Deity: None
Level: 52
Money: 0
Server: Veeshan
Ruins of Kunark Enabled
Scars of Velious Enabled
Shadows of Luclin Enabled
Omens of War Enabled
Weight:52.4 / 141
Primary Melee: Blood Point
Secondary Melee: Shimmering Partisan
Ranged Weapon: Spectral Bow
Ammo: None
Left Ear: Gilded Tiny Skull Earring
Right Ear: Cougar Claw Earring
Neck: Dragon Tooth Choker
Face: Sarnak-Hide Mask
Head: Ry`Gorr Chain Coif
Shoulder: Engraved Bone Pauldrons
Left Finger: Velium Fire Wedding Ring
Right Finger: Velium Fire Wedding Ring
Left Wrist: Indicolite Bracer
Right Wrist: Crustacean Shell Bracers
Arm: Indicolite Vambraces
Chest: Barbed Ringmail
Back: Hooded Black Cloak
Feet: Indicolite Boots
Legs: Indicolite Greaves
Waist: Hangman's Noose
Hands: Gauntlets of the Black
Charm: None
Food: None
Drink: None
  • Mrylokar's Gift
  • Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring

  • Wishlist:
  • Sarnak Earring of Station

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  • Ghostly Robes 1000 pp