Spell Icon Call of Flame  


1: Decrease Hitpoints by 247.

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Mana: 106 Skill: Evocation
Casting Time: 0.5 Recast Time: 30
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Resist: Fire
Range: 200 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any Deletable: No
Reflectable: Yes Focusable: Yes
Dispellable: Yes Interruptable: Yes
Timer: 1 Target Type: Single
Spell Type: Detrimental Source: Live 01/22


You cast: You call forth fire.
Other cast: Soandso calls forth fire.
Cast on you: You feel your skin ignite.
Cast on other: Soandso 's skin ignites.

Game Description

Hurls a magically burning arrow at your target, causing 247 damage.

Items with this effect

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Spell: Call of Flame



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DARE to be spell free.
# Apr 05 2010 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
This quest is NOT worth your time. I usually enjoy quests, and I did on this one. I like the variety of challanges it gives you in game. But the reward for this quest is ill timed, as by the time your old enough to be able to kill what drops what's needed, the spell is pretty much useless. The final NPC you have to kill is lvl 53, and he almost annihilated my 54 ranger, but I had a friend zone in just in time to kill him for me.

So yea, don't waste your time with this unless your absolutely OCD about getting all the spells or you're really bored.

Edited, Apr 5th 2010 11:39pm by panthermartin
DARE to be spell free.
# Jun 24 2020 at 8:50 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Depends on the era, on a TLP server in classic it is definitely worth your time.
Call of Flame
# May 12 2009 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
Finaly got this spell today... lvl 57 ranger... the quest to get it isn't that hard... but the subquest to get the fourth turn in!?!?... What a wonderfull experiance that was... loot 2 rare drops off of 2 rare spawns on a 20 min respawn... EVIL!!! it took me well over 30 hours of farming greys to finally get the drops... and by lvl 57, the spell is next to useless... if your gona do this quest, start with the subquest in Castle Mistmoore while there is xp there... at least that way you will get sumething out of all the grinding you are about to do...
Maulis Thefool, Ranger of the 80th season on Firiona Vie...
Skip it...
# Oct 19 2008 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
402 posts
Unless this spell is researchable, I'd recommend waiting until level 52, when you get your next nuke. You will not get the drop in Naggy's Lair. The imps have a HUGE aggro radius, and since it's an indoor zone, you cannot cast Harmony on them.
# Feb 17 2006 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
Im one who has to have all my spells no matter how insignificant.
however I can't get this quest started, I hail Devin, then Lilly, say "I am a ranger",, then " who is Ganelorn Oast", and dialog stops there.
I think it might be a faction thing, not sure though, please help.

Daamen Greenleaf 51 ranger
Bertoxxulous server
# Oct 17 2007 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
Going back and clicking on Devin and then back to Lily again worked for me. I was stumped at first when the dialog stopped.

Riekisha Katzluv 51 ranger
# Oct 17 2007 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
Going back and clicking on Devin after I answered Lily and then back to Lily again is how it worked for me.
# Aug 22 2006 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
I had same problem very long time. I tried that many times over time. Then at level 55 I tried to say "I will take him the letter" like it says in quest text and I got the letter hehe.
# Sep 30 2005 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
To be honest. the most coveted weapon from the original was the sword that dropped in kith forrest. I forget who from but the stats where 12 dmg 24 dly +2 str, +2 sta and had a proc of 176dd (shock of blades I think) people would drool if anyone had it.
# Apr 21 2005 at 4:05 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
This is an OLD quests like KridgKanthar have mentioned previously. It may seem like a total waste of time for the casual gamer, BUT for those that are HARDCORE Quest Junkies, This is a MUST for a ranger!
NOt every thing in EQ is base on getting the BEST STATS or the BEST GEAR or the BEST Weapons. Some people play everquest purely for self graitfication of completing a quest. There is a sense of self fulfillment in completing something especially in something that is Redundant, HARD, or LONG and BORING as I have heard from some of the whiners on the board. Let me Reiterate for Emphasis. ONE MAN JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN TREASURE =)
For those that love ranger class like I do, it NOt about getting that level, it's about playing the best ranger that can be played using whatever you can get your hands on. A GREAT players are those that can make others wonders how he/she does it using that junk he or she has on hand! SOME people play ranger for Tanking, other play Ranger for Farming, Yet other play ranger for Questing. What Kind of player are you? The best one are the one that incorporate all of that into one class and make a seemly useless class into something other people Marveled about. IF you find yourself whining and complaining about a quest or about your chars. Best thing is Delete and make another chars. =)
butler sucks
# Nov 26 2004 at 9:44 PM Rating: Default
camped him for 2 weeks for several hours each day for my ranger friend. we camped him together and he refuses to drop the damn fang :-/

