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50 - 65

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The Western Wastes make up the northwestern part of Velious and are one of the most dangerous parts of the continent. Enemies of the Claws of Veeshan are best off coming here with a decent-sized party as you'll have your hands full with the dozens of roaming dragons and dragonkin.
The Ice Drakes, Tranala and TravalaA Morning in the Western WastesThe Frozen LandscapeLeading Into Veeshan's TempleIn the Wyvern CavesDragon HuntersHechaeva's NestPortal to the Dragon NecropolisIn One of Veeshan's Claw ScarsA Dangerous Place to be ShipwreckedPortal to the Temple of VeeshanEntariz Lets Loose a Roar
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New collectible
# Apr 02 2022 at 2:38 AM Rating: Good
I found a Red Jelly Beans just past the tunnel running out into plain ole' Scars of Velious Western Wastes. No info on here yet or what anniversary mission it is a part of if it is related to that. Item collector isn't working again.
New collectible
# Apr 03 2022 at 12:58 PM Rating: Good
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Hunter & Conqueror Achievements
# Apr 20 2018 at 10:48 AM Rating: Excellent
59 posts
First, the Hunter (Icehackle, Strong Horn, Tantor)... Just keep killing trash mobs and hope for the best. A tracker is strongly recommended. I suspect Tantor and Strong Horn have multiple PHs because there were occasions where I was mass-slaughtering the zone and observed them to spawn VERY quickly (almost instantly) after having been killed. They're also both relatively common. Relative to Icehackle, anyway.

Icehackle, just like the velium hounds, can be easy to overlook as it blends in with the snowscape. I did a LOT of trash mob killing in this zone while I was doing the Hunter & Conqueror here, and I only ever saw Icehackle one time. It got to a point where I decided that indiscriminate killing wasn't working, so I started tracking down every single trash mob in the zone, one by one. I'd sort track by distance and hunt down the closest mob to me, one after the other until there were none left. There were times where I probably had about 95% of all non-named mobs down (general respawn looks to be around 30 minutes? and this allows for a lot of clearing without respawns interfering with the process).

For me, shortly after Icehackle finally spawned, I tracked it down to the southeastern area of the zone (north of the Siren's Grotto tunnel and towards the eastern zone boundary). Magelo's data shows that Icehackle can be found basically anywhere in the zone, so after it spawns and wherever it spawns, it'll be wandering all around.

Now, the Conqueror...

The dragons outside TOV are on 2-to-3-hour timers. These are Karkona, Ionat, Entariz, Draazak, Jerigozia, Veredenia, Derasinal, and Ayillish. They do not have PHs, and they do not share spawns, with one exception: The spawn immediately east of Sontalak is shared by three - Draazak, Jerigozia, and Veredenia (none of the three seems any more rare than the others).

The nested dragons in the north are on one-hour timers. They do not have PHs, and they do not share spawns. These are Bratavar, Gafala, Hechaeva, Mazi, Neordla, Pantrilla, Vitaela, Vraptin, and Yeldema.

Glati is on his own spawn and has a one-hour respawn timer. No PH. Roams all over.

Jen Sapara is on her own spawn and has a 4-to-6-hour respawn timer. No PH. Static spawn in the north next to a crystal.

Esorpa of the Ring looks to be its own spawn (no PH). One respawn occurred approximately 28 hours after a previous kill. There's an old post on its mob page saying it can despawn on its own, but I never observed this.

Cargalia, Mraaka, and Von are common roamers. Their PHs are trash mobs. Multiple (perhaps many) PHs. If they're not up, then keep killing trash mobs until you see them. All three can be up at the same time.

Tsiraka, in the wyvern caves, has a single PH "an elder wyvern". This is a 4-to-6-hour respawn timer.

Harla Dar, Klandicar, and Sontalak are the big ones and are on longer respawn timers. Maybe two days +/- some timeframe? I observed both Klandicar and Harla Dar to spawn approximately 53 hours after their respective previous kills while I twice observed Sontalak to spawn approximately 34 hours after a previous kill. Sontalak and Klandicar are outside TOV and Dragon Necropolis, respectively, and Harla Dar has a large roaming area in the eastern one-third of the zone.

