Spell Icon Sylvan Anger  


1: Decrease Spell Mana Cost by 25%
2: Limit: Max Level(65)
3: Limit: Min Level (65)
4: Limit: Instant spells only
5: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
6: Limit: Spell (Winter's Frost excluded)
7: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
8: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 0 Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 0 Fizzle Time: 0
Range: 100 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: Self Spell Type: Beneficial
Source: Live 10/22

Game Description

Reduces the mana cost of level 65 direct damage spells by up to $1%.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

3.0 mins @L1 to 3 hour(s) 15.0 mins @L65
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# Jul 29 2004 at 10:38 PM Rating: Decent
From the effect it says:
2: Limit: Max Level(65)
3: Limit: Min Level(65)

Summer's Flame is Level 64

Therefor it only applies to Sylvan Fire, the GoD spell from I believe it's the Jelkhi stone or however its spelled.
These gloves decreases the mana cost from 430 down to just 322.5 mana.
# Jul 02 2004 at 5:01 AM Rating: Decent
Winter's Frost exluded? sure don't let it work for the nuke I actually use the most. This is more of a slap in the face than the ele gloves having a mana pres that only works for summers flame
# Aug 11 2004 at 12:13 PM Rating: Default
explain to me why you using 2nd best nuke instead of using BEST NUKE? which is Sylvan Flame?
Oh in case you don't have Sylvan Flame or don't even have any idea what Sylvan Flame is you can forget about getign these gloves, getign them is 100 harder than getign Sylvan Flame spell
# Oct 23 2004 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
if you're xping in pofire you can't use sylvan fire, since poFIRE mobs resist FIRE based spells. however if you have your ancient GoD nuke it works for that.

just one example of where you would use winters frost over sylvan fire (or summers flame)

edit: BTW I have these gloves now
I don't have my GoD ancient spell yet (guild isn't is letting certain classes roll first and druids aren't that high on the list heh)

Edited, Thu Nov 11 23:48:56 2004
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