Iceclad Ocean

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28 - 45

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Iceclad Ocean is where you'll find the Icy Fingers -- a chain of small iceberg islands, along with a massive ocean which separate the continent of Velious from the other continents of Norrath.

This area is home to a group of Gnome explorers from Ak'Anon; Tserrina's magnificent Tower of Frozen Shadow; a small representation of the Kromrif frost giants of Kael; and the Snowfangs, a clan of gnolls in constant battle with the turtles of the ocean, Lodizal and Coruduth.
Welcome to VeliousThe PortalThe DockFrozen Shadow Looms in the DistanceTower of Frozen ShadowGnome Pirate OutpostOne of the Dragon Head StatuesSome of the Icy Fingers in One of the Most Desolate Parts of NorrathIce FishingPortal Into Frozen ShadowBridge to the Eastern WastesSnowfang Gnoll Camp
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2 new mobs
# Mar 25 2012 at 5:14 PM Rating: Good
43 posts
A Pensive Heyokah- dark blue to a level 86. An Irate Reaver- yellow to a level 86. they are just outside the entrance to Tower of Frozen Shadow. And there is alot of dead people around them. I didn't count them but, maybe 25.
New mob?
# Mar 20 2010 at 1:25 PM Rating: Good
50 posts
Ran into a mob I don't see listed here. 'a howling dervish' dropped Frozen Wind which is listed on this site. Posted info under the drop also. He was in the area between the 3 gnomes gamling under the tree & Stormfeather's Hill a little to the northwest of the dock.
Shadow beasts
# Aug 09 2009 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
Looking for/loc of shadow beast for level 30 task for hotzone. Not finding them in the Beastiary...
# May 16 2007 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
159 posts
New mobs here for the Jardel's Hook arc

a festering Greysong pirate - level 75-76, casts Chaos Immolation, does not summon
a rotting Greysong pirate - level 75-76, does not summon
Greysong ship debris - level 1, targetable.

These are found at +1510, +5614, -26 assuming you have the new mission from Barren Coast
The Fabled Stormfeather
# Mar 20 2006 at 8:17 AM Rating: Decent
689 posts

Guildie killed it last night. 2nd part of the map AND Fabled Eyepatch of Plunder. Real nice stats and the clickie haste.
Silfh V'Ester - Holy Defender of Koada'Vie
Mahlah Tohsis - Spiritwalker
Event > new mobs
# Jan 17 2005 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
MESSAGE OF THE DAY: The spires of the Tower of Frozen Shadows are abuzz with activity. Strange monstrosities have spilled forth from Tserrina's den and wander neighboring Iceclad.

The following mobs I found patrolling around outside ToFS that were not around previously.

a doomshadow (dark blue to 62) no graphic?; UNDEAD

a deathhound (yellow to 62) snowy drolvarg graphic; UNDEAD

a snowbone (dark blue to 62); blue skeleton graphic; UNDEAD

an ice-encrusted armsman (dark blue to 62); enchanted armor graphic?

a shadow terror (light blue to 62); snow dervish graphic...might be ice-encrusted armsman's pet.

Tilluveas the Forgotten (red to 62); NPC?
Tserrina's reaper (dark blue to 62) Lich graphic; UNDEAD

I cast Invisibility Versus Undead on myself and was still KOS to all of these. That is, they can see through low level invisibility. (Not sure if Improved Invis vs Undead would work.)

Also had this message occur while standing outside.
"A cacophany of noise emanates from the Tower of Frozen Shadow. It's difficult to make out over the howling of the frozen winds, but sounds like muffled screams and sinister laughter."
This occured when it finally started to stop snowing. After the message, it started snowing again.

Edited, Mon Jan 17 13:47:38 2005
# Jan 17 2005 at 8:39 AM Rating: Decent
Tilluveas the Forgotten just killed with 4 . 1 shaman (69) , 1 druid (68) , 1 cleric(61) and a shadowknight (70).
Looooong fight hehe , dropped Lock of Firiona Vie's Hair , but alas the quest NPC has depopped whilst all others are up at that camp . Very lame sony , thanks a bunch .
Tilluveas the Forgotten
# Jan 15 2005 at 10:02 AM Rating: Excellent
30 posts
Killed this morning on MS.
faction: Tserrina Syltor got worse. only faction listed.

