Spell Icon Spirit of Arag  


1: Summon Warder: PCPetBstS13L062Ward

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Mana: 400 Skill: Conjuration
Casting Time: 10 Recast Time: 1.5
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Range: 0
Location: Any Time of Day: Any
Deletable: No Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Target Type: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial Source: Live 09/07


You cast: You summon a warder to your aid.
Other cast: Soandso summons a warder.

Game Description

Summons a feral warder to aid you in battle.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Spell: Spirit of Arag

Symbol of Ancient Summoning

Planes of Power

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Pet Lvl
# Jul 28 2004 at 1:17 AM Rating: Decent
I've read other boards and they say that our lvl 62 spell warder is actually lvl 60 yet when friend cons it that is lvl 56 it is DB. ANy idea
RE: Pet Lvl
# Apr 22 2005 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
cons yellow to my 59 shaman, so 60 seems right.
Pet Stats
# Feb 22 2004 at 6:42 PM Rating: Decent
4200hp aprox
74 bite / 28 bash
max hit
# Jan 01 2004 at 8:25 PM Rating: Decent
Just dinged 62 today. This pet max hits for 74.
This is a great leap
# Nov 25 2003 at 9:19 AM Rating: Decent
The 62nd level pet has 25% more hps and averages just above 70 points a hit (yes it quads)

Compared to the BST level 60 pet it is superior

I highly recommend any beastlord before getting AAs to get to 62 to get this pet it will destroy everything in its path.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 24 2003 at 4:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) They also didnt just make it for the plane.. the increase in level. In PvP it was like a lvl 43 mob hitting a lvl 65 person.... Hmmm seems like the warder will do maybe a well 20 dmg in 5 mins.. WooT! But now that it is lvl 60 pet, they hit for AROUND the max not :) BL are very uber in PvP servers and I pitty any one that doesnt play PvP server! :( boring on others... you all hold hands and sing happy song, thats a bards job... and only!
fact pet lvl is 60
# May 19 2003 at 11:55 AM Rating: Good
this pet is indeed lvl 60 and enrages at 10% hps.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 10 2003 at 1:45 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) why is this spell conjuration
# Dec 01 2003 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Warder summoning spells from 9-60 are Alteration, because those spells used to be a pet buff, and not simply a pet summon. This was changed before PoP came out and the lvl limit was raised to 65. So the two new pet summon spells were made to work on the conjuration skill, like all other pet summon spells for other classes. Just be glad they didn't change the 9-60 summon spells too =) It sure would be fun to log in one day and not be able to make your lvl 60 warder because all you could do is fizzle away your mana trying.
Pet is Level 60
# Feb 16 2003 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
All my friends who are 60 con it and its white all of my friends who are under get yellow or Red so I am convinced the pet is in fact Level 60 not level 49
RE: Pet is Level 60
# Apr 16 2003 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
I've heard they changed this pet to level 60 so pets actually do some damage in planes.
RE: Pet is Level 60
# May 31 2003 at 8:00 PM Rating: Default
Not reall lvl 60 for dmg he is just as strong as lets say a lvl 49 pet would be but they made him lvl 60 for agro reasons
RE: Pet is Level 60
# Sep 03 2003 at 3:13 AM Rating: Decent
Actually, they are level 60 so that they can actually hit planes mobs some what consistantly. So, in a way, it is for damage purposes.
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