - 60

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TORGIRAN MINES: Deep inside Broken Skull Rock are the Torgiran Mines, where downtrodden slaves delve into the ore-rich depths of the island. The ore is moved by rail out to Dulak's Harbor, processed in the refinery, and used to create ship's fittings and primitive weapons. The mines themselves occasionally dip below sea level, sometimes even uncovering lava pools. The Luggald have erected shrines and etched mystic runes in the mines, which seem to prevent them from flooding.
CrazedThe BridgeReflecting PoolOverseeing the Miners
Overseer's TerritoryNgrub and MinionsDreadguard
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Location for task
# Dec 27 2005 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
Where in here is the "chamber with the ceremonial skull in the far east"?
RE: Location for task
# Mar 25 2006 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
Found it. If you look at the map (the one on is what I used) for the Overlord room, just to the west of the northern end of that room is a rectangular room. It's not physically connected to the overlord room (back to the 4-way you'd go south instead of east), but that's where you have to go. I believe it had luggalds in it (I ran through so quick, don't remember now :)
# Apr 28 2003 at 11:22 PM Rating: Default
I am not sure how to put this but Verant really pisses me off. Almost every quest or Trade skill item in these new zones requires a component that is found by foraging. I never had a char that foraged. My Shaman cant tailor without haveing to buy (at too high a price) foraged items to make the new Robes and even needing a foraged item for there spell Pure Blood. Why cant things be done by there own class without having to buy items from other players or begging another player to find one for you. I am a casual player, about 3 hours in the early morning, I stand no chance of getting anything unless I make a Ranger or Druid to forqage things for me. WHY WHY WHY??? I really cant figure why things are put in a game that cant be aquired by the class they are made for without having help.......

Kaladil Eaglefeathers 56 Shaman
Azzare Blackfeathers 58 Necromancer

Nether one is a forager......
RE: Foraging??
# Jun 30 2003 at 11:58 AM Rating: Default
The answer is very simple. It is demonstrated by the Vah'Shir co-operative quests for that dozy sonic wolf weapon. SOE/Verant always intended this to be a social game. They encourage this socialization by requiring you to interact with other players/classes in order to complete certain tasks. Clear enough?
RE: Foraging??
# Dec 25 2003 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
That explains it. Why all the spells that are sold in LDoN for my Mage are group friendly. You know, the one that I can ONLY cast on my pet to absorb hits. Or how bout the one that Refelects spells for just a few seconds ...once again not able to use on anyone else. Or lets not forget the Primal Remedy spell in only and pet ONLY heal over time. But after that I do get to quets a spell that benefits my pet AND MYSELF...noone else called Elemental Empathy. Give me a freakin break .. they make this game more GROUP friendly but set aside some classes as SOLO. Sure Mages get that poweerful GROUP DS...what else ? ...

Group oriented my ******** thats a myth.

RE: Foraging??
# Aug 31 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
A truly ignorant posting there, Cedyr. /applaud.

First, the post you responded to never mentioned "group oriented." He wrote that EQ is a "social game." Even soloers can socialize with other players, so your point there is a complete non-sequitur.

Secondly, mages bring alot to a group... it's called DPS! They can also summon arrows, food, water, focus items, levitation rings, enduring breath stones, and so on.

You really must have tried hard to be so wrong.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 05 2004 at 12:53 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Can you solo a yellow/red mob at lvl 65? Didn't think so chief. Before you scoff at the idea of this game being Group Oriented, maybe you should consider what you were capable of when you were lvl 1-lvl 25ish, and compare it to what you're capable of now, as far as the mobs you can take. Most experienced players can take red mobs easily for the first dozen levels or so, but that simply isn't possible at the higher levels in the game.
RE: Foraging??
# Dec 21 2004 at 1:02 AM Rating: Excellent
I wonder if Sony had a contingency plan for when there weren't enough players left to keep this a social game. For instance, how do you play a game designed for socialization when all there are left playing it are 2-boxers, PLers, and upper end raiders?
RE: Foraging??
# Mar 05 2005 at 2:27 PM Rating: Good
113 posts
Their contingency plan is called EQ2... Why do you think so many are jumping ship to other companies for their entertainment needs.
Wulfgarin Dergeistdesmonds
RE: Foraging??
# Jun 23 2003 at 10:25 PM Rating: Good
Actually, in one of the update messages that Verant put out around the time of LoY's launch, they said that there were a lot of NPC-droppable items that were also foragable in the LoY zones. They said specifically that, if an item was possible to forage, then it could be foraged in a zone where it was known to drop off of MOBs. My understanding is that there is virtually nothing that is forage-only in any LoY zone. My read on this was that VI was throwing a bone to the foraging-enabled classes/races to make some things go a bit more quickly for them perhaps.

Tholuxe Paells
#REDACTED, Posted: May 30 2003 at 11:14 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Umm...Start a ranger or druid. Lvl them to 50 should take about 2 weeks and then you will never have to worry about it again...
RE: Foraging??
# May 23 2003 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
I don't know about the robes, but the Gunthak water needed for the Pure Blood spell drops from the mobs in the Gunthak fort. My druid teamed with a shammy, and she got the water before I could forage it.

The hardest part for us was getting those damned luggalds to drop the pure blood. 3 Days of camping about 2 or so hours at a time, we finally got a drop for each of us. On subsequent trips to Nadox, they were dropping like skel bones, and being ooc'd.
Pristine More Samples
# Apr 14 2003 at 1:17 PM Rating: Good
You need three pristine ore samples from the mines. They weight like 10 stone each. Go to Steamfont, at location -1933 +1394 (very near the druid ring) is the gnome Metallurgist Mirakzin. Hail him and follow the conversation. You get a bag to place the three ores in. Combine and return to him and you get a potion of Encased Mnemonic Vapor, five charges, all/all and has the effect of Mana Shield.
No drop items in mines
# Mar 29 2003 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
Anyone who can help please let me know I have a couple of each of these things and I want to get rid of em or do the quest if they are for that?

Soulreavl Brainsmasher
Souldeviourer WTF
No drops items
# Mar 29 2003 at 10:01 PM Rating: Default
What are the pristine ore samples, zaxthril and gleaming zaxthril for? they are all no drop. I also found a no drop black powder says its for beastlords and is all for race? What is this stuff for?

Soulreaverl Brainsmasher
Souldeviourer WTF

RE: No drops items
# Apr 05 2003 at 11:37 AM Rating: Default
Pristine Ore Samples are used for a quest in Steamfont, Theres some dude that asks you to get three samples and to combine them in a box he gives you. Something about his old ones getting oxydized. When i saw him he was at the LFay ent, Hope this helps.
Edit: Don't know what the reward is seeing i havent been able to find the mines.

Sarafin Stoutfist
Druid of the 50th Season
7th hammer Server
<Raiders of thought>

Edited, Sat Apr 5 11:06:07 2003
Great for old fashioned dungeon crawl
# Mar 08 2003 at 11:35 AM Rating: Excellent
This zone absolutely ROCKS for doing an old fashioned single group dungeon crawl. I have been doing it now for the last 4 or 5 days witha single group averaging in thier mid 50's.

The miners at the beginning of the zone are very easy, can be single pulled without too much effort, with an occasional add. The exp in this portion of the dungeon is pretty weak but then again who cares, its a great warm up for later.

The Troll guards in the mines portion drop keys that you give to the resistance miners. Doing this results in some exp and a little fun t rying to find the resistance miners. If you turn in enough keys, it causes the Overseer to spawn and possibly some of the other named in the zone.

If you find your way thru the mines to the Bridge, this is where the fun really starts. Here are the trolls that are higher level (50 - 55). Again, things down here can be easily single pulled in most cases, drops are a bit scarce but the action goes as fast as you want it to or as slow (as long as you move fast enough to avoid back pops.

You have to be fairly carefull in this portion of the dungeon as there are several pits and several secret ONE WAY doors that will lead you into an underwater portion of the dungeon. You WILL need an EB item or DMF or something like that to get out of these areas and you WILL have a battle on your hands when you get to one of the exit points.

Deeper still is a big room with a throne in it and 8 campfires. Each campfire has 3 mobs around it, one Luggald of some sort (caster), and to Deathguards. You can pull only 3 at a time, but you WILL get 3 of em. They usually HT (at least 2 of em)for about 800 damage a pop, and they have LOTS of hp.

