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50 - 60

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Among the deepest portions beneath the surface of the moon, The Deep is a volatile area not only due to the thought horrors, razorfiends, and underbulks, but for its namesake: The massive chasm in the middle of the network of caverns, along with a false bridge and a very abrupt drop almost guaranteed to be fatal.

On the other side of the chasm are the elder thought horrors, led by the Thought Horror Overfiend. Even further into the twisting caves and beyond the Overfiend is a secret entrance into the basement of Ssraeshza Temple.
Approaching a Deep DropDeepshade CollectiveLooks can be DeceivingShriekersHorror FiendsIn the PitThe Burrower BeastThe Overfiend's Cavern
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no CotH
# Sep 08 2023 at 3:30 AM Rating: Decent
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May want to add in Quick Facts that a mage's Call of the Hero is not possible in this zone.
Invisible Bridge
# Oct 18 2015 at 8:21 PM Rating: Excellent
For anyone interested. If you use find (ctrl+f) and choose the ssra temple the mystical path will lead you across the invisible bridge.
Invisible Bridge
# Oct 19 2015 at 6:18 PM Rating: Excellent
4,580 posts
simonrichter wrote:
For anyone interested. If you use find (ctrl+f) and choose the ssra temple the mystical path will lead you across the invisible bridge.

I find that rather amusing actually. Thanks for posting.
new mobs in deep
# Jun 17 2015 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
147 posts
I just started the Burrower event in The Deep and the first waves had two new mobs not listed:

a fabled stone carver
a fabled spined rock burrower
a fabled core burrower
a fabled parasite larvae

The first 3 were level 70, the last one was level 75. Just normal trash loot (silks, acrylia pieces)

I hope this doesn't mean the final boss is going to be a fabled version. If it is, I have the wrong merc out...


the final mob (A fabled burrower parasite) WAS fabled even though the indicator mob was not (The Burrower Beast)

Edited, Jun 17th 2015 6:24pm by dilxar
New or Unlisted Mob - spore filled shrieker
# Sep 20 2014 at 10:50 AM Rating: Excellent
362 posts
Came across this mob while putzing about in The Deep. Note that it also drops the Deepspore for the Deepspores for Deklean and Dwarf Cultural Armor (DoN).

I didn't realise it was unlisted here so I didn't grab a screenshot of the mob, but I do have my chat box showing my looting of it:

Link to spore filled shrieker looting

I have no idea what level it is as everything is grey to me in The Deep -- I'd surmise on par with the rest of the mushroom mobs.

Edited, Sep 20th 2014 2:18pm by nekokirei
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Hotzones & Augments
# Nov 23 2007 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
As of October 30, 2007, the hot zones and the relevant augments are:

Level 20 The Castle of Mistmoore Polished Crysolite (HP: +10)
Level 25 The Permafrost Caverns Chunk of Amorphous Granite (Mana: +10, End: +10)
Level 30 Trakanon's Teeth Dull Diamondine (AC/Agi/Dex: +5, DR: +5, PR: +5)
Level 35 The Warsliks Woods *** Unknown ***
Level 40 The Dawnshroud Peaks Glinting Sunstone (AC/STA/WIS/INT+5, HP/MANA: +15)
Level 45 Velketor's Labyrinth *** Unknown ***
Level 50 The Deep Coagulated Darkness (HP: +20, Resists: +5)
Level 55 The Temple of Droga Fossilized Bone Shard (Mana: +45 ENDUR: +45)
Level 60 Nobles' Causeway Cracked Gem of Lucidity (AC: 10, HP: +50)
Level 65 The Halls of Honor Crest of Valor (AC:10, HP: +30, Mana: +50)

As of April 18, 2007, the hot zones and the relevant augments were:

Level 20: Netherbian Lair Blood Red Stone of Loss (sh*t MINUS STATS)
Level 25: Crypt of Dalnir Polished Green Stone (AC: 5 MANA: +5 ENDUR: +5)
Level 30: Crystal Caverns Blue Flecked Rock (DEX/AGI: +5, HP/ENDUR: +10)
Level 35: Iceclad Ocean Brittle Yellow Stone (MANA: +15 ENDUR: +15)
Level 40: The Scarlet Desert Bluegreen Rock (HP: +20, MAGIC: +5 POISON: +5)
Level 45: The Burning Woods Spotted Lava Rock (MANA: +30 END: +30, FIRE: +10)
Level 50: Dranik's Scar Golden Shardstone (STR: +10 HP: +30, COLD: +10)
Level 55: Acrylia Caverns Heart of the Sky (AC: 10 HP: +40, Regen: +1)
Level 60: Dragon Necropolis Dingy Grey Stone (CHA: +10 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50)
Level 65: Wall of Slaughter Polished Blue Softstone (HP: +40 MANA: +40, Resist:+5)