Melalafen may be on a multi-day respawn timer as well. He looks to be his own spawn (no PH) and has a wide roaming area. He sees invis, but by default is non-KOS. One kill will make him KOS to you with no apparent way to reverse it, but this faction doesn't appear to have any use beyond not having to worry about Melalafen aggroing you while you're out and about in the Western Wastes.

The remaining 20 dragons: Amcilla, Atpaev, Bufa, Crial, Del Sapara, Gangel, Honvar, Kar Sapara, Linbrak, Makala, Mav Sapara, Myga, Nintal, Onava, Quoza, Rak Sapara, Sivar, Uiliak, Yal, and Zil Sapara. There are four roaming dragon spawns in the zone (large roaming areas) that are independent of any trash mobs and any of the previously-mentioned dragons. Each of these four spawns is on its own independent 4-to-7-hour respawn timer. Each spawn has five dragons on its spawn table that are PHs for the others that share its table. There doesn't appear to be any spawn order or cycle. It's just random.

With information posted here by 'Shuraz' combined with what I noted myself, this is what I came up for the four spawn tables (coming to this conclusion was a process, and I'll detail it in a reply to Shuraz's post:

1) Del Sapara, Kar Sapara, Mav Sapara, Rak Sapara, Zil Sapara
2) Bufa, Makala, Nintal, Sivar, Uiliak
3) Atpaev, Crial, Honvar, Linbrak, Yal
4) Amcilla, Gangel, Quoza, Myga, Onava

Translation: None of the five Saparas will ever be up at the same time. Bufa will never be up at the same time as Nintal or Sivar. If you need the Atpaev kill, then you need to keep killing Crial, Honvar, Linbrak, and Yal until Atpaev shows up. Etc.

One last note: If you go AFK here for any length of time, pop a tank mercenary. Even if you're Level 110, invis, and feel invincible here. Trust me.

Good luck!!

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general ideas and information
# Jul 27 2017 at 9:39 AM Rating: Good
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Some dragons are phs for others. You could consider it some form of cycle, where you need to kill one to spawn others on the same list. Nintal and Yal seem connected in this fashion. At least from my small sample. I needed to make a note of it somewhere, and I figured here would work best. Someone else can correct me or confirm me. Some seem to spawn in 2 hours, others take 3, 4 even 5-1/2 hours

Sivar, Yal, Myga and Rak Sapara were up at the same time.
Linbrak, Makala, Myga and Del Sapara up at same time.
Cargalia, Yal, Quoza, Von, Makala, and Rak Sapara
Atpaev, Uiliak, Myga, Rak Sapara
Sivar, Onava, Honvar, Esorpa of the Ring, Rak Sapara, Cargalia
Nintal, Quoza, Honvar, Esorpa of the Ring, Rak Sapara, Cargalia
Bufa, Onava, Yal, Von, Esorpa of the Ring
Linbrak and Amcilla popped next cycle. that finished me. so someone else can continue trying to figure out the cycles..

I think Esorpa of the Ring and Myga are on same cycle
I think Rak and Del Sapara are on the same cycle.

Edited, Jul 29th 2017 2:15pm by Shuraz
general ideas and information
# Apr 20 2018 at 10:59 AM Rating: Decent
59 posts
Who doesn't like a grade school riddle to solve...

(I wrote up most of this at a previous time. Reading it right now is giving me a headache, so I'm largely just posting it as-is.)

There are 20 dragons making up four spawn tables: Amcilla, Atpaev, Bufa, Crial, Del Sapara, Gangel, Honvar, Kar Sapara, Linbrak, Makala, Mav Sapara, Myga, Nintal, Onava, Quoza, Rak Sapara, Sivar, Uiliak, Yal, and Zil Sapara. Each spawn table has five dragons.

