Crystal Caverns' Ancient Artifacts  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Scars of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Jan 15 19:57:02 2001
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
This is a long, involved quest. It may actually start somewhere else, