The Iksar

race logoThe Iksar starts off in Cabilis in the continent of Kunark. Iksar are killed on sight by every other race in Norrath. What is the best strategy for playing a Iksar? What zones and cities should you take him to and which ones should you avoid? Which factions should you work on improving, and which factions should you be wary of decreasing? How can you safely play your Iksar beyond Kunark? What are the best quests for the beginning Iksar? Where are the best shops? How should you role play your Iksar?

Post your strategies on how to best play a Iksar, and read, rate and comment on those posted by others.
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Iksar HP Regen
# Oct 11 2007 at 12:29 AM Rating: Decent
With the Exp penalty removed, do Iksars still get their HP regen and AC bonus?
Iksar HP Regen
# Oct 11 2007 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
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yeah they still get the bonuses. at low levels for untwinked chars these racial bonuses really help too. love my troll beastlord :]
Iksar HP Regen
# Oct 11 2007 at 1:27 PM Rating: Excellent
xp penalty removed
# Aug 11 2007 at 5:50 AM Rating: Decent
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All racial XP penalties have been removed from EQ now.

The only race which recieves an XP bonus are halflings (5%). The only classes which receive an xp bonus are warriors (10%) and rogues (9%). (so Halfling warriors/rogues get 15%/14%). These XP bonuses appy to XP for leveling, but NOT AA xp.

the XP penalties were removed when TSS was released (patch notes).

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Race based experience penalties have been removed.
# Dec 25 2006 at 11:44 PM Rating: Decent
Hi my characters name is Godzzilla does anyone know me.
# Feb 12 2007 at 11:42 AM Rating: Good
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Hi. I am from Japan. The only Godzilla I know is spelled differently :)
# May 22 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
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hi slickness and godzzilla

# May 22 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
223 posts

# Dec 07 2006 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
Does anyone else find it odd that SOE has not made it the old plate usable by ikkys?? all the PoP plate is usable and all, but why not jsut make the old items useable also??
i understand the lore and all, but please..why keep good items away from my Iksar warrior>?

Also, factuions ar enot that mcuh of a problem any more with PoP and al lthe illusion potiosn shammies can make, so id say Ikky or Drak for monk..Ikky has AC/regen...and Drakin have the breath weapon and resists.