From December 5, 2006 to April 18, 2007, hot zones and the relevant augments were:

**Unmasked Changlings**

Level 20: Kurn's Tower Minor Stone of Power (AC: +2, HP: +5)
Level 25: Unrest Lesser Stone of Power (Mana: +5, End: +5)
Level 30: Tower of Frozen Shadow Stone of Power Level (Wis/Int: +5, Mana: +10 End: +10)
Level 35: Lower Guk Greater Stone of Power (AC: +5, HP: +10)
Level 40: The Hole Minor Stone of Might (Resists: +2, HP: +25)
Level 45: Chardok Lesser Stone of Might (Mana: +30, End: +30)
Level 50: Old Sebilis Stone of Might Level (AC: +8, HP: +30)
Level 55: Grieg's End Greater Stone of Might (Mana: +40, End: +40)
Level 60: Cazic Thule Stone of Greatness (AC: +10, HP: +45)
Level 65: Splitpaw Lair Stone of Light (HP:+50,Mana:+50, End: +50)
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Hotzones & Augments
# Dec 06 2007 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
Warsliks Woods; Aug is Polished Anthracite

Required Level 35: HP 20 Agility 5, Dexterity 5
Hotzones & Augments
# Dec 21 2007 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
Add to this; Velks Lab: Frozen spider eye - Mana 30, End 30, Level required, 45
Mobs Run?
# Nov 12 2007 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
I mostly 2-box with my Beastlord and Enchie, so its important for me to know if the mobs run and I have to root them or they just fight to the bitter end. The latter is preferable as I then use that spell slot for something else.
Mobs Run?
# Nov 22 2007 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
Yep, they run... usually right down the tunnel where they have a pal or five waiting.
myterey solved!
# Mar 03 2006 at 5:03 AM Rating: Decent
go to the burrower beast link on monsters listing,for info on spawning event.
65 cleric method to get across chasm
# Sep 16 2005 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
This is how I get across the chasm on Al'Kabor (65 cleric method). Yes, on the lame Mac server that doesn't have any expansions beyond PoP.

1) Load Divine Barriar and Divine Aura and get SoW 15 min before entering the zone. Do not get SoE or FoE as its a no levitate zone and they will be stripped upon entering The Deep.

2) Use an invis potion to get past the first 2 groups of mushrooms after entering The Deep from Echo. There is a safe spot after the second group where you can buff before the run.

3) Buff magic resist and disease resist (switch on some appropriate resist gear as well if you have) if you haven't done this earlier. During the run, DB is gonna drop and there will be a small window of opportunity for a mob to stun (magic based) or root (disease based) you before you cast Divine Aura and finish your run and jump into the chasm.

4) Cast Supernl Elxir (SE) upon yourself followed immediately by Divine Barriar and start running. Now, if you have maxed SCR and SCRM, SE will last 6 ticks meaning that during that very short window after DB drops and before DA is cast you will still have your HoT working.

5) Run and make the following turns: right--right--left--left--and then right into the opening to the chasm and jump in. Now, as you are running, if you have done SCR and SCRM to extend your buffs, right after the second left turn DB will drop and you have to stop to cast DA before making the final right turn and jump into the chasm. Right there is the only risky part of the run, but as DA casts in 1 second I seem to be able to get it off like 9 outa 10 times.

6) Once you hit the bottom, turn NW and run to and up the ramp and then camp out to remove any resiual aggro. I do not know for sure you have to camp out, but to me it's just sound play to remove any residual aggro your huge train generated.
RE: 65 cleric method to get across chasm
# Nov 12 2005 at 11:23 PM Rating: Good
6,760 posts
An interesting method, and fun, but you're making it way more difficult than it needs to be. As long as you have the in game maps loaded, it's easy. Take a few invis pots if you don't have the spell, invis up and head in following the map to the chasm. There is a chance of a few mobs seeing invis, you just have to con them to check as you go along. As a 65 cleric you would have pacify, and you can lull the ones that see through invis, re-invis, and continue on. Once you're at the chasm, follow the in game map across the invis bridge.

Yeah, it can be more fun to DA and jump but you'll most likely aggro a mob or two and have to deal with them.

Another reason to make use of the in game map feature.
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RE: 65 cleric method to get across chasm
# Dec 29 2005 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
Alas, the mac server has no expansions past PoP, and therefore has no in-game maps.
RE: 65 cleric method to get across chasm
# Feb 12 2006 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
429 posts
Right. For user with no in game map, an easier way is to hit one mob till it runs on low health or use fear spell then follow it when it tries to run away.