This dungeon requires, make sure you understand this >>>>REQUIRES<<<<< at least one very good MT, and an Enchanter of you plan on going very deep at all. The mobs in here dont hit all that hard (150 - 200) but they hit FAST so slowing is very important. I also recommend that you bring along an evacer and a cleric.

Now remember, I am not posting this from the perspective of " I took 3 level 65 peeps in this zone and ripped it to shreds " its from the point of " Me and a group of my friends went in here and walked the edge of our abilities"

Tons of fun, tons of mobs, lots of work and if you go in with the right group (mid 50's) you will be nervous enough the whole time to make it a GREAT place to spend a bit of time and explore.
not so strange
# Mar 04 2003 at 4:41 PM Rating: Decent
To the enchanter who said that he/she thought the spells were acting randomly, I don't think that's what's happening here. I've been noticing similar things in different zones lately especially, but I don't think it's so much a change as a normal event (cough cough bug). The pathing in the mines is typical dungeon pathing, some weird things happen due to the way things are calculated. Casting spells on a creature that looks like it's right next to you, seems to return a distance much farther than you actually are, or closer in some cases. You can often slow a mob when you can't even see it. Also, for example; a Troll was on one end of one of the little open mining areas and I was on the opposite wall and the troll was hitting me from behind while he was facing away from me. I think he punched a hole through an alternate reality which went through the space-time continuum (sp?)using a quark induced field and whacked me on the back side. I've seen this in other zones with weird pathing, so I'm thinking this is what you're seeing.

I don't know if the loc is correct, but the ent to the mines from Dulak harbor is between 2 buildings, you must climb the ladder then go left on the causeway/walkway and go into the mines from the upper level. Don't forget there are levels here, it's not all at ground level. Whether the loc is as posted or not, I can't verify at this time. For those who haven't been there, go straight out after zoning from the Gulf into Dulak harbor, pass the first open area to your left and turn in on the next one. Use invis if you can cause there are a lot of trolls here and they like to agro. (big trains stunning you can kill even higher level people)

Enjoy, this can be a fun zone.

Edited, Tue Mar 4 16:12:59 2003
Strange spell effects
# Mar 03 2003 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
167 posts
I know that some time ago Verant published an idea where some spells would have unexpected results. I understood this was a possibility in the PoP and for higher level spells only. I also heard it never went live or that it was removed.

As a 48 Enchanter, I know my spells very well and I am absolutely convinced that either this effect is live in Torgiran or there is a bug.

Strangely, my spells would occasionally give no message (even though I was very close to the target) and occassionally they would have incorrect results. For example, when Tash-ing a mob, I received a message that they have been awoken by our MA. Other times I would mezz a mob and they would run away. It was very strange.

Now, the quest for the Enchanter spell Scryer's Trespass (which brought me there in the first place) is given in GoG. Then NPC who gives the quest describes the strange magic in the caves and I wonder if this is a side effect of that wild magic - all part of the story line ???

Ethyre Iri'Descent
Xev Server
United Chaos
RE: Strange spell effects
# Apr 02 2003 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
This was in reference to the handfull of PoP bosses that would actually hasten if you slowed them.This was removed.SoE did post in patch messages.
Pathing sucks in several places.You can stand near a mob, agro it and it will run off into and through a wall then come at you from behind from another room altogether...with friends.Just normal dungeon pathing.
The awoken messages were buggy at first but sem better now.
As for the storyline reference.
The Zraxthril infects the trolls and the troll shamans cannot find a way to cure it.It turns their blood black when they die.Hence the rarely dropped vials of blackened blood.The troll shamans have appealled to their god or powers of hatred(brain fart sorry not sure offhand)but it failed.This is probably because the zraxthril itself(no drop and not the gleaming Zraxthril ore) ID's as something to do with hatred.Trying to cure something caused by hatred by praying to the powers of hatred is unlikely to work.
It would probably be the strange magic of the zraxthril that is killing the crazy miner and Gandak Whisperwind too.When hailed I think the miner says my friend is dying and Gandak says let me die in peace.
Also the ench quest drops are far more common off 'A Broken Skull Bloodguard' come in from the Nadox side and you will find plenty...
Zone lines
# Feb 27 2003 at 10:32 PM Rating: Good
Found a few locs of zone lines.
Gulf of Gunthak to Nadox neg 2260, pos 1690
Gulf Of Gunthak to Dulaks Harbor neg 1055, pos 2527
Nadox to Gulf of Gunthak neg 625, pos 400
Dulaks harbor to Gulf of Gunthak pos 560, pos 520
Nadox to Togiran mines neg 23 pos 1329
Dulak Harbor to Torgiran mines neg 331 neg 628
Light House is pos 1500 neg 175.

