Call of the Wild

This ability allows you to call a fallen comrades spirit back to their corpse. This does not restore any lost experience, but the player can still get an experience resurrection after being affected by this ability.
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You can use this during a fight.
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During the fight, the shaman and druid will instead use the AA "Call of the Wild) which calls the other player back to their corpse, without any experience regained, but the corpse can be resurrected later


Kermet - Maelin?
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Can someone explain the point of this? Why not just use incarnate anew?
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The main reason is that Incarnate Renew cannot be cast while in battle.

Secondary reasons are:
1. Incarnate Renew is only 90% rez. There are often higher % rezzes in most groups.
2. Incarnate Renew takes 20 seconds to cast (13.8 seconds with aa reductions). Call of the Wild is a faster cast -- about 2-3 seconds.
3. Call of the Wild gets the effected toon back into the fight with 20% mana & STA. A rez puts the toon at 0% Mana & STA, plus adds 3 minutes of the Rez Effect.

The only downside I can think of with Call, is there is a 10 minute recast timer.

If you "/corpse" the effected toon when you Call them, then when battle is over, all of their corpses (I have Called the same toon several times in a single battle during raids) will be in one place, making life easier for the rezzer to locate corpses.
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