These are spawns I personally observed as being up at the same time (I wasn't keeping track of all four spawns, initially, because it took a while before I clued in to the spawning mechanism):

- Honvar, Kar Sapara
- Quoza, Rak Sapara
- Gangel, Mav Sapara
- Atpaev, Nintal
- Linbrak, Nintal
- Del Sapara, Makala
- Bufa, Onava, Yal
- Atpaev, Bufa, Del Sapara, Myga
- Linbrak, Myga, Uiliak, Zil Sapara
- Amcilla, Del Sapara, Honvar, Makala
- Kar Sapara, Linbrak, Myga, Nintal
- Amcilla, Uiliak, Yal, Zil Sapara
- Amcilla, Honvar, Makala, Rak Sapara
- Bufa, Gangel, Honvar, Mav Sapara
- Onava, Sivar, Yal, Zil Sapara
- Makala, Quoza, Yal, Zil Sapara
- Bufa, Del Sapara, Linbrak, Quoza
- Amcilla, Crial, Mav Sapara, Uiliak
- Bufa, Linbrak, Myga, Rak Sapara
- Amcilla, Del Sapara, Linbrak, Makala
- Bufa, Crial, Kar Sapara, Quoza
- Amcilla, Nintal, Rak Sapara, Yal

Add in these from the above post:

* Amcilla, Linbrak
* Bufa, Onava, Yal
* Myga, Rak Sapara, Sivar, Yal
* Del Sapara, Linbrak, Makala, Myga
* Makala, Quoza, Rak Sapara, Yal
* Atpaev, Myga, Rak Sapara, Uiliak
* Onava, Honvar, Rak Sapara, Sivar
* Honvar, Nintal, Quoza, Rak Sapara

With this information in mind, and betting the house on the Saparas making up one of the spawn tables, these are 15 dragons along with lists of the names they have NOT been observed as being up at the same time with.

Atpaev: Amcilla, Crial, Gangel, Honvar, Linbrak, Makala, Onava, Quoza, Sivar, Yal
Crial: Atpaev, Gangel, Honvar, Linbrak, Makala, Myga, Nintal, Onava, Sivar, Yal
Gangel: Amcilla, Atpaev, Crial, Linbrak, Makala, Myga, Nintal, Onava, Quoza, Sivar, Uiliak, Yal
Onava: Amcilla, Atpaev, Crial, Gangel, Linbrak, Makala, Myga, Nintal, Quoza, Uiliak
Sivar: Amcilla, Atpaev, Bufa, Crial, Gangel, Honvar, Linbrak, Makala, Nintal, Quoza, Uiliak
Honvar: Atpaev, Crial, Linbrak, Myga, Nintal, Quoza, Uiliak, Yal
Makala: Atpaev, Bufa, Crial, Gangel, Nintal, Onava, Sivar, Uiliak
Uiliak: Bufa, Gangel, Honvar, Makala, Nintal, Onava, Quoza, Sivar
Quoza: Amcilla, Atpaev, Gangel, Honvar, Makala, Myga, Nintal, Onava, Sivar, Uiliak
Amcilla: Atpaev, Bufa, Gangel, Myga, Onava, Quoza, Sivar
Myga: Amcilla, Crial, Gangel, Honvar, Onava, Quoza, Sivar
Linbrak: Atpaev, Crial, Gangel, Honvar, Onava, Sivar, Yal
Nintal: Bufa, Crial, Gangel, Makala, Onava, Sivar, Uiliak
Yal: Atpaev, Crial, Gangel, Honvar, Linbrak
Bufa: Amcilla, Makala, Nintal, Sivar, Uiliak

For example, in Crial's case, there are 10 dragons on Crial's list. Four of them share a spawn table with Crial. But which four?

The solution:

