Vixye Mojoy

Deity: The Tribunal
Level: 55
Money: 0
Server: Mithaniel Marr
Ruins of Kunark Enabled
Scars of Velious Enabled
Shadows of Luclin Enabled
Omens of War Enabled
Weight:38.6 / 34
Primary Melee: Soulstripper
Secondary Melee: Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield
Ranged Weapon: Goranga Idol
Ammo: Black Rope Bridle
Left Ear: Earring of Twisted Leaves
Right Ear: Black Sapphire Electrum Earring
Face: Stained Cloth Mask
Head: Metal Linked Crown
Shoulder: Embroidered Black Cape
Left Finger: Velium Fire Wedding Ring
Right Finger: Moonstone Ring
Left Wrist: Ry`Gorr Chain Bracer
Right Wrist: Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet
Arm: Adamantite Armband
Chest: Froglok Scale Chestplate
Back: Cloak of the Ice Bear
Feet: Coterie General Boots
Legs: Brown Chitin Leggings
Waist: Crystalline Belt
Hands: Crystal Chitin Gauntlets
Charm: None
Food: None
Drink: None


Owned by: __DEL__1591785005278 Email: Not Public
For Sale: Want to Buy:
  • Spined Seahorse Hide Breastplate 3500 pp
  • Bracketed Chitin Mail 0 pp
  • Jungle Spider Carapace 6000 pp