Spell Icon Rapture  


1: Mesmerize (2/61)
2: Memblur (40%)

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Mana: 250 Skill: Conjuration
Casting Time: 2.5 Recast Time: 24
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Resist: Magic
Resist Adjust: -1000 Range: 200
Location: Any Time of Day: Any
Deletable: Yes Dot Stacking: Yes
Reflectable: Yes Focusable: Yes
Dispellable: Yes Interruptable: Yes
Short Buff Box: No Target Type: Single
Spell Type: Detrimental Source: Live 04/22


Cast on you: You swoon, overcome by rapture.
Cast on other: Soandso swoons in raptured bliss.
Effect Fades: The rapture fades.

Game Description

Causes your opponent to fall into an enchanted sleep for up to 42 secs (7 ticks). This spell works on creatures up to level @1. This spell is irresistible.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Spell: Rapture


Ruins of Kunark

7 ticks
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Rapture is Enchanter's best friend
# Oct 27 2005 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
Yes I remember the days of being lvl 60 and couldn't mez the mobs in my group, or not being able to mez more than one mob because rapture had a slow recast time. Maybe they should of gave us another mez to go with rapture instead, or maybe they were trying our capabilities of enchanter. Ethier way I have come to love this spell as a pkiling enchanter, the great part about it is you can mez any player(unresistable) at any level. If you get the ancient mez you can mez 2 players at once and with stasis you can mez 1 for 3 mins. All of which is unresistable. There has been many times that we won in pkill, simply cause the healer couldnt heal, or the dps wasnt dpsing cause he was sleeping. For all you pkilling enchanters, Thank the eq gods that they decided to give us such a great spell that we can actually be something in pkill. For the rest of you, jest be glad you made it through enchanter's hell level and go back to the nice friendly hell you all came from.

Edited, Thu Oct 27 12:36:20 2005
RE: Rapture is Enchanter's best friend
# Nov 28 2005 at 3:01 AM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Guys... Go back and re read your spell lists. Intellectual Advancement <level 17> Increases your effective casting four levels. Should help in Mez situations... Might also wanna recheck charisma and charisma buffs as they are a resist check.
RE: Rapture is Enchanter's best friend
# May 11 2006 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
Intellectual Advancement increases your casting skills. It doesn't effect the level of the monster that you can cast on.
lvl 57-60 tough road to hoe!
# Jun 24 2004 at 1:46 PM Rating: Excellent
42 posts
OK, since the Enchanter class gets tested from lvl 57-60 due to lack of mez ability, it's quite common for an Enchanter to develop their skills at 'Loading, Please Wait...' due to mobs being too high to mez. More of a problem at lvl 59 as 58 mobs will con blue, hence, this spell.

Since SOE felt the need to disgrace this class by making them suffer through countless LDoN crawls with lower levels groups so that they can mez mobs up to lvl 57, it's only fitting to stick it to them once more by providing GoD spells for lvl 57 Enchanters that only drop off lvl 65+ mobs!

Excellent move their, not sure what they expect to accomplish, but nonetheless, there is ‘pseudo-hope’ with this spell. Considering its LONG recast time and short duration, it's quite balanced with the Magic reducing component and memblur addition.

Resist: Magic (-1000)
Memblur: 40%

Their is a sidenote to my ranting that does provide some foundation to why SOE may have setup the Enchanter spell table the way they did.

Each class must be tested at some point to show dedication by the player looking to reach the high end game. (AE exp take little skill, just stun 1 - 4)

Specifically, with the removal of the hell levels for lvl 30 to 54 (old timers, you remember them days?), we now see a lot more people playing their toons to lv 50+. At some point each player needs to be challenged so that they can understand the roles of their avatar, especially for the upper end game. (this is why some people frown upon pl'd toons)

Example, for Clerics, the first part was leveling until they got their CH, then to reach their 96% rez, and finally HP buffs, such as Virtue.

Druids, well, healing improvement with each healing upgrade and the ability to Quad kite without going OOM and finally reaching Pto9.

The Enchanter struggles with mez ability, specifically for several levels, 57 to 61.

Each class has their workout at some point in time from lvl 1 to 65. The truly dedicated will stick with their class to develop solid skills that will help them and their guildmates at the upper end game.

What does all this have to do with this spell? Basically, understanding that in Everquest, the game is not over until you stop paying the subscription. Accept the boundaries and move past them. Get to lvl 61 and the game changes for the better, as does your progress within your class as by then, you 'should' have skills in: survival, CC and mana management.

verified vendors:
Nertith Gracon (Firiona Vie)
Kelsi Q'Grinol (Overthere)

Pyos of Brell
RE: lvl 57-60 tough road to hoe!
# Oct 08 2004 at 3:46 AM Rating: Default
I have never even posted to this site I don't think in all the time I've played this game, but reading this I had to at least leave a compliment. If every whining poster I ever read from ppl posting complaints about this detail or that detail etc. etc. of various spells/items/classes in general would read this first would be a wonderful thing. This is the most lucid, perceptive post about this game I have seen in quite a while. Heck this would be a great motivational speach for anyone to read for any guild who just wants better players in general.
RE: lvl 57-60 tough road to hoe!
# Mar 28 2005 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
402 posts
Essentially, I'll agree with this sentiment. These are our trial times. But with the help our online friends, we'll make it through. There are high level areas where single pulling is quite easy. Never forget we are still the best hasters and the second best slowers in the game, even without our mezzing. Shammies have a slightly better slow than ours, but their haste is a cruel joke. To illustrate, see the haste spell that Shammies get at 44? Alacrity. That's right. Alacrity. The same spell Enchanters STOPPED using at level 39, when we got Celerity. By contrast at their maximum, Shammies will slow at 75%, which is excellent. The Enchanter is a close second at 70%, which is still very good.

Just so you know, by the way, the expression is "row to hoe," not "road to hoe." The expression refers to cotton plantations where the crops are planted (like in most plantations) in rows.

Of course, who's to say we can't give the expression an update and change to refer to road construction and the use of backhoes?
RE: lvl 57-60 tough road to hoe!
# Mar 28 2005 at 12:31 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Just so you know, by the way, the expression is "row to hoe," not "road to hoe." The expression refers to cotton plantations where the crops are planted (like in most plantations) in rows.

Yeah, but if you picture someone pounding on asphalt pavement with a handheld hoe, you've got a pretty good picture of something hard to do Smiley: lol
What a crock....
# Jun 03 2004 at 11:21 PM Rating: Default
When it got to the point when glamour spell wouldn't work on mobs I was so happy to finally get new mez. Then come to find the recast time kinda blows. went to pop off mezzez and could only keep one mob mezzed, talk about a kick in the nuts =(

If at first you don't succeed, destroy any evidence of trying

Edited, Fri Jun 4 00:20:00 2004
# Feb 04 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Default
This spell should be more like level 57.
# Jul 29 2003 at 6:20 AM Rating: Default
Also sold by Kelsi Q'Grinol, in The Overthere evil vendors.
# Jul 29 2003 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
Also sold by Kelsi Q'Grinol, in The Overthere evil vendors.
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