- The Saparas make up their own spawn table (Table #1).
- Bufa and Yal have zero in common. Must be on separate tables (Tables #2 & #3).
- Myga has too FEW in common with BOTH Bufa AND Yal. Myga is on a fourth table (Table #4).
- Linbrak has too MANY in common with Yal to NOT share the table. Linbrak is with Yal (Table #3).
- Linbrak is with Yal, so Onava and Sivar (being absent from Yal's possible links) can also be scratched off Linbrak's possible links.
- Linbrak can be scratched off Onava's and Sivar's possible links.
- Nintal has four in common with Myga (Crial, Gangel, Onava, Sivar), but at least ONE of those (Crial OR Gangel, one of whom MUST be on Table #3 with Linbrak and Yal) can NOT be with Myga; therefore, Nintal can NOT be with Myga (the most that these two could have in common is three, which doesn't make a full table), and since Nintal is absent from Yal's possible links, Nintal must be with Bufa on Table #2.
- Bufa and Nintal are together, so both can be scratched off any list where only one of them is present (this rules them out from links to Crial, Gangel, Onava, Quoza, Honvar, and Amcilla).
- Gangel and Onava can be scratched off Nintal's possible links.
- Amcilla can be scratched off Bufa's possible links, which leaves Bufa with four; these fill in Table #2 comprised of Bufa, Nintal, Makala, Sivar, and Uiliak.
- Scratch off Makala from any dragon not on Table #2 (Atpaev, Gangel, Crial, Onava, Quoza).
- Scratch off Sivar from any dragon not on Table #2 (Atpaev, Gangel, Crial, Quoza, Myga, Amcilla).
- Scratch off Uiliak from any dragon not on Table #2 (Gangel, Onava, Quoza).
- Quoza and Amcilla are now each reduced to five possible links each, with too many in common to NOT be together; neither are present on Yal or Linbrak's lists, so they default to Myga on Table #4.
- Atpaev is present with Quoza and Amcilla, but absent from Myga, so can be scratched off from Quoza and Amcilla; this leaves Amcilla with four common links, so Table #4 (already with Myga, Quoza, and Amcilla) can be finished with Gangel and Onava.
- Table #3, by process of elimination, defaults to Yal, Linbrak, Crial, Honvar, and Atpaev.

Here are the four spawn tables:

1) Del Sapara, Kar Sapara, Mav Sapara, Rak Sapara, Zil Sapara
2) Bufa, Makala, Nintal, Sivar, Uiliak
3) Atpaev, Crial, Honvar, Linbrak, Yal
4) Amcilla, Gangel, Quoza, Myga, Onava

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Fun, old-style zone
# Dec 13 2009 at 3:37 PM Rating: Default
So I decided to visit WW with my lvl 81 ranger, accompanied by his healer merc. I was looking for the exquisite velium spear for my lvl 20 twinked shaman. The spear is supposed to drop from Sontalak and Mraaka. Never having been to this zone before, I was unfamiliar with the layout and the spawn timers. So, hoping someone can benefit from some of this information, I'll list some key pieces of information:
1) Getting through Sirens Grotto took awhile to learn. Others have posted a helpful guide, but briefly, a) after zone-in from Cobalt Scar, jump in pool, and head up the left-most tunnel; b) go to the end, look up (using page up), and climb the wall to the top; c) at the top, jump down the waterfall toward the left; d) climb up out of the water (using page up helps, as levitation doesn't work in SG); e) re-invis and run past the walrus men through the tunnels; f) the route can be confusing, but go a short distance past the 1st fish statue on the ground on the left, then take the left tunnel just before the second fish statue on the ground. Keep running until the next fork, and take the left-most tunnel. A short distance later you zone into WW.
2) There are lots of named dragons in WW, dropping lots of mid-to-upper 50s (and maybe some lvl 60) spells. Most are on a 2 hour spawn timer. As far as I could determine, there are no place holders for any of the named in the zone.
3) Apparently, Sontalak is on a 3-day timer; saw him once, and he dropped the exquisite velium battlehammer, peerless vambraces, and lots of spells.
4) Apparently, Klandicar is on a 2-day timer; saw him three times. He dropped the breastplate (up to the heavy (middle) version) twice, and the exquisite velium battleaxe once.
5) Mraaka is a complete mystery to me. He spawned 5-6 times, but I could never figure out the timing, or how to get him to spawn. He roams around, but I do not think that he has a place holder, and I haven't seen him in days. Occasionally there were others in the zone, so perhaps someone killed him before my ranger could track him (doubtful). My ranger can track probably 1/3 to 1/2 the zone, and would go around and around looking for him without success. 3 times he dropped only wurm meat; once he dropped the exquisite velium warsword.
6) All fights are extremely easy. The level 70 Sontalak conned light blue to my level 81 ranger. It does cast fear (or something like it), but is trivial to kill. Interestingly, the message that you get when you con it still says that it would "take an army" to kill it.

So, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours for each of 5-6 days. I also got the Cloak of Crystalline Waters on the way through Cobalt Scar, although I have yet to get the exquisite velium spear. Lots and lots of spells drop from any of the dragons in WW, although they don't seem to sell for much or go very quickly in the bazaar these days.
Fun, old-style zone
# Jul 17 2022 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Used your SG directions. Worked a treat :-)
Hot Zone
# Aug 24 2009 at 1:25 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
I took my 61 SK here to grind and hopefully catch a spell drop. The agro range was phenomenal. Anything pathing remotely near me agro'd. Many mobs dispelled all my buffs creating alot of downtime. As written in the previous posts, mobs will attack from the cave walls where they have to be pulled out to hit. I combed the zone up into the NE corner and back down the NW side. Names summon and gate when low on health. To top all this off I was using 100% AA xp and the return I saw was between 5 and 10% (10% being for named drakes that would often gate leaving me with nothing and buffless). 5 to 10% AA per kill! Yes I had a merc, but my 43 paladin gets 15% regular xp in GD with a healer merc so... I think I would rather kill greens in Kael or take my chances in Ascent.
Hot Zone
# Aug 25 2009 at 7:18 AM Rating: Good
4,580 posts
Sarellen wrote:
I took my 61 SK here to grind and hopefully catch a spell drop. The agro range was phenomenal. Anything pathing remotely near me agro'd. Many mobs dispelled all my buffs creating alot of downtime. As written in the previous posts, mobs will attack from the cave walls where they have to be pulled out to hit. I combed the zone up into the NE corner and back down the NW side. Names summon and gate when low on health. To top all this off I was using 100% AA xp and the return I saw was between 5 and 10% (10% being for named drakes that would often gate leaving me with nothing and buffless). 5 to 10% AA per kill! Yes I had a merc, but my 43 paladin gets 15% regular xp in GD with a healer merc so... I think I would rather kill greens in Kael or take my chances in Ascent.

I've avoided Western Wastes so far on my 61 monk basically for the reasons you give. However, since I have killed in Kael so much I am allied with Claws of Veeshan so adds won't be an issue the same way for me according to earlier posts. Eventually I will get around to testing this out.

In the meantime, Blackfeather Roost will give you better AA xp (12-15% per light blue kill for me)and that is just the first area with the mostly super-easy mobs.

Even easier to kill (I just found out) is Chardok B. Not quite as good xp as the roost (beats Kael and Velk's solo though), but nothing runs away (matters to a monk, maybe not SK so much) and the mobs are weak.

A full group tearing deep into Velk's is the best XP I have seen lately, but that wasn't an area I could effectively solo.
Crushed Diamond Dust
# Dec 27 2006 at 9:59 PM Rating: Default
Crushed Diamond Dust can also be gotten off the Sentient Suits of Armor in WL, if you dont have the new expansion.
monk epic
# Oct 20 2005 at 2:40 PM Rating: Default
Help i cant get disc of the moon to pop when i get the text is there a time limit to type ? i type the message with a capitol O for Order. any help please
Nice Pic
# Jul 05 2005 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
Thought this was a nice pic to post when dragons attack!
RE: Nice Pic
# Jul 05 2005 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
hmm that didn't work wonder if this one will

RE: Nice Pic
# Jul 05 2005 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
hmm that didn't work wonder if this one will

RE: Nice Pic
# Jul 06 2005 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
811 posts
*coughs* you can't link pics on your C drive need to upload somewhere on the web for others to see it
Odd messege..
# May 29 2005 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts

I'm running around WW looking for mastadon's on my horse and arond
and just as the sun begane to rise up i got this messege telling if im ready to [prove myself] this happend at the far north western part of the zone south of the pirates.

anyone know what this triggers?
Gnome of Quelious
Odd messege..
# Jun 21 2005 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
Yes , This message is for the Monk Epic 2.0 , NW corner of zone near a monument - Say " I wish to prove myself to the Order" /w order caps to spawn a few raid mob dragons - one for sun and moon
Solo Potential
# Oct 27 2003 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
I have a lvl 58 druid. Are the're any creatures in WW who I can solo?
Solo Potential
# Jun 09 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
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As a 57 druid I've made this zone my home. I bind here by the ocean and then gate out to sell and refresh KEI. Charm Brontotheriums (great pets, they do not drop anything useful)and kill velium hounds and mastadons. The furs from the hounds I save for tailoring (working on 8th shawl quest) and the mastadon furs I sell in bazaar for 1k each. I usually end up with two or three blues XP and two or three mastodon furs per hour.

