Deity: Tunare
Level: 20
Money: 400
Server: Lanys T'vyl
Ruins of Kunark Enabled
Scars of Velious Enabled
Shadows of Luclin Enabled
Omens of War Enabled
Weight:53.7 / 96
Primary Melee: Smoldering Brand
Secondary Melee: None
Ranged Weapon: Longbow
Ammo: None
Left Ear: Onyx Earring
Right Ear: Onyx Earring
Neck: Banded Gorget
Face: Banded Mask
Head: Banded Helm
Shoulder: Banded Mantle
Left Finger: Cutthroat Insignia Ring
Right Finger: Cutthroat Insignia Ring
Left Wrist: Banded Bracer
Right Wrist: Banded Bracer
Arm: Banded Sleeves
Chest: Banded Mail
Back: Banded Cloak
Feet: Banded Boots
Legs: Banded Leggings
Waist: Thick Leather Apron
Hands: Banded Gauntlets
Charm: None
Food: None
Drink: None


Owned by: __DEL__1591765646734 Email: __DEL__1591765646734@zam.com
For Sale: Want to Buy:
  • Silvery War Axe 75 pp
  • Scythe 12 pp
  • Banded Mantle 6 pp
  • Banded Gorget 5 pp
  • Faydark Ringmail Coif 15 pp
  • Banded Helm 8 pp
  • Cutthroat Insignia Ring 2 pp
  • Onyx Earring 2 pp
  • Banded Cloak 7 pp
  • Faydark Ringmail Sleeves 20 pp
  • Bamboo Splint Coat 15 pp
  • Blue Wicker Gloves 5 pp