RE: Zone lines
# Mar 05 2003 at 3:28 PM Rating: Good
262 posts
actually, the zone from Torgiran Mines to Dulak Harbor is at roughly neg 331 neg 628.

the zone from Dulak Harbor to Torgiran Mines is at pos 790, neg 580. You must climb the ladder in the armory to get there.
-- Sylphan Ducambrius, Master Artisan and Enchanter on Cazic-Thule
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 05 2003 at 12:17 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) The Loc you gave for the Mines in Nadox is in the center of a room filled with fish heads...Someone please delete this poster's **********
RE: Zone lines
# Mar 03 2003 at 5:46 PM Rating: Default
The zone from Dulak's to Torgiran Mines can't be
neg331, neg628. That spot is an unreachable area between a group of buildings. There has to be a better way to get to the mines than through Nadox. It wouldn't make sense to put a tough zone between two weaker ones.
Quest NPC
# Feb 26 2003 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
Gandak, the NPC for the quest that begins in Kelethin, is in this zone. He is nearest to the zone to Dulak's Harbor, somewhere in the tunnels with miners.

When you give the Insignia of The Emerald Warriors to him (wrong item name? well, if you're doing this quest you know what I mean), he asks you to return certain items to him.

Apparently, he is more concerned with retribution against those who imprisoned him than he is with curing his wife. He wants you to return several insignias to him. I know for certain that you need Insignia of Nightmare, Hate, Pain, and Bloodguard, but there is one other I am forgetting.

I'm not certain if you can bypass the part that starts in Kelethin, and just hand in the insignias.

He promises that when you return the insignias, he will give you the incomplete antidote.

I expect decent return for this quest, considering the effort it takes to get the insignias, which nobody knows where to find yet.

Sorry for posting without all the info, but at least this will help people on this quest a little. Will repost when I finish it, as well as submit the quest info, if nobody has done so yet. Will be much more specific and detail oriented then.
RE: Quest NPC
# Mar 05 2003 at 8:38 PM Rating: Decent
I have looted two of the insignia's (for this quest guy in the Mines) from the Luggalds in the caves in Dulak. I can't recall which ones I have just yet, and will post when I log and find out. Hope that helps point in the right direction at least.

Getting there
# Feb 26 2003 at 4:05 AM Rating: Good
44 posts
Just zone into the Crypt and succor. When you land, turn to your left or right, either tunnel will zone you right into the Mines. Succor again and you are at the zone entrance to Dulak's Harbor.

Mobs resist root and really bigtime resist snare. Once root lands, it is very easily broken. Mobs here have a bucket load of HPs so be prepared mana wise because of the constant re-rooting and HPs.
WoW:Glorye hunter, Dreadsa DK, REXXAR
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RE: Getting there
# Nov 08 2003 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
Root resists and early root breaks are uncommon for me...I think it depends on level. Gloryb didn't mention level...I'm a 59 chanter.

The big cave with a bridge across it in the Nadox zone area is a nice place to charm-solo, if you don't mind the hike.
I start with a root, to allow me to tash, charm and haste. I'll tash right away (in case of early root break), then wait until the root is about to wear off before charm and haste.

The target is a Broken Skull bloodguard (around level 50?). One root in 20 or so is resisted without tash. Of the ones that stick, maybe another 1 in 20 breaks early (before 8 ticks have elapsed.) I use the short root because it's gonna be my pet and I don't want to wait forever for it to come unstuck.

Charm behavior is also affected by level and, sure enough, charisma. Charm lasted a lot longer on average when I managed to push my CHA up to 255 from around 200...and improved again when I levelled from 58 to 59. Under 200 CHA and/or under level 58, you might have a hard time getting charm to last long enough to finish one kill, given how many HP these bloodguards have. Even now, haste is very important...this is not for the squeamish hehe. Once tash is on, thankfully root is very seldom resisted.

Edited, Sat Nov 8 10:30:42 2003
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