I'm on CoV faction (indifferent) so the only mobs I really have to worry about are the Iceburrowers. Just make sure that your wolf form (does not bother dragons) is not your top buff or you will lose your SoW to the Iceburrower debuff. Zone is pretty empty most of the time. My biggest challenge is finding enough mobs to keep my pet fed.
Solo Potential
# May 25 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah, you can probably solo the bronts and even velium hounds I'd say, but you'll have to make sure your CoV faction is up before trying it. And watch out for the ice burrowers, because they'll add/aggro and are probably a bit much at 58 or even 60. Also, looking for info now, but it looks like wolf form might be a no-no with the dragons, which really sucks for rangers of this level since we don't have access to SoE yet. I soloed a hound and a couple of bronts with my 57 ranger yesterday, and should have decent CoV faction, but when SoE dropped and I used greater wolf form, I got dragon aggro from a pretty good distance and wound up having to CR in the GL. Maybe my CoV faction wasn't as high as I thought it was, but just a word of caution about wolf form. Heabben, 57 Ranger, Stromm, Republic of the Dragon

Lol, just noticed the date on the previous post... Oh well, for posterity and for others that come here for info. ; )

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RE: Solo Potential
# Aug 08 2005 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
134 posts
Wolf form is not an absolute no-no with CoV, but is does lower your faction. My druid does not get aggro from the dragons in wolf form. But my wizard will get aggro in wolf form but with regular SoW she is fine.
Big fun but be carefull
# Oct 22 2003 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
243 posts
As a lev 55 dru and first time in zone I had a great time here helping Lev 65 Shammy freind solo dragons. I'm on CoV faction so I would not touch the dragons as I wish to farm the hounds here soon. I did heal Shammy and his pet after, between fights and can5 as well as junk buffing him and evacing and Harmony the possable adds. and I got some alright replacment nodrop gear and from 3 dragons I got almost one yellow bub aa. not bad at all for a last min. tell
/shammy freind tells you: Hey you wanna go kill some dragons I got my spells >=)
P.S. the only thing we really watched out for was the Ice burrowers and just moved out of there way.
Bard heaven
# Dec 10 2002 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
level 50. Bring SS boots. Go after mammals. Velium hounds are the target of choice. Brontos and mammoths are nice, but have lots of HP. Hound fur sells for sweet plat. There's a new quest for bronto hides too.

Getting through SG is easy too. turn on long duration selo's. Zone in from CS. Invis. Jump in water and go to land on left. Jump in water again and go in the left tunnel. Get hit by Seahorses. They have bad pathing and will lose you. Go through tunnel. Keep invis up. Over falls and then swim for shore. No see invis mobs on land. Now head for WW and bash them mammals.

Any 50+ bard that goes here with a group is either hunting dragons or is a big pansy.
bronto hides
# Dec 06 2002 at 2:41 AM Rating: Decent
Am looking for info on brontotheriums hides. Like their drop rate and if the are no drop or lore. My cler is kindly to CoV so gonna try the draconic drum quest with her. hopefully drum isnt no drop. but if it is will be good exp for when doing quest with my bard. If you are on 7th hammer server and have some hides and arent no drop. will pay 300pp or better depending on what have in bank for the hides.
Liif 56 cler
Kashka 47 UBER bard
Sinbien 47 warrior
Beezle 37 Necro

again please post if have info on hides. primary thing need to know is if they are no drop or not.
New mobs
# Oct 18 2002 at 12:07 PM Rating: Decent
There are 4 new NPC's in WW that con scowl to me. These new NPC's are near 2 slain dragaons. The NPC's each dropped a head when I killed them. I am max ally to COV, but these npcs are scowl to me, so that was why I killed them.

Anyone have any idea what quest they are part of or what quest they start?
RE: New mobs
# Jan 08 2003 at 6:08 AM Rating: Decent
great zone!
# Sep 08 2002 at 5:57 AM Rating: Good
This is my 52 druids new favorite zone, at least when CS is crowded, which is often.

The animals are pretty easy, even for my druid. KEI helps alot as the animals have high hp. They have low snare and fire resists which makes them a breeze. The xp is great and the loot can be good, but a bit too rare.

