Deity: The Tribunal
Level: 24
Money: 200
Server: Cazic-Thule
Ruins of Kunark Enabled
Scars of Velious Enabled
Omens of War Enabled
Weight:80.9 / 125
Primary Melee: Two Handed Practice Sword
Secondary Melee: None
Ranged Weapon: Hunting Bow
Ammo: None
Left Ear: Onyx Earring
Right Ear: Onyx Earring
Neck: Bronze Collar
Face: Bronze Mask
Head: Turtleshell Helm
Shoulder: Crafted Pauldron
Left Finger: Cutthroat Insignia Ring
Right Finger: Cutthroat Insignia Ring
Left Wrist: Bronze Bracers
Right Wrist: Bracers of Erollisi
Arm: Bronze Vambraces
Chest: Ringmail Coat
Back: Splinted Bronze Cloak
Feet: Ringmail Boots
Legs: Iron Legplates
Waist: Ringmail Skirt
Hands: Dark Mail Gauntlets
Charm: None
Food: None
Drink: None
  • RukGus' Sticker
  • Drolvarg Mantle
  • Kunzar Cloak
  • Goblin Warlord Warbeads
  • Heart of Ice
  • Old Silver Coin
  • Worn Charbone
  • Runic Carver
  • Gold Nugget
  • Exiled Iksar Head
  • Sarnak Blood
  • Ivory

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  • Bronze Long Sword 100 pp
  • Fine Steel Long Sword 100 pp
  • Everburn Candle 100 pp
  • Illegible Scroll 100 pp
  • Torn Old Pouch 100 pp
  • Dusty Broken Sword 50 pp
  • Oak Bark 25 pp