Witch is a better Monk Iksar or humans
# Sep 17 2006 at 1:09 AM Rating: Decent
Ok i just Starder a Iksar Monk who just hit 8 i have been debatting whit
my cuz Joe(eq name Sirkame) has been playing for a wail like 3years or so and has a 70 lvled Iksar Monk he side "stop just delte him cuz there to much to care for.Make a human Monk witch is eazyer for you for 2 resons. 1 there frations are all ***** up 2nd you can NOT get his Epic Do to being Kos all over. I was wonderering Witch better, An Iksar whit + reg But no Epic, or Human No reg But + Epic???? its Hard Cuz the Epic has +99 hast and all da rest of the good stuff or is there a way to get Epic on an Iksar Monk ??
Send me a Email at or just add comit
Quests and easy equipment
# Aug 19 2006 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
O one more thing about the iksar i should tell u the most. How do u train an iksar? Wen i started my iksar warrior, i went straight to Cabilis for a quest or two and found lots people or the iksars can do. So if your reading this and cant figure wat the iksar character can do, read this info. Like me im a warrior in cabilis so ask your guildmaster (i think most people start with Drill Master Vygan) and tell him u want a militia pike or get geozite tool as your first 2 quests. Shadowknights can begin talking to an iksar GM and aqcuire the sword for the SHD brotherhood. Shamans can do various quests assigned form their GM and the monk can begin training their skills in combat and get something called shackles. Necors and beastlords practice the art of summoning and ask GM for a good task. If thats not enough and want money and armor do the curscale mission. Ask Klok Murgok or something in the Haggle Baron in the market square. Travel your iksar to field of bone and train up to lvl 6-8 and your ready to do anything in cabilis and ready to start an adventure. O and the merchants outside of cabilis have many goods like Patch hide armor and weapons even food and equipment for a low price. Good luck once again with the info if its enough for your iksar character so have fun traveling like my lvl 12 warrior.
The use of the iksars...
# Aug 19 2006 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
As u know the iksars get killed on site in certain cities and r NOT welcome in places xcept for Kunark or cabilis and PoK.(Plane of Knowledge) To know if this info is true ive already done that in Felwithe,Kaladin and the Overthere along with Freeport with my lvl 12 iksar warrior. i know im on there WANTED list but theres a chance u can enter the cities without being killed. Just raise the faction corresponding to the city like Qeynos would b Qeynos Guards Faction and youll get a chance to enter qeynos perhaps. My stradegy, dont go to any other city that u r not allied with such as the elven cities. Just b warned that if u go to far of your safety, well lets just say i warned u for that to happen. Like a guard of the elven city could kill u or help u in ways. But bcareful is wat i mean so if your playing an iksar, dont go to any other city that u r not allied and only allied with and try to raise the faction so u dont die from them often. My lvl 12 warrior can endure for 2 hits on the guards couldnt run away so u know how i feel wen i got killed by a guard. Good luck EQ players for that u should or not travel safetly by others and the cities.
# May 22 2006 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
this is going to make me look smart for all u people who have iksar SHd u r wrong about the ladder to the guildmaster all u have to do is go through the portal on the right side of the building on first floor lol by right side i mean when u r look at shaman guildmaster it is on right anyways yea right portasl takes u up 2 him without that damn ladder
# May 14 2006 at 10:25 PM Rating: Decent
What is the best way to raise the factions needed to get into Kelethin?
# Aug 04 2006 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
Crushbone for an hour or two should do it possibly more. that gets you Felwithe Kelethin AND Kaladim faction so you'll be set
# May 08 2006 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I am a level 61 Iksar Shadowknight, I have been playing for 3 years (Yes, I know, "ZOMFGZ!! Y ARNT U LI3K LVL 70!/!?!1") and I'd have to say, even with the bad xp (especially in those hard levels) that the Iksar is fun to play. I've solo'd a lot, roughly about 1/4 of my 61 levels, grouped 1/2 my levels and quested the other 1/4. Though the numbers arent exact, it's close. A lot of people choose dark elves for sk's but hey, do what ya do. My advice to you if you make an Iksar Sk, rape everything that you think you can take, and when in doubt, FD!!! Crappy Necro skills ;)
# Apr 23 2006 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
Hi im new to the game. Where is the Iksar warrior guildmaster?/ Talishan fortress?

Edited, Mon Apr 24 17:44:06 2006
Best choices in faction/an Iksar wants friends.
# Jan 07 2006 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
Bumping an old post here (someone else's) and adding comments/questions in underline

Which city?

Just remember, there may be several factions associated with each city. Raising one, say
the guards (most important) does not automatically effect any others, say the clerics
(usually the hardest to raise).

For Qeynos, kill blackburrow gnolls. Takes days
and that will only effect guards and monks.

For Freeport you have several factions to worry about. Start with W. Freep militia. To do that
you need to be non KoS in Highpass (I know weird).
Kill Orcs in HPH till non KoS then turn in Orc scalps to raise Militia (4 backpacks full should make you non KoS to Milita) Forget about raising
W Freep casters' faction. Raise Monks and N Freep Guards by Killin Deathfists in EC WC NRo and Nektulos. Also Misty Thicket but you wont get there too easy. This will also give faction for the Halfling guards.

You should be able to bank in Freeport. Just don't go down any streets near the Clerics in
N Freep or the Casters in W. Freep. Stay away from the underground casters too because there is
a DE cleric there who is KoS to you.

Rivervale might be doable same way. Also kill
goblins in Butcherblock. Bandage quest in misty thicket, etc. (but I dont want to lower Neriak factions so have to figure if any of these are doable)

Kelethin? Haven't done this. You kill CB orcs but you will trash DE warrior faction. Not a problem even if you get into Neriak though. Just aviod the Warrior guild and a few NPCs inside. Crushbone a no go (indigo brotherhood faction)

Felwithe guards are same as Kelethin guards but
they have their own Pally/Cleric factions inside.

Kaladim? CB Orcs and BB bandits.

Neriak? Sneak turn-in 1000 lightstones to the
gypsies in S Ro. You will get Neriak Guards/Merchants to like you eventually. Many recommend the red wine quest in 3rd gate...

Erudin (Paineel too)? Kill kobalds in the warrens. Paineel was easy. Mass kill kobalds. Kill the Cave Bat lord and give Azzur (spelling) back his dreadful cap.