Took 2 groups to win and built up to that.
Some said it had higher resistance to fire, myself 70 wizzy had no trouble with or lightning. didn't cast cold based due to the enviroment.
Immune to changes in run speed.
War with disk said hit for 8-900, and did quad.
caster was hit for 1500,
I was quaded for 200,700,1230,700.
Dose summon...No appearent AE.
Sk Was banished.

Dropped: Lock of Firiona Vie's Hair-Magic item No Drop Crystallized Shadows - Magic item
Was a fun 10min strait up fight.
Raid was

Cyth 70 Wiz
Kininie 70 Clr
Taisuck 69 War
Dieabolic 69 SK
Naba 68 Mage
Secktor 66 Bst
Turp 61 Mnk
Nerouu 65 Dru
Suneriana 58 Rng
Stressed 68 Mage
Gradey 68 Clr

Edited, Sat Jan 15 10:12:07 2005
RE: Tilluveas the Forgotten
# Apr 06 2005 at 9:46 AM Rating: Decent
I was traveling through Iceclad today looking for Lodizal and came across a Sir Jevik Isqual who conned even to me at 65. Found him at loc +2585, +3269. Hailed him and this is what he said.

"Galeth and the rest of his company have packed up and left, Diurdulun. I'm the only one still here. The sight of Firiona is simply ... too much for my heart to bear. I long for the day when cold reason finally crushes my boundless love, so that I may be at peace again." He pauses momentarily, lost in thought. "No. Wait, Diurdulun! If you have a lock of her hair still , I would accept it graciously."

I didn't know if this was posted yet, but I didn't see him on mob list here and I didn't see any posts relating to him. I figure the lock of hair you get from Tilluveas will be your turn in to him. Not sure on prize.
RE: Tilluveas the Forgotten
# Jan 16 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Killed Tilluveas today on Bertoxx. Dropped lock of FV's hair, which purportedly gets turned in for an all/all FT Range item. Haven't actually seen the item yet.

Max hit on non-defensive 70 warrior was 1450. Slowed pretty easy. Took a litle time, but no deaths so not especially hard, guess along the lines of a AoW on slight steroids.
New Mob: Tilluveas the Forgotten
# Jan 15 2005 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Mob that has something to do with the revamp of ToFS. Not sure what triggered him, I was handing in quest pieces up at the camp and a ranger friend said in group "Wow a red con just popped out here " it was Tilluveas the Forgotten. Mind you the ranger is 67 so it had to be at least 70, we got another group over to help us and we went for it. He was hitting solidly for 1500 point doubles, my defensived warrior got a high hit of 1k, rest in 600-890 range. He does not have an AoE and didn't have Luclin-era HP or anything. Was slowable with both shaman and enchanter slow. We took 3 groups the second try and we managed to kill him with only 1 person dying. Thanks to all of you who came to try something new On Prexus. Appreciate it. Made my night ! Just a little bit of info.

EDIT: Faction Info: [Sat Jan 15 05:57:35 2005] Your faction standing with Tserrina SylTor got worse.

Drops were a Lock of Firiona Vie's Hair [magic, nodrop[ and Velium Warhammer[magic].

Mistikat - Prexus - Warrior

Edited, Sat Jan 15 09:30:32 2005
Guardiean of Frozen Shadow
# Jan 13 2005 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
Saw Guardian of Frozen Shadow out in front of tofs in Iceclad Ocean this morning. Unfortunately, I was getting my *** handed to me by a lvl 70 SK at the time so I didn't have much time to investigate. The guardian conned red to my lvl 61 Wizard.
He some sort of epic 2.0 mob or something?

