Infected Paw (OoW / LDoN)

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Level Range:
61 - 80

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This is the revamped version of the zone which happened during OoW but moved to LDoN on progression servers.

Farsoth Mal, son of the Ishva Mal, concocted a plan to slay his father by summoning an other-worldly beast into the Lair of Splitpaw. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and a portal opened up from the planes, giving way to waves of fierce elementals which quickly overtook the dungeon.

Formerly inhabited by the Splitpaw Clan of gnolls, this underground area off South Karana has been invaded by a pack of planar elementals. It is a very dangerous place for its level as elementals patrol almost the entire zone in large numbers. There are not many safe spots here; you'll be best off in a group before trekking into Infected Paw.
Dead Gnolls Litter the EntranceEntrance HallEntering the Main Part of SplitpawCrossing the BridgeA Rather Ominous RoomGuardsSteps to the Jail AreaIn the Lookout HallWater MephitsImprisoned GnollsIn the Depths of SplitpawNot the Safest Spot

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