The Devastation

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Prophecy of Ro



Level Range:
65 - 70

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Part of Sullon Zek's Plane of Rage, The Devastation is entered through the arena in East Freeport. The different factions of mobs found here do not get along very well, and can frequently be found battling with one another:

Barbarians (Furies of the North); Bolvirk Giants (Legions of Sverag); Drachnids and Spiders (The Venom Swarm); Dwarves (Stormbreaker Furies); Evil Eyes (The Irebound); Kobolds (Wildfang); Ogres (Bonecracker Furies); Orcs and Goblins (Redfist Legionnaires); Shiliskins (Deathshed Legion); Trolls (Blood Furies); Vah Shirs (Furies of Shir); Werewolves (Ragefang); and Zombies, Spectres, Knights (Ravenous Undead)
Upon Entering The DevastationWelcome to the Plane of RageA Shiliskin Elite Stands Before the Rolling PlainsSullon Zek's Tower Looms in the Distance
Ravagers and DrachnidsAn Orc PatrolStronghold of SveragTitanothon

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