Edited, Thu Jan 13 08:16:03 2005
RE: Guardian of Frozen Shadow
# Jan 13 2005 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
New Content in IC
The guardian can't be attacked and u are prevented from entering tofs now. looks like there is some sort of quest involving the NPCs at teh camp to the north of the zone. There is a whole host of new npcs that give quest to gather stuff from the mobs in the zone. No doubt a way to get flagged so that someoen can aggro the guardian and thus gain entrance to the new tofs.
RE: Guardian of Frozen Shadow
# Jan 15 2005 at 1:50 AM Rating: Decent
103 posts
The legendary wizard, Al'Kabor, is at a camp amongst a host of other npc's north of TOFS. I have no idea what it's all about but I did manage a screenshot of AK.
Treygolas Mirkwood
<Sacred Fyre>
Fennin Ro
Guardiean of Frozen Shadow
# Jan 13 2005 at 8:09 AM Rating: Decent

Edited, Thu Jan 13 08:14:12 2005
more on tunarean quyest
# Jan 11 2005 at 1:55 PM Rating: Good
27 posts
I did part of this today..Gelreth is a high elf pally that pops in the bank in thurg...the tower scout u have to kill in icelad spawnes to the left of the ToFS when faceing it from the gnoll camp area. The scout max hit me for 471...not too fast duoed him with 64 sk and 63 druid np. Just stay alert though. The nect part in GD 3 mob spawned the max hit from them was need a full group to do this perferabley 3 tanks and a couple healers. we will see what happens as 3 lvl 70's were doing it right after me should be interesting...but keep in mind that if the 1st mob hits for 471 and the next encounter was 3 tough you think this is gponna be once he hits Kael or Wakenlands...
RE: more on tunarean quyest
# Jan 11 2005 at 9:10 PM Rating: Decent
88 posts
No Galeth in the thur bank after doing the turnin, I did wait a while, do you know if he is on a timer (asked bc you said he popped)

RE: more on tunarean quyest
# Jan 12 2005 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
Well the scout does tell you to hurry. I imagine he is on a timer.
I ported immediately to GD from ICO and had SoE so got there fairly quickly.
the new tower guard quest
# Jan 11 2005 at 1:52 PM Rating: Excellent
27 posts
New Quest starts here?
# Jan 11 2005 at 6:17 AM Rating: Decent
tonight my 56 druid found a Tunarean Scout north of tower .Scout asked me to bring a tooth from a scout from the tower. A Tower Scout then spawned SW of tower, red to 56 and kos. I killed the scout (dark blue to 70) with my 70 shm (in comparison: less hp than lodi but did more damage to my shm than lodi does). Druid looted tooth and handed in to a Tunarean Scout (iksar shm was kos to tunarean scout). Scout to ld me to go to Thurgadin and talk to Galeth. I went to thurg and Galeth Veredeth was waiting in bank (red to 56). He told me to follow him to Plane of Growth. I followed. He walked into GD and headed for spires, went past spires and up hill towards zone to EW. Half way up hill he gets hit by 3 x a shadowed ambushers (red to 56 and kos) and dies. The ambushers despawn after 5 min or so. They saw through invis but druid got outta range.

Does anyone know this quest or is it a new one???
new npc
# Dec 16 2004 at 5:30 AM Rating: Decent
119 posts
Lookout Larithim, loc 4390, 1220 (on stormfeather island)

You say, 'Hail, Lookout Larithim'
Lookout Larithim says 'Ahoy, landlubber! Watch yer step on our island. We're not takin' too kindly ta lily-livered, anchor holdin', plank walkin', bilge brains, if ya know what I mean.'

You say, 'i dont know what you mean'
Lookout Larithim says 'Well, ya better learn! Arrr.'
new mobs
# Oct 07 2004 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
Several new mobs up.
Might have been some sort of triggered event.
The were all stationed as if a new ring war event was going on.

Level 60+ish "A Frost Giant Warrior" which have about 50-60K HP, enrage, hit for about 550-650 on a 1100 AC druid.
Snareable, rootable, ran at 5%. Two kills gave me 1% xp at 67.

Level 60+ish "a frost giant escort" which have 30K HP, hit for 450-550 on a 1100 AC druid. Snareable, rootable, didn't move my HP bar at 67.