Call of Shame on SoE
# Feb 01 2004 at 9:19 AM Rating: Default
Not NoDrop, should just be NoPickUp, someone was smoking Crack when they set this spell up. By the time u have it, its useless and is resisted by more than 65% of the mobs. Save your money and above all else TIME and just get FireStrike at 52. Paying more than 10-20 p for this waste of a parchment is foolish. A 49 SPELL ?!?!, you'd be lucky to pull this off at 55 without dying, heck may not EVEN be able to get into Naga's lair by the time your ready to complete this...
RE: Call of Shame on SoE
# Apr 11 2004 at 4:54 PM Rating: Excellent
51 posts
The reason this spell seems so out of proportion is because it is so old. This was the first ranger quest spell added to the game, and was added before Kunark, when the level limit was still 50, making it the single best ranger nuke available. You can't effectively put a price on the best available version of something, and many people went to great lengths to get this. Yes it's out of date now, but I remember how much a drooled at the time, dreaming of the day I could get it myself.

Context is always important in judging things like these. Just like people think a Short Sword of the Ykesha is newbie junk now, that was once the most coveted 1hs in the game, and was what people would carry into battle against dragons in the first year or two.
RE: Call of Shame on SoE
# Apr 17 2005 at 7:15 PM Rating: Good
There would be no harm in maybe simplifying the quest now though. Many people will just skip it all together. I am debating it myself. Get rid of the Electrum-Bladed Waikishi, or whatever, and it becomes a quest I might actually do.
# Jan 02 2004 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
1,267 posts
yeah someone screwed up BIG time inventing the quest for this.

I'm now a 60 ranger and from the moment I started, I decided my supreme goal would be to max everything -languages, skills, trades, stats, and even to get every spell.

I don't like pushing guild to help me on things so i plan to eventually solo this. But they made the quest so damned hard, I don't even want to try it for another few levels. And yet all the time, this isn't a lev 65 spell, or 60, or even 55.....level 49?!

That's just silly.
Total waste of time!
# Aug 09 2003 at 11:55 PM Rating: Excellent
What a total waste of time getting this spell!!
First, you camp the Maid and the Butler for hours to get the fangs needed in order to get the EBK from the Avenging Caitliff, then you also have to wait hours and hours on a step with a spawn time of 30 min to kill a green mob to get to the Caitliff.
Now, mind you, I'm a 50 Ranger with a 1001 ATK and 980 AC, using a Lammy and a Frostbringer, with full Ranger buffs and SCHW, I still, at times, got down to 1 1/2 bubbles of health from some green necro caster.
It's possible to buy the fangs in the Bazaar, if you're lucky. It's also possible to buy the Adamantite Band. Bring PP, lots of PP!
You have to go into the Lair of Nagafen (Sol B)to get the Imp Protector. After fighting your way in and killing a couple dozen mobs just to get to the Imps. I had to kill 5 Imps before I got a sash to drop. This is not an easy camp for the foolhardy. I was fortunate, I had a 58 druid, a 58 warrior, a 60 chanter and myself. It wasn't that hard.
The mob in East Karana also wasn't that hard for this group to take down.
After all the time and effort to do this and, to be honest, it took a solid 25 hours of camping to get the items. Another Ranger and I Camped the Caitliff for 15 hours without a pop. I finally petitioned, asking if the Quest was broken. A GM came on and told me the Quest was not broken and there was nothing he could do. 2 minutes later the Caitliff popped. I did my turn in and he despawned. I thanked the GM for not helping and told him that there was 2 of us waiting for him and how he despawned, basically ******** my partner. 10 minutes later the Caitliff popped again.
Now after all this time and effort, I get a spell that does a 206 DD. If I was smart and someone had written this and I had read it, I would have xp'd for 2 damn levels and gotten Firestrike that does 282 DD.
What a total waste of time!

Edited, Sun Aug 10 00:57:44 2003
Total waste of time!
# May 03 2020 at 7:40 AM Rating: Decent
to anyone reading this very old post, ignore it, he is comparing a spell with a 4.0 second cast time vs. a 0.5 second cast time, Call of Flame is a LOT better and yes it takes work to get it but if you play on TLP's you have plenty of time until the next expansion and so on.
# Aug 01 2003 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
Can this be MQ'ed?
not no drop
# Jul 17 2003 at 5:30 AM Rating: Decent
this spell is not no drop i have done it and got like 10 spells and sold them in trader after i gave a few to those in my guild whom needed it

Kasko Windrunner
56 Outrider of Tunare
Proud leader of Ninth Order
Layns server
No drop?1
# May 04 2003 at 1:10 AM Rating: Default
I this spell no drop?
RE: No drop?1
# Jun 19 2003 at 7:31 PM Rating: Default
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