Rujarkian Hills: The Arena of Chance  

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Level Range:
65 - 115

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Can get this zone by doing a single boss adventure.
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# Jul 07 2019 at 8:12 AM Rating: Good
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high single boss
to get zone
# Feb 14 2019 at 6:45 PM Rating: Good
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to get assigned this zone, I did single boss-Pyol Skinsear was the name to kill
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to get zone
# Aug 17 2019 at 8:51 PM Rating: Decent
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I did Normal , single boss Pyol Skinsaer and the zone was Fortified Lair of the Taskmasters.
to get zone
# Aug 24 2019 at 7:39 AM Rating: Excellent
adg241 wrote:
I did Normal , single boss Pyol Skinsaer and the zone was Fortified Lair of the Taskmasters.

I it uses the RNG to determine what zone you get, NPC's and bosses from what I have experienced so far with LDoN adventures.
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to get zone
# Sep 23 2019 at 3:47 PM Rating: Excellent
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The adventure offered is random but you have some control. This is important because Arena of Chance is the LDoN zone that takes the most work to complete Hunter achievements in, so that's the one to focus on for Hunter achievements.

In Rujarkian theme, if you are choosing Mob Count type adventures, look for a Mob Count of 54. Both Arena of Chance and Hidden Vale have that number.

If you are choosing Single Boss type adventures, look for these 3 bosses:
Pyol Skinsear (could be Arena of Chance or Fortified Lair)
Elokoh the Trainer (Arena of Chance only)
Warmaster Skooru (could be Arena of Chance or Bloodied Quarries)

with the caveat that it will not offer any of the last 5 adventures you last participated in (High and Normal count as different adventures, even if they are otherwise identical), (different Single Bosses count as different adventures, even if in the same zone).
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