My guildie had an interesting way of making the invis bridge visible for quicker raid party movement, he summoned several hands of ixblat (low level pet toy), then dropped one every few steps or so along the way. The rest of us just followed the flashing red object. No one fell from this trick.

Cheap and effective =)
RE: 65 cleric method to get across chasm
# Dec 12 2006 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts
From below the invisible bridge you actually SEE it if you look up. It appears hazey, but it's defintely there. Drop down, get underneath the bridge, get a loc, go to opposite side of chasm and do the same thing and VIOLA! Next time you need to get across just have your handy locs ready and you should be able to move across. That being said, I don't have the correct loc to start from on the Echo side, but..I know once you start across, the direction is pretty much North-NorthWest to the other side.
Hope that helps. Next time I'm crossin's the bridge I'll get an Echo-side loc for ya to start from.
new info?
# Aug 26 2005 at 7:11 AM Rating: Decent
Ok...nobody's posted anything on the Deep in a while, so I'll throw in my 2 coppers and ask a question at the same time.
Info...appears, after the initial 4 shriekers (one of which appears to be the, or at least one of the, PH's for deepspore mushroom) when entering from echo there are enthralled underbulks, outcasts, and razorfiends, some of which are lt blue to 63. So, it's at least possible they are in the correct lvl range for a DC pet. Had just paid 150plat for a virt for my summoned pet, so didn't want to chuck him just to find out 'enthralled' means non-DCable, as has been conjectured elsewhere on this page.
So, the info, is that this might be a good DC zone if (and here's the question part) 'enthralled' mobs are DCable.
directions or map
# Aug 29 2004 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
Pleese deer frends, me am gonna take new gild here to go in mines of snakeman temple, need dyreckshuns to the door so we can go in and smash snakemen and skellies.

human translation.. please post or email directions to the ssra planning to do the cursed with guild (i want elphorns cleaver real bad).
RE: directions or map
# May 22 2006 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
109 posts
Why go all the way through The Deep to do the Cursed in Ssra ?
RE: directions or map
# Oct 13 2004 at 6:12 AM Rating: Decent

It is part of the mage 2.0 epic quest so there's a map on there.

Go to Epic Quest 2.0(on side bar) => Epic Quest 1.5(updated) => scroll down to Step 4.
Crossing the chasm
# Jul 04 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
If you'd rather not have to take the invis bridge, you can slide down a stalagmite that is to the left of the illusioned 'fake' bridge. Just keep running into it and you will take about 400-800 falling damage on a bad fall (w/o safefall). There is a ramp on the far wall, a bit right of center.
Bustin Heads
# Apr 24 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
My buddy (54 Shaman) and I (53 Mage ) duo here all the time. Hey pulls with slow , I root with Earth pet and tank with pet too. We can handle 2 or 3 pulls but be ready to run to the zone because the repop can't be much more than 5 mins.
see invis mobs
# Mar 24 2004 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
Whats the trick to make it through to the invis bridge. I solo there alot at 65 (beastlord). I see people run into the zone from echo caverns, invis, and fly by me. Do they basically train to the ssraa temple zone to lose aggro then zone back over, or can you cast see invis vs. undead. The only I can forsee making it to VT shards or any of the raid mobs is to kill my way mob by mob. It's just inefficient any help would be appreciated.
RE: see invis mobs
# Apr 02 2004 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default
only a very few mobs see invis . the large majority doesn't . (so far i have met a bug and a named that saw invis .) just invis up, and run in

hunter Roxas Nitehowler
forest stalker of illumanati
( btw you cannot zone back from srra into the deep, it's 1 way . i have tried it .P )
hunter Roxas Nitehowler
Plainswalker of illumanati

hunter Roxas
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Hunting this zone
# Dec 08 2003 at 5:02 AM Rating: Decent
This collection of caverns reminds me of the LDON adventures in Mistmore. As such it is ideal for Pacify pulling. Most of the mobs are not of a level where this won`t work.

Our group of 58 Pally, 58 Bl, 58 Wiz, 56 Warrior, 54 Druid and 50 Warrior had no trouble single pulling to the zone by using pacify. The back spawns can be a problem as they are unpredictable.

We made some good xp but there was little loot. The BL got some padding for her epic off the shrooms so that added to the sucess of the mission.

Level 58 Knight
Bristlebane Server
Trick for crossing invis bridge
# Oct 08 2003 at 4:28 AM Rating: Good
When you get to the pit area you will find a lone shroom. Beat this shroom down to 10% health and then let him run.
He runs across the invis bridge to the other side.He runs across the invis bridge to the other side.
Well dang its just too easy! (BTW make sure u cross single file and dont kill him till you get to the other side).
Pacify... pacify... pacify
# Oct 02 2003 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
Lately have been coming here with 62 necromancer and 56 cleric. The cleric pacifies and the necromancer generally pulls with splurt, sicks pet, dot, snare, FD, med. Cleric typically sends in pet then sits and meds until necro pet needs a CH.

