Spell Icon Blessing of the Pious  


1: Increase Healing by 1% to 40%
2: Limit: Max Level(70) (lose 5% per level over cap)
3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
5: Limit: Spell Type (Beneficial only)
6: Limit: Spell (Complete Heal excluded)
7: Limit: Spell (Complete Heal excluded)
8: Limit: Effect (Percentage Heal excluded)
9: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 0 Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 0 Fizzle Time: 0
Range: 100 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: Self Spell Type: Beneficial
Source: Live 04/23

Game Description

Increases the potency of healing spells by up to $1%. This bonus will decay on spells over level 70.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

3.0 mins @L1 to 3 hour(s) 15.0 mins @L65
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Kaftan of Embroidered Light
# Nov 30 2019 at 8:18 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Txevu: Zun also dropd Kaftan of Embroidered Light which has this effect.
Heal over Time?
# Jul 06 2005 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
Other healing buffs like this have a limit instant heals only. This one doesn't. Does that mean this will work on HoT spells?
RE: Heal over Time?
# Nov 05 2005 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
45 posts
As far as I can tell from the spell information, Blessing of the Pious is unique in working on all heals other than CH or partial CH spells. Instant or HoT, single-target or group.
RE: Heal over Time?
# Aug 24 2006 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Just tested this theory on weather or not Blessing of the Pious focuses HoT spells. I casted Pious Elixir on myself with Xxeric's bracer both on and off but both times it was 1170 a tic. I tried to see if it mattered if i had other bigger healing focuses and it didnt, always 1170 a tic. So much for a HoT focus :-/
"I seem to have died, is that ok?"
percentage heal?
# Jun 29 2005 at 3:07 AM Rating: Decent
8: Limit: Effect(Percentage Heal excluded)

what percentage heal means?

If neither CH or normal heals proc then what is the sense of this proc?
RE: percentage heal?
# Nov 11 2005 at 3:00 AM Rating: Default
if you read the info on the Cleric's spell Complete Heal and the druids 2 big heals (10 seconds or more cast time) you'll see it says 75% heal. This means that if your tank happens to have lets say... 17k Hp buffed (Very possible and more than likely probable in end-game on raids) and hes at lets say 15% and your CHeal hits and crits for 16.5k, then it wouldnt completely heal him... only up to 75% of his max hp, which will set him at 90%.... get it? So if the description of the spell says anything about Percentages in it (Clr has 1 dru has 2 and shm has 1) then this effect won't work on it.
RE: percentage heal?
# Dec 16 2005 at 6:04 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Wrong. The limit on Percentage Heals refers to the druid/shaman heal that is a 75% heal (that they got to compete for groups for clerics). It has nothing to do with how many hitpoints a tank has or how how his hitpoints will go after a heal.
# Oct 22 2004 at 11:41 AM Rating: Default
does this affect life taps?
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