Spell: Reoccurring Amnesia  



EverQuest icon 1 x Debilitating Thickener - Crafted, Bought
EverQuest icon 1 x Fine Supple Runic Hide - Crafted
EverQuest icon 1 x Ink of Forgetfulness - Crafted, Bought
EverQuest icon 1 x Quill of the Coercer - Crafted, Bought


Skill: Research
Trivial: 110
Class: ALL
Expansion: Original
Recipe Created: 2003-07-09 16:23:13
Recipe Last Updated: 2020-07-27 03:59:58

Portable Containers

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No longer craftable?
# May 30 2009 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
I just tried this today in my Spell Research Kit, Tome of Endless Enchantments AND Phantasmal Tome and they all gave me the "You cannot combine these items in this container type." error.

Has this gone away?
# Sep 19 2005 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
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I think you found those spells on the vendor at the dock in Qeynos because some researcher gave up or decided not to sell the products of research in the bazaar...

I correct myself.... I did go look and the vendor Ghul Rustem (general supplies) is selling this spell [11 of them at 28 plat 9 gold 8 silver 5 copper] and "Spell Elemental Armor" [23 at 26 plat 0 gold 2 silver 8 copper] and "Spell: Strengthen" [6 at 1 gold 3 silver 1 copper] today. I can not tell if my statement before is true and he just happens to be selling the same spell again or it is now available here all the time...

Edited, Mon Sep 19 20:36:18 2005
May your life journeys in Norrath, Azeroth and on Earth be smooth.... be safe... be happy... be well...
Also Bought...
# Jul 10 2003 at 11:28 AM Rating: Default
This spell can Also be bought in Qeynos at the docks, a merchant there sells it along with some other "research only" spells.
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