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1: Summon Item: Tavee's Linen Mantle

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Mana: 40 Skill: Conjuration
Casting Time: 6 Recast Time: 6
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Range: 0
Location: Any Time of Day: Any
Deletable: Yes Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Target Type: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial Source: Live 04/22

Game Description

Focuses mana into the form of a linen mantle that allows many of your beneficial spells to last a longer period of time. This item works on spells up to level sixteen.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Spell: Summon Linen Mantle


Shadows of Luclin

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# Jul 26 2006 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
where is julom
# Aug 10 2004 at 9:36 PM Rating: Excellent
go to second floor where you can buy food in middle go out on backony
This spell
# Aug 02 2004 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
I can find no one in the Bazaar named Jolum to sell me this spell. Any help here?
no rend
# Jan 15 2004 at 9:00 PM Rating: Default
i found out away to stop no rend idems from going away you got to the bank before you leave put it in the bank you can log if you want and come back the next day and it will still be there gl on the idems.

65war<prexis server>
<leagon of kings officer>
RE: no rend
# Feb 06 2004 at 5:06 PM Rating: Good
87 posts
sorry, but NO RENT means they will disappear after you have been offline for more than 30 mins. Only way I know of to hold no rent items is to have someone kill you via duel (or die whatever way you wish) and leave the no rent items on your corpse. As long as your corpse is there, so will your no rent items. Dying by having someone kill you in a duel will not result in experiance loss unless you die by use of a DoT (damage over time) spell.
RE: no rend
# Nov 12 2008 at 9:54 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
not since patch a few weeks ago u will now have all of your gear back on you when u die corpse has nothing.
RE: no rent
# Jun 06 2004 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
And the location for the best duel is PVP Arena. It's located back of the zone in bazaar fyi. BTW give a shout to bazaar for the kill.
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Buff duration
# Aug 22 2003 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
Is the increased duration only on buffs used on ones self or on buffs in general regardless of who receives them?
Summoned item
# Oct 20 2002 at 8:25 PM Rating: Good
Item this spell summons:

Tavee's Linen Mantle
AC: 3
HP: +5 MANA: +5
Focus Effect: Tavee's Lesser Diuturnity
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Race: ALL

RE: Summoned item
# Apr 01 2003 at 2:09 PM Rating: Good
This item gives a 15% duration bonus to buffs of spell level 16 and below. The next version of this spell is at level 29.
about it
# Jun 14 2002 at 12:34 AM Rating: Default
how long does it last?
RE: about it
# Nov 13 2002 at 11:15 AM Rating: Default
72 posts
It's No Rent, it'll last until you log out for 30 minutes or more, just like every No Rent items out there.
Has other stats
# Apr 29 2002 at 5:51 PM Rating: Good
45 posts
Aside from making buffs last longer, this item has the following stats:

+3 Armor Class
+5 Hit Points
+5 Mana

Goes in the shoulder slot.
new spells
# Apr 05 2002 at 6:17 PM Rating: Default
The Bazaar is a zone of its own connected to the Nexus and Shadowhaven.
new spells
# Mar 25 2002 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
All the new mage focus item summoning spells can be bought in the Bazaar merchant building 2nd floor balcony. They were all the same price, about 6.25pp each.

When the world hands you lemons...throw them back, real hard.

Ravingronn Blazewarden
Mage of the 37th Season

Sharrien Dreamstalker
Beastlord of 26 Winters
RE: new spells
# Apr 02 2002 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
yer. but in which city is the bazaar.need directions.
RE: new spells
# Jun 11 2002 at 1:07 AM Rating: Default
the bazaar is in, well, the bazaar, its not an area, its a zone in Luclin
# Mar 25 2002 at 5:08 PM Rating: Default
Where can you get this spell?
RE: Location
# Jan 31 2004 at 1:57 PM Rating: Excellent
in the center of the banks there is a building you have to go inside that building and up the stairs to the top floor, the out on the balcony there is a lil gnome <i think is what he is> he has the summon item's =))
summoning spells
# Mar 25 2002 at 4:12 PM Rating: Decent
This spell summons a shoulder slot item which when worn increases the duration of buff spells cast by 10%.

Won't affect spells over level 24.

Edited, Mon Mar 25 17:03:28 2002
summoning spells
# Mar 20 2002 at 8:06 PM Rating: Default
Does any one know what this does?
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