We typically move through tunnels keeping ahead of the repops. There are some areas where speed is critical as by the time you're killing the last mob repops are occuring.

Mainly staying on the Echo Caverns side. Haven't seen any nameds yet. Money sucks. Only item of note was a Pain Sphere. Necro made 4 blue AA (80%AA) an hour. Cleric made 2 blue (100% experience) in that same time.
# Sep 14 2003 at 4:16 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts

I have heard that the spell "Acient: Gift of Ageoism" (cleric, level 60) drops off one of the burrowers in this zone. I heard it in game from someone that was doing an MGB of it. Anybody heard of anything like that?? Previously I tought it only dropped in 2 zones (several mobs in Vex Thal, Lord Protector in Sacntus Seru).

Thank you for your time;
(and more)
The Rathe Guk
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VT Shards
# Sep 08 2003 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
This zone isnt too bad now. A 65 Pally and 60 Druid can duo here easily. Invis up at ent go left then around to the right towards the Fake Bridge. Right before there is a nice safe spot to camp. You have Thought Leech spawns to both sides of you. (Note this was our 2nd attempt).
First attempt didnt go well but druid was only 55. And had to evac on first pull as 3 came.
Now 2nd time desided to try pacify. I had almost forgot us pallys could pacify 55 and under mobs. It used to didnt work right. Well every mob except the rare lev 56 Thought Leech that would pop on ocasion(sp) worked like a charm. Never got more then one. By the time you clear both sides of you they usally start popping again. And if your faster then respawn. Druid See invis/Invis both move towards fake bridge. And pull the lone shrieker and then pacify and pull the leeches. Havent seen the shard drop yet. But will keep at it.

Destre 65 Pally Karana Server
RE: VT Shards
# Feb 08 2004 at 9:33 AM Rating: Default
shards only drop on the other side of the invis bridge as far as I know
RE: VT Shards
# Aug 10 2004 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
We got one last night off a bug on the Echo side of the zone, hope that helps.
Wheres the bridge?
# Aug 28 2003 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
Where is the invised bridge?
# May 25 2003 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
any 1 know off who the shards drop off?? need key for VT just any helpfull info about the mobs, lvls, and hints to help keep alive here.
btw im a 63 clr so i can keep a right grp going for a long time. tanxs for help.
# Jun 20 2003 at 10:24 PM Rating: Good
75 posts
Dropped off a thought leech spiriter for us, on the ledge near invisible bridge.

Falloraan Saskiir
Crusader of Marr
Tholuxe Paells
What I've learned so far
# May 11 2003 at 9:16 PM Rating: Good
Today my group and I spent many hours in this zone. We were 2 mages, 1 druid, 1 shadowknight, 1 monk and a cleric, all 60+.
Right from the beginning single pulling is almost impossible. All we knew about this zone is that the shards for the Vex Thal key drop there. That was pretty much it. Luckily with the downloaded maps it was easy to navigate there. Hubby and I kept sending our eyes of tallon out to see what was ahead of us.
The tunnels are filled with mobs. Fighting is constant and if you are not fast enough the repops will catch up with you.
At some point you will get to the deep pit with the invisible bridge. Funny thing was there is actually a bridge that looks very transluscent, so we thought that was the one we were looking for. Well, it wasn't and our SK took a painful fall, but didn't die. So stay away from that bridge, it's just an illusion.
The real invisible bridge is a little to the side of the fake one and can't be seen, not even with See Invisible. It's like the leap of faith out of Indiana Jones, was actually pretty exciting :)
Once you cross that bridge you enter another maze of tunnels which will eventually lead to Ssra temple. We didn't make it there, since some in our group had to leave.
We killed well over 100 mobs and didn't loot anything worh mentioning. Shards didn't drop either. Either the drops are super rare or the good stuff only drops from named mobs. And btw we didn't encounter any named mobs at all, so I assume all or most named are close to Ssra temple.
All in all I can say it's a fun zone for those who like to explore. But it's not a zone to solo in and it should not be entered without a healer.
Have fun :)

Magic Mushrooms
# Apr 02 2003 at 6:54 PM Rating: Good
Watch out for the shriekers, they turned my level 53 Druid into a mushroom just for the purposes of humiliation and then killed me . No joke. It's some kind of curse spell apparently. Makes it really hard to run away.
# Nov 16 2002 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
This is an indoor zone, not an outdoor one
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