Also several named, who all dropped heads only:

Noble Oldencamp.
Locis V'sek.
Puella Opalis.
Amelia Verisue.
Nihilist Xeegarn.

All conned blue to me at 67

Edited, Thu Oct 7 04:21:24 2004
RE: new mobs
# Oct 14 2004 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
All the names as well as the two giant warriors con even at 65. escorts con dark blue.

Anyone know why these spawn or what spawns them? i've been here a while waiting for General to spawn for 8th shawl.. No on in zone, and they are still up. Anyone know if these mobs interfer with the General?
RE: new mobs
# Nov 16 2004 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
These are all triggered mobs that are part of the bard epic 1.5 prequest. The heads are needed from the necro's and the sealed note is needed from Noble Oldencamp, the named giant that is with the 4 necro's and the 6 giant escorts. The whole party except for the escorts (basically all the nameds-the necros and the head giant) are uncalmable supposedly so I hear the best method is to calm the escorts and have a puller gather all the nameds and kite them WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM (Oldencamp summons) off to the side while the group (probably a full group of 70's would be able to do this) tags one by one and takes them out. Watch out for them necro snares.
Giligatabbus Igglebix
# Sep 23 2004 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
Yet another new gnome NPC. Giligatabbus Igglebix, dark blue to a lvl 65, cons indifferent. He's wandering around on one of the icebergs south-east of the Iceclad docks (approx location is +1311, -2640, +86). When hailed by a halfling druid he just responds with "Go away before I show you what true pain feels like."
RE: Giligatabbus Igglebix
# Oct 21 2004 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
He's for the SK epic 2.0
New NPC - Fazzle Thumpkin
# Sep 23 2004 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
There's a new gnome NPC named Fazzle Thumpkin on the island with Joshel the Large. He's standing in one of the huts at loc +3943, -20005, +46. He's level 65, cons indifferent to a level 65 halfling druid, and does not show up on track. Turns to face you when hailed, but doesn't respond with any text.

Edit: To get to the island without running all the way across the zone, hail the teleport gnome at the dock in Iceclad. She will offer to send you to Nort Ro, or to teleport you near Joshel so you can check up on him (since he's been stranded with the boats being out of commission).

Edited, Thu Sep 23 14:15:37 2004
Vas Thorel
# Sep 16 2004 at 8:00 AM Rating: Default
22 posts
Level 70 Black Drake

responds to hails
lodizal's pet
# Mar 18 2004 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
I've seen a mob called Lodizal's Pet, after lodizal was killed, anyone else seen this mob too?
yah they are
# Jan 19 2004 at 9:06 AM Rating: Decent
yah dude thats pretty funny
# Dec 23 2003 at 2:45 AM Rating: Decent
Am I the only one who thinks gnome pirates crack me up?
Way to go!
# Sep 06 2003 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
124 posts
I noticed a few new Mobs around Norrath: Named gnomes. They are named Translocator *** and will port you from one area to the other avoiding the lame, slow, buggy boat ride. I've seen them in Iceclad, NRo and Oassis for sure. I don't know if OOT can be skipped.
# Aug 27 2003 at 5:35 PM Rating: Default
2,602 posts
I had a 5 person group do Lodi just this week. We had 65 Warrior, 62 Enchanter, 57 Pally (me), 55 Warrior and a 55 Cleric. And yes -- I was able to stun him with the Pally Quellious spell.

Kromrif Tracking Wolf & Kromrif Dire Wolf
# Jun 29 2003 at 6:58 AM Rating: Default
27 posts
Be careful of these. I just tried soloing them, thinking the zone was a short run away. Well... they can run fast. I slowed one of them from a distance, which pulled all of them. I tried rooting, immune. I dotted the Dire wolf to see how much HP it had. Taking a few hits in the process (there were around three tracking, and one dire wolf there) dot stuck, but after a few paces YOU ARE SUMMONED. A few more hits and I'm thinking, crap I'm gonna die. I stop and try gating, LOADING, PLEASE WAIT.
Be careful. I think the tracking ones don't summon, but the Dire (which isn't listed on Alla) DOES!
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