Temple of Droga: The Summoning of Droga (Raid)

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Empires of Kunark



Level Range:
95 - 105

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This is the Temple of Droga raid instance.
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Basic strat
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Buff up and engage the 5 priests of Droga in front of the pool.

Split the raid DPS and kill the numerous warriors of Droga up the Eastern and Western tunnels from the pool (you have ~5 minutes to kill about 30 warriors before The Incarnate Droga goes active and must be engaged). These mobs are perma-rooted until the end of the ~5 minute timer when they all swarm, so kill them before they do that.

Once all dead, head back down to the pool and engage The Incarnate Droga (TID). The pool is deadly, but you can levitate/stay on the edge and max-range melee. The rest of the raid, i.e. healers and casters, should congregate in the area North of the pool, being careful to watch for and avoid the big red AE ring when a player is randomly selected for one of the many emotes.

TID Casts -
Axe Whirl
Control Blood
Crazed Defense
Blood Bath
Blood Splash
Blood Spit
Battle Axe Swath
Bloody Rampage 1
Bloody Rampage 2
Consume Sacrifice
Crazed Defense
Limb Hack

At 60% and 15% health, 5 more priests of Droga spawn on the platforms above TID. These are also perma-rooted. Kill them and re-engage TID. TID HP locked when the priests are up.

Additionally you have to deal with a large bone and scrap Golems spawns. These cast Bone Explosion, a nasty AE and Silence spell. They are susceptible to fear.

When TID gets to 15% health, do not cast any more spells or it will start to regenerate. You will see a message saying "The Incarnate Droga is struck by Xxxl's spell! Another 49 and he will rebuild himself!" (or however many spells have hit him and reduced the number).

Emotes -

The Incarnate Droga stares at Xxxx, his mouth overflowing with blood. = AE targeting player, big red ring around player, move out of LOS and away from raid.
You are marked as a sacrificial offering. = Corruption cure needed
Droga prepares to splash the blood! Better back away! = AE around pool incoming, move away from TID and the big red ring.
The Incarnate Droga craves Xxxx's blood. = AE targeting player, move out of LOS and away from the raid.
The Incarnate Droga points his axe at Xxxx. = Move out of LOS of TID

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