Spell Icon Extended Enhancement IV  


1: Increase Spell Duration by 15%
2: Limit: Max Level(65) (lose 5% per level over cap)
3: Limit: Spell Type (Beneficial only)
4: Limit: Effect (Complete Heal (with duration) excluded)
5: Limit: Effect (Invulnerability excluded)
6: Limit: Min Duration (24.00 sec)
7: Limit: Effect (Reaction Radius excluded)
8: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 0 Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 0 Fizzle Time: 0
Range: 100 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: Self Spell Type: Beneficial
Source: Live 01/19

Game Description

Increases the duration of beneficial spells by 15%. This bonus will decay on spells over level 65.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

3.0 mins @L1 to 3 hour(s) 15.0 mins @L65
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Further Confirmation
# Jul 16 2004 at 2:57 PM Rating: Excellent
17 posts
In further confirmation of the Time Trials I noted below, and in answer to my further question regarding the Coldain Shawl Zephyr of Brell Effect I performed an additional test today. This is post July 14 Patch which added the timers to spell effects in your buff window.

Since the time of my initial postings and tests I finished the Coldain Shawl Quest and obtained the Shawl. When I cast KEI on myself today with the Shawl equipped and both SCR and SCRM maxxed out the timer said the KEI had 255 Minutes to run.

With a base of 150 Minutes for KEI this shows that the 20% (or total 70%) Extension does apply as 150 x 1.70 = 255.

So for all you out there that want the benefit of the extensions (and the attendant savings in mana costs) I think this shows you can keep on questing and putting your AAExp into SCR and SCRM for the full benefits.

Edited, Fri Jul 16 15:59:10 2004
RE: Further Confirmation
# Jul 16 2004 at 4:28 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
My HoV lasts 255 minutes as well, with SCR3, SCRM and 8th shawl.

Thats 170% of the normal duration of 150 minutes.

End of debate, at least as far as the shawl goes. I'll swap my ceramic shield off my druid later, and see what the duration is with the shawl removed, and the shield equipped.

Edited, Fri Jul 16 17:28:39 2004
RE: KEI and Extension
# May 05 2004 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
1,342 posts
Also judging by the date of Sullenone's test it wasn't Daylight Saving time either when the clocks spring ahead 1 hour.

Sullenone, I really liked your succinct and sarcastic response.

Edited, Tue May 11 07:15:57 2004
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Ascending Angels on Beta
KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Oct 31 2003 at 12:00 PM Rating: Good
17 posts
There is a debate currently raging on my server among the various vendors of Koadic’s Endless Intellect regarding the actual duration of the spell based on the stacking (or lack of same) of the extensions in duration provided by the various Alternative Advancement abilities (“AAExp”) and Extended Enhancement Items. This plays out when the vendors are hawking their good by descriptions of the amount of the extension – 15%, 50%, 65% and even 70%.

My apologies in advance if definitive answers to the questions I pose below are contained elsewhere on this site. If so a link to such definitive answers in a reply to this message would be appreciated.

According to what I have been able to divine from various websites, after spending the appropriate number of AAExp points in Spell Casting Reinforcement (“SCR)”) and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery (“SCRM”), an enchanter’s beneficial spells will have their duration extended by 50% longer than the base duration. I have also seen posts that indicate that the Extended Enhancement Items available DO stack with these AAExp extensions. Thus, according to this calculus, an enchanter who had so maxed out their AAExp in these areas and possessed an item that granted a 15% extension (Amulet of Insight, Ceramic Shield of Valor, etc.) or, for the very diligent a 20% extension (Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl – 8th in quest) should experience a combined extension of 65% or 70%.

From what I have discerned from the various haggling, name calling, taunts and, well you get the picture, among the various vendors is a mish mash of conflicting claims regarding such calculations, to wit:

1) 50% is the MAXIMUM Extension achievable, i.e. once you have maxed your AAExp the extension items do not add any benefit. This would be a real nasty result as that would mean in effect that once you hit 30% through maxing and possessed a 15% item, (thus were at 45%) you would only get an additional 5% by spending all your AAExp on SCRM (thus boosting you to the 50% mark which was the cap), or even worse, no benefit in the case of the Coldain Shawl?!?!?

2) Only the Coldain Shawl stacks with the AAExp benefits thus you can get 50% or 70% extensions but NOT 65%?

3) AAExp and extension items WILL stack but you must use an Extended Enhancement IV item to get the additional 15%. For “some reason” Extended Enhancement III items do not stack when casting KEI, even though they are supposed to affect spells of 60 and below?

4) There is a “hard coded” cap on KEI which sets the limit of its extension at 50%. I have not seen any postings that I could recognize to support this other than a discussion in the AAExp section on CastersRealm regarding SCRM - - - “This means that an Enchanters Koadics Endless Intellect Spell (Clarity 3) will last 3 hours 45 minutes as opposed to the normal 2 hours 30 minutes.” - - - which discussion does not address any stacking matters. Nor have I heard any debate or seen any posting as to whether any other spells are so capped.

Any accurate insights into these various claims, or Gasp! a definitive discussion of the stacking of AAExp, Extended Enhancement Items and any other Hard Cap Limits would be most appreciated.
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Jul 08 2004 at 10:57 PM Rating: Default
Sullenone great post ! I came here to see what was going on with my SCR AA (2nd of 3) that gives 15% bonus. In addition I have a Ceramic Shield of Valor that also gives +15%. +30% Total.

Ok forgive my total lack of accuracy. I would cast a buff upon myself then as it was casting I would type /time and hit enter when I seen the buff appear on my bar. I also went about my business and zoned and played the game. When the buffs started flashing I typed /time and hit enter when that buff faded.

Virtue(normally 2hrs 30min): 23:28:04 - 02:57:48 = 3hrs 29min 44sec.

Blessed Armor of the Risen (normally 2hrs 24min): 23:27:44 - 02:47:30 = 3hrs 19min 46sec.

I must add I was not involved in a heated game of Zone Tag. However; I can see how someone doing normal zoning in 3 hours of game play would have the duration extended.

I shall take more accurate readings and post my findings to help in our quest for the Truth. Facts not Horse cookies or opinion is what is needed here boys.
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Nov 14 2003 at 10:48 AM Rating: Excellent
17 posts
In the interest of determining an answer to my own questions posed here (and after more than one annoying conversation with what I call the Oracles of Ignorance) I actually performed a test. I cast KEI on myself and went about making Misty Thicket Picnics (in my pursuit of the elusive 250 GM skill level in Baking). I then parked my butt in an out of the way place in the PoK and went AFK for dinner. Pasted below is the edited (to remove obvious spam) log file from this time trial. At the time I cast this spell I have completed and spent the necessary Alternate Advanced Experience points for both Spell Casting Reinforcement (“SCR)” and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery (“SCRM”), which together increase the duration of beneficial spells by 50% longer than the base duration. In addition I was wearing my Amulet of Insight which provides an additional extension of 15% for beneficial spells (Extended Enhancement III) of level 60 or below (KEI is level 60). I searched the log for the obvious indicia of KEI casting (“Your Mind Expands” or “Your Mind Returns to Normal”) to ensure there were no intervening interlopers casting it on me.

[Thu Nov 13 17:18:20 2003] You begin casting Koadic's Endless Intellect.
[Thu Nov 13 17:18:32 2003] Your mind expands beyond the bounds of space and time.
[Thu Nov 13 17:18:32 2003] Your Amulet of Insight sparkles.

. . . . . . . . …

[Thu Nov 13 21:28:08 2003] Your mind returns to normal.

As you can see from the clock times this single dose of KEI lasted for 4 hours 9.5 minutes or 249.5 Minutes. The base time for the KEI spell is 2.5 hours or 150 minutes. Doing the math, 150 x 1.65 = 247.5 If we allow for some possible lag (what, Lag in EQ? ? ?) I believe it is safe to conclude that the duration of this casting was extended by at least 65%.

I invite any lucky possessor of the Coldain Prayer Shawl (which provides a 20% extension) or the extremely fortunate possessor of one of the very rare items from the Plain of Time which have an effect that purportedly adds 25% !!!! (Choronostrum - http://lucy.fnord.net/spell.html?id=3846 ) such as the Pulsing Onyx Ring (http://lucy.fnord.net/item.html?id=26993 ) and who also has maxxed their SCR and SCRM AAexp abilities to perform a similar test and report here if they can.
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Jan 10 2004 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
Did you zone at all while waiting for KEI to wear off? While zoning your buffs don't run down at all, try zoning while a buff is blinking, it will still be blinking when you are done zoning. If you zoned a lot it may seem that the buff lasted longer than it actually does when you don't zone at all.

RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Jul 08 2004 at 10:21 PM Rating: Default
Dear Sir: You need to READ the post again because you seemed to miss the part that involved Misty Picnic baskets and the part about dinner. Now call me wacky but as a person who went to the same bad public school system as most of the folks that post here, I took that to mean after working on the baking tradeskill Sullenone went to the Real life zone to eat dinner. Thus: Sullenone did not have the K.E.I duration paused because zones only exist in the game for most of us Archaleon. Perhaps in the Plane of Archaleon buffs do pause when you go grab a Coke to drink or the Bong to smoke? Who knows.

Sullenone put up a wonderful post. Arch tell Scotty "beam you up." Then report to STAR FLEET about the Time Shift you experienced.

Edited, Thu Jul 8 23:29:21 2004
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Jan 18 2004 at 5:01 PM Rating: Excellent
17 posts
I did not change zones during the time trial

The server did not crash.

No one recast KEI on me.

I did not recast KEI on myself.

Neither I, nor my computer was traveling on a vehicle which was approaching light speed and which therefore may have distorted our perception of time.

No other temporal anomolies were detected on long or short range sensor scans.

Edited, Sun Jan 18 17:04:08 2004
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Feb 23 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Excellent
Man I just love that reply. I mean he said he baked some stuff then went to dinner. Not too ambiguous there if he crossed dozens of zone lines or not hehe
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# May 18 2004 at 4:37 PM Rating: Decent
Well yeah but what he didn't say was what zone he had dinner in. Think about it.

Best Regards,

62 Oracle
Brell Serilis

PS Excellent post Sulleone !!!
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Dec 07 2003 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
What is KEI? Ok after all your hard work, I just had to say that. <grin> After you are done laughing, is there any stacking or ext. gained by wearing the mage summoned: Tavee's Runed Mantle (focus effect-Tavee's Superior Diuturnity)? I have had several KEI/Virtue casters ask me to make them one prior to casting.

Great work though on your post.

skytraffic <xegony>
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Jan 10 2004 at 7:58 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
The summoned items do not stack with regular non-summoned items. However, there are many level 60 chars who do not have EE3 or EE4 items. Most likely, they are asking for the summoned items, because they do not have a permanent one.

Of course, they may just be misinformed and think they do stack. I saw a guy with an FBSS AND SCHW once. he would not believe, no matter how many people told him, that the hastes did not stack.
RE: KEI and Extension Items/Effects
# Nov 17 2003 at 12:39 PM Rating: Default
I would like to say to you very good work on the math and actually figuring out how this all works. I have always wondered myself as to how ppl can say 15% or even 65% extended KEI.

Clericator Forhire
42 season
Kane Bayle
# Sep 19 2003 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
Ldon is 90 min
so is Voice and Tranquil
if you cast Voice or Tranquil just before zoning in and med back to FM (10 min)+
they will leave you during the final mob-not good
add 13 min to the duration
and don't worry about having to re-cast at the worst possible time
# Jul 15 2003 at 5:30 AM Rating: Default
this does not stack with 8th shalw but does with aa
RE: stack
# Nov 13 2003 at 8:15 AM Rating: Default

This effect does not stack with Zephyr of Brell.

Brell in fact overrides it if you are wearing both.

20% better than 15% though :-)

Sayden Starhawke
Rodcet Nife
newbie question
# Jun 23 2003 at 11:17 AM Rating: Decent
Does this effect just the buffs on yourself, or on others as well, such as casting aego on a group
RE: newbie question
# Jul 05 2003 at 4:33 PM Rating: Default
It affects any buffs YOU are casting when this is equipped.

I just picked one up for 18k...great for soloing while the pet is tearing thru stuff Smiley: yippee
this stack?
# Jun 16 2003 at 3:42 AM Rating: Decent
would like to know the same thing can extended enhancments be stacked ........... extended IV + III + II etc. also how deos the aa ability work you get 5% for your first aa in extended enhancment then 15% for you second and 30% for your last do these add up or is 30% the best you get?

60 druid
Mith Marr
RE: this stack?
# Oct 22 2003 at 7:13 PM Rating: Decent
This stacks with AA but will not stack with other extended enhancment items. IV is for 65 and down so is best to have. IF you have a III it does only up to lvl 60. This defeats the purpose if you have the IV one. So Just try to get one with EE IV or upgrade when you can. As far as AA I could be wrong but I beleave that 30% is what it is when you get the highest setting they dont stack to become 50%. Hope this helps. Though if you have the highest AA plus this item that would give you 45% increase not bad.

60 shaman
this stack?
# Nov 23 2002 at 8:39 PM Rating: Decent
Does this stack with other duration buffs effects? (8th shawl, AA, etc)
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