As long as you are liked by the dragons, you have little to fear. Velium Hounds and Ice Burrowers are ones to watch out for, but as long as you pay attention adds are uncommon.

Lots of rewards for small groups and soloers, but this is not the zone to become complacent in.
Stun ?
# May 26 2002 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
Are you able to stun these guys ?
What about non-dragons?
# Sep 21 2001 at 1:22 PM Rating: Default
So I have this 55 ranger on dragon faction, is it possible for me to solo the animals in WW?

I have always heard the biggest problem there is the wyvren adds and the named dragons.

If I am on dragon faction, will they join in, or should I be ok?

Lastly, should I even try fear kiting the animals there? Are they too hard core, or is it just a waste of time?

RE: What about non-dragons?
# Mar 25 2002 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
I recently went here to try to solo at 55 (im a ranger). My advice is its not worth it, dragons dont add, but wolves doo. The wolfs like to double for 160 and tend to resist snare a couple times, making one add a real problem. They also run fast. Add to that that all the animals hit really hard here and have un godly amounts of hit points. I plan on coming back at 59, hopefully i have an earthcaller by then or something better, and be able to handle adds. For now im staying in velks.
RE: What about non-dragons?
# Dec 08 2006 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
163 posts
take a look at your spells and you will notice rangers can fear animals, therefore, snare/fear kite or if in trouble with adds fear and run to the zone
RE: What about non-dragons?
# Nov 20 2005 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
how would rangers be KoS to the wolves? lmfao...
# Sep 16 2001 at 12:25 PM Rating: Default
Well our guild heads to western wastes a few times a week. We take lvls 46 and up. Now I know you are gonna say we are crazy, and we may be; but as long as you have one good tank to be main assist and a good puller, you can do quite a lot. Our biggest concern is resists and proper buffing. Most of the tanks are in guardian armor from skyshrine, so that gives quite a lot of resists, and we always buff up with a right clickable buff and a few extra crap buffs. Leave the hast and fr/cr buffs for last.

Now we normally take 2 or 3 groups and head straight up the east wall to the coast area. Harla dar roams there, so wait for her to pass before you pull anything. We can normally kill about 3 dragons an hour.

The nice thing about this zone is that there are few people on kael faction on EMarr server, only the 3 major guilds and a few rogue guilds like ourselves. So whenever we go somewhere to hunt, there is little competition.

We will be doing another raid today. We will be head up the west coast this time. I hope to kill 20 + dragons today. Maybe even test the waters in the ToV valley.

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About lvl 40's in karnors
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You suck

people who go in to karnors at lvl 40...especially melee are just snivelling little worms who are after free exp and loot by having higher lvl players carry them..

if you wanna play in Karnors at 40 fine....do it...but bring your own 5 lvl 40 buddies with you and see how well your group performs rather than leech from the groups of mostly 50+ players that frequent the zone..

As for your group aspirations in WW i highly recommend it....just fd your way through sirens..a ballsy sk like yourself will have no probs there and zone into ww and make your ooc hotkey ...Wicked SK leech DooD LFG baby yeah!!!
RE: About lvl 40's in karnors
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You posted in the wrong area, sweety, this is WW not KC, but KC front and LC and RC are level 40 areas and you do fine with a group 40-45, if you know what your doing, I soloed here at 50.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 20 2001 at 5:59 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Well, my group of thugs has been farming WW for about a week now. Usually we camp on shore as I pull the names by tracking them. We have occasional adds, usually just wanderers. One thing we found that's helpful is to kill all drake/wyvern/cragwurm wanderers and hope that a non kos elephant or rhino thingy will spawn. That way the wanderers in front of pull path are not adding. All kos stuff here has enormous aggro radius..esp the ********* Very profitable area to farm...there is just 8 of us usually all lvl 57+. Is there an area other than the one that i'm referring to (on shore directly out from Yeldema's nest) that is safe to pull to. Any info would be good. I know there is some pulling utopia out there.
RE: Strategy
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Not sure about 8...

I've been doing 2 group runs through the canyon lately. The fewest people we've had succesfuly clear the canyon (no, we didn't kill Sontalak) is 11. Generaly all are 57+ w/ almost all being 59-60. Wipeouts happen often, usualy from a sappra wandering by at the wrong freaking time.

If you start at the far end of the canyon w/ Ayllish and work your way down, you'll do pretty well. Every dragon in the canyon drops a 7/6 talisman. At least 2 of them drop bracers, you'll also get masks and mantles this way.

The tough part is Entariz/Ionat. Very tough to single pull, we usualy have a ranger pull, then a druid snares one and kites it while we kill the other off. To make it worse, these are easily the two toughest dragons in the canyon (aside from Sontalak of course).

It's not easy, and you'll die a lot, but man it's a lot of fun.
interesting zone for sure
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Well, it is definitely not a casual zone. Even just getting to WW is not trivial.

Yes there are lots of mobs that con blue to a L50. No don't go there to XP.

The best way to handle this zone unlike other "easier" zones is to get 3 groups where you know each well enough to know how they fight. Then keel stuff.

Problem is even KOS mobs can give you neg COV hits even if you are COV aligned so be careful.
Good WW Strategy Links
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Western Wastes Dragons Page


Better Western Wastes Dragons Page [from Xegony Alliance]


Western Wastes Dragon Armor Comparison [from the Safehouse]


EQ'Lizer also has a listing of the Western Wastes dragons with pretty pictures although most of that information is already incorporated into the XA page.
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Do you take dragon faction hits for killing the non named dragons here - if you do that sucks the dragon armor drops are hot. Dragon/Dwarf faction allready gets a raw deal from not being able to camp armor in Thurgadin and in Skyshrine - and there sure isnt any comparable armor from any of the giants.
RE: faction???
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Keal drops are better.

most keal faction guilds will even kill vindicator and such for his awesome bp and boots.
Breaking point?
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Hrm, we went there with 5 groups, all 50 - 60 and still got wasted. I know that the hugest part of the problem was add's, and since most cant be charmed or mezzed. We were constantly dieing all day. We tried for about 5 hours and during that time had noticed that they dont wander, they are pathed. I think what is really needed here is a good breaking point, got any suggestions?

Um, not the tunnel to SG (very bad idea)
The rock at n4000, p1000 was a good start. Still a few add's though.
lol the standerd SW corner doesnt apply to this zone either like it has with all the rest.
RE: Breaking point?
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Zone in. Buff up in the SG tunnel. Invis and sow everyone. Leave the tunnel, turn left, run to the cliff. When you reach the cliff, turn right, run a LONG LONG ways down the cliff until you get to Yedelma's nest (inland to your right, in sight of the cliff. Yedelma will be sitting there by herself, nice bright red and a very easy kill). That's your camp spot.

If anyone is aggro'd/loses invis on the run, have them die and consent a rogue to be dragged to camp.

That's how we first started doing WW and it worked pretty well for us.
RE: Breaking point?
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I followed your advice :) We set up approximately west of Yeldema (who spawns at p1095, p2928) and pulled some of the surrounding dragons with 3 partial groups of average 56th or so. We did have some wanderer's but not a lot. Saw the following wander near:
Del Sapara (wandered to Hecheva's nest, then later south)
Onava (pulled and killed)
Crial (pulled and killed)

Ice burrowers an velious drakes were the most common wanderers, the burrowers had such a tiny aggro range we just moved a few feet and let them go by.
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RE: Breaking point?
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Just to add to this, I have hunting with a 60 shammy buddy in this area of WW for a few weeks now. We can duo some of the lower guys easily (Yaldema,Pantrilla,Glati etc). Just have shammy pull with Malo, slow and then it is just a matter of keeping him alive while he does his shammy stuff. The thing you MUST MUST MUST do is scout out the surrounding area quickly and make sure no dragons are wandering near. We avoid the white ones when we dont have a chanter to Tash, they have high MR.
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Are dragons on skyshrine faction?
RE: faction
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I think it is on the other faction. Not the CoV faction. Anyway, If you turn in the giant helms from kael. To the guards at the gate to Skyshrine. After you zone into Skyshrine from WL. Your CoV faction will go to amiable with 16 helms or less. I killed giants and wolves for weeks before finding this out. Check Illia's for the faction you need for dragons. It is the same one you need for the quests in Skyshrine.. That is if my memorys is correct...Good Luck.!!!

Shinooka Decave
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