Ak Anon? Kill minos in Steamfont

Halas? dunno.... Everything posted on Halas factions makes it seem highly unlikely to raise factions without going insane

You are safe in Shadow Haven, just do the Traders of the Haven quest a few times to get better prices.

Shar Val? Kitties are Kool.
Netherbian Lair Marus Seru guards are ok.
Don't go into Sanctus Seru.

Thurgadin is cool (pun intended).

Gukta? You are Iksar, why would you want to go there?

Ogguk? I would say nearly impossible for Iksar unless you sneak in and turn several thousand armadillo husks to the exterminator. And thats
just for the guards. Warriors/Shaman/Sks all have their own factions.

The Overthere and Firiona Vie are run by
even more xenophobic softskins than the mainland.
Use dark elf/troll/ogre potion and turn in sarnak braids to Captain rotgrime. 200ish later I am dubious.

Whats wrong with Cabilis anyway? Lots of vein
worms to eat and practically no softskin trash
to trip over.
Iksar SK guild master
# Oct 20 2005 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
I have a low lvl Iksar SK but i cant make the jump from the ladder to the floor below of Arch Duke Xog the head guildmaster. Is there any way to get to him. Please let me know.
Iksar SK guild master
# Jan 24 2007 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
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This is fixed. Take the 'elevator' (red door on ground floor) on the right as you walk into the shammy guild. This takes you to the floor above the ladder you are having trouble with. Take the angled ladder up to Xog.
RE: Iksar SK guild master
# Jan 06 2006 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
Several times I have been in Cabilis and asked to levitate people that want up this ladder. Trick is to get the lev when on the ladder (At least that way worked best for me).

Others say they can do it other ways. Shrugs.
# Sep 19 2005 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
Going to play an iksar beastlord. Have a friend (RL) who is going to start a character to play along with me. From a "let's do quests together" is any race a good match with iksar or should he just choose something iksar?
Overiding KoS
# Mar 06 2005 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
Can KoS be overridden by raising faction?
How bad is KOS???
# Jan 18 2005 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
Hello sweeties,
I am about to create a character. I was thinking about an Iskar Necro, but I wonder how much a handicap KOS by everyone Is???
Please help little old me

Would apre your advice

RE: How bad is KOS???
# Jan 31 2005 at 1:07 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
KOS is not a problem any more. You can level to 70 without ever going into a city where Iksar are KOS. Thurgadin, Shar Vahl, Shadowhaven, PoK among others, are cities where iksar are not KOS.
RE: How bad is KOS???
# Jan 30 2005 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent
Kunark holds goodies that noone else but us can get to... Yay for us!
RE: How bad is KOS???
# Jan 18 2005 at 7:34 PM Rating: Default
If you plan to play this character as your main character, then you should be an iksar. I mean, come on, why would a necro, let alone iksar, have any reason to travel to the high elf city? On a roleplay standpoint, if you're a necro, you'll be hated in all the good cities, and if you're a iksar, moreso, but who's counting? You got stupa PoKnowledge =(. Way to ruin the roleplayingnessofEQ Mr. and Mrs. Qeynos.
# Sep 10 2004 at 8:59 AM Rating: Excellent
I have seen the power that comes from an Iksar, i can never play a softskin again!

Meiji Ras'Kirran
(43 iksar monk)
# Sep 09 2004 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
Iksar Necros rule. I have a lvl 22 one and I'm twinked out pretty good for my level. I'm always KoS, so I bought some SoW potions. If they can't catch me they can't kill me. Makes it hard traveling to South Karana where I usually hunt though.
# Sep 01 2004 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
As most people know, starting stats do not really have any bearing on higher end play simply because it is rare to have an item that doesnt +10 to every vital stat in each of your 22 item slots.
The following races have lasting abilitys:

Halflings: something like 20% exp have to double check on that, the point is they level faster and even people with 700 AA's wont say no to that.

Iksar: Enhanced HP regeneration (stacks with AA's and items) and AC bonus. The whole "iksar cant wear plate armor" belive really hasnt exsisted for a long time...SoE changed it so iksar can use almost any plates other races can use, including all the best plates in the game (time gear, GoD).They also recive a 25% exp pentilty which sucks.

Ogre: Cannot be Stunned from the front, and get a 15% exp pentilty.

Trolls: get the same regain as Iksar and same exp pentilty.

Really the vision advantages/disadvantages dont have much effect on late end since most people find an item to give then ultra vision.

What race makes the best warrior? well its up you. if you ask me the Ogre's ability not to be stunned from the front is overrated. As a high end warrior you will not be getting stuned from the front alot anyway and i belive there are AA's to further help this, and whats so bad about being stunned for 1-2 secs as a class that casts no spells?. That leaves Iksar and Trolls, iksar have same regeneration as Trolls and AC bonus..meaning they alone could have the highest possible AC in the game. but one could argue that halflings ability to level faster has more of an impact then the minor racial bonuses of the others.
It really doesnt matter that much at the end...but imho iksar are the best end game tanks

Edited, Wed Sep 1 21:48:55 2004
RE: Warriors
# Oct 02 2005 at 6:33 AM Rating: Default
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Just a minor correction. Trolls do NOT have the same regen as Iskar. Iskar regen at one point/tick faster than Trolls. The difference of ten extra points per minute may be trivial at higher levels, but it's there, nonetheless.
RE: Warriors
# Nov 12 2004 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
Endgame Warriors are pretty much all the same, thanks to the various equipment and weapons to be had, though the racial abilities still come into play.

I have to say that I love my Iksar Warrior, though on guild raids I've attended, I was usually designated the OT (offtanker), which is where an Iksar Warrior really shines. Raid-buffed, including Regen and DS buffs, and I've had no problems holding my own against an add while the rest of the raid finishes off the pull, then comes to help me finish off the add. This tactic works especially well when an add comes that can't be mezzed (doughboys in The Hole come to mind when my guild was going in there all the time for epic 1.0 drops).

Even better, I still solo for xp from time to time (with as many buffs as I can get, of course) if I'm bored or waiting for a group/raid or if I want some quick cash without having to share with a group. Just need to know where and what to fight, but it can be done, and the natural AC/regen really helps out.
RE: Warriors
# Jul 14 2005 at 12:46 PM Rating: Default
Being stunned for 1-2 seconds when you're the tank means you have a good chance of losing aggro when you need to get it off the healer. Even worse, the raid mob loses interest in you when you're whacking him and he starts ping ponging on the hybrids.
A few thoughts on the Iksar
# Jul 15 2004 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
As of this writing I have a 56 Iksar ShadowKnight on the TP server. As my character is heading into the last straight of the end game play, I thought I would share some info on what I have learned about the various classes we can be:

Warrior: Are Iksar the best warriors in the game? I would say that is debatable, however I would tend to lean towards Ogre as an overall champ there. Not being stunned in just too good, and there stats out do us. Contratry to popular belief though, (And I used to believe this too) our lack of plate armor only really effects us in the mid 20's to high 30's. At the end game we get all the plate the other races do. Plus I have yet to see a group not pick a Iksar Warrior based on the fact he was an Iksar. Warriors are in high demand once you get to 46+, and Iksar or not you will be picked if they need a good tank. On my server Iksar warriors are rare, but i don't think that makes them a bad race to pick.

ShadowKnight: I love my ShadowKnight. There are only a handful Iksar SK on my server, and I get compliments all the time for sticking with it. It was hard to play sometimes with the lack of plate, but I soloed ALOT; basically up to 45. Now that I am 55 I have great armor and ok hitpoint. The hitpoints are my own fault, I didn't know what i was doing when I made him. However in most non-raid dungeons and non-planar groups I am often picked to tank if we have no warriors and I rarely disappoint. A good choice but don't plan on Epic unless you want to do ALOT of faction raising. However Greenmist is easier to get as an Iksar!

Monk: There are by far more Iksar Monks than human monks on my server. As I have never played one before I don't have alot to say. From heresay I have picked up two keys things though: Starting AC and regen make this an easy class to play early on . A very popular choice to play!

Necromancer: Another deadly combo, the Iksar Necromancer is a very popular choice. I would risk saying 2 out of ever 5 necros you meet will be Iksar. Iksar necro have higher AC than any other starting race (Although if a Necro is getting hit much beyond lvl 15 you may need to reconsider your playing style). You tend to have more hitpoints than the other races too, although you will have lower INT. I believe overall the pluses and negatives even out.

Shamans: Turn hitpoints into mana then regen them back faster...another no brainer. The Iksar shaman have it easier in many ways than other races. The Iksar cultural seems to be made for the Shaman as well. Iksar Shaman are durable and can dish out punishment with the best of them.

Since PoP and Luclin, Iksars lives have been a hell of alot easier. The KoS is annoying, but travel is not too bad and you can find plenty of zones to hunt in where you don't have to worry too much about faction. Never under-estimate the Iksar. Play what is fun, play what you will enjoy playing in the long term. If that happens to be an Iksar, well then welcome to our world!
New Character
# Jun 28 2004 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
Hey, I am re-subscribing to EQ in two days. I have been playing for two years now and I want to make an Iskar, but I don't know what class to pick. I am more of a melee guy than a spellcaster but i can be swayed. Any opinions?
RE: New Character
# Jul 08 2004 at 10:49 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Well, your melee choices are:

Warrior -Best endgame tanks.
Shadowknight - Great group tanks, can grab and hold aggro better than almost anyone. Spells add utility that warriors do not have, however, lack of defensive disc makes them weaker for most raid tank encounters. Also can pull well, and pet/fd pull singles from tight spots.
Monk - Best dps of the three, Excellent puller, although cannot do the pet trick SKs do. Between iksar regen, a fungi tunic and other items/tribute regen, an iksar monk can solo effectively into the 50s,even to 65 if you choose spots carefully. Monk is NOT a tank however, its a damage dealer/puller class.
RE: New Character
# Jul 08 2004 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
make and ikky shadowknight...they rock!
the only bad thing is getting up to the guildmaster and getting down from him

hope this helps!!! g/l
RE: New Character
# Jul 21 2004 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
574 posts
Hmmm forgetting about Beastlords for some reason!

Where do I start:

Beastlords = Excellent.

As a beastlord you have a happy medium of being in most situations the best soloer in the game, along with Necro's and Bards.

We have a helping hand in AC because of our race and our DPS is pretty outstanding at end game. Once you hit level 9 and get your pet you'll be an indespensible source of DPS and groups will love you for slow's, haste, dot's, nukes, debuffs and buffs as well. At 65 I have solo'd in Tier 3 zones happily and could if need be solo in tier 4. I have tanked in every zone in the game apart from Time and end part of GoD, although this is because I like to play my char in that way.

Beastlords are extremely easy to use and extremely fun to play, and loved in groups for so many different reasons that it means we never have a hard time in finding a group. And as soon as you find a mob that summons, we solo it better than any other class :)
The Real Iksar

real cool
# Jun 23 2004 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
this race looks real cool but i wonder if everyone will kill u or what?
RE: real cool
# Jun 27 2004 at 2:15 AM Rating: Decent
well u alot of races are against iksars except for a few but they can get better faction if u work on it,but they also one of the strongest races in the keep that in mind =)

Sizellin Hot<Hearts of Esprit>
42 Half Elf
Cazic Thule
# May 22 2004 at 4:26 AM Rating: Decent
Question....what is mq?? i see people saying they use it all over this i missing a special food or drink to make me like really uber or something??
# Jun 06 2004 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
75 posts
MQ= Multi Quest

Basically using alt chars or other players to get quest items or do quest turn in's for another character.
Iksar Sk
# May 05 2004 at 1:51 PM Rating: Decent
Iksar Shadow knights are my favortite choice of if any one doesnt know wich race they want their sk to be.....i would choose sk (but that is my opoinon) Iksar Shadow knights are my favortite choice of if any one doesnt know wich race they want their sk to be.....i would choose sk (but that is my opoinon)
# Mar 02 2004 at 12:10 AM Rating: Decent
I heard not that long ago that a guy played everquest 32 hours strait. Later that day when he was getting off he thought he saw bunch of orcs and goblins jumpe out of the screen and chase him around the house. After that he got sent to some kind of hospital cuz the doctors said he was crazy. Another story I heard was some guy was so into the game he killed himself cuz he didnt pay the payment and got it shut off.
RE: crazy
# Dec 05 2004 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
Hmm hadn't heard that one. ONly guy I know of that died from EQ is cause the moron refused to stop playing long enough to eat.

Not a hard concept ya go to town and let yer char med or regen while you go grab some eats. Or at least get a mini-fridge next to your comp.
RE: crazy
# May 11 2004 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
hehe, it's called evercrack for a reason
RE: crazy
# Apr 02 2004 at 3:51 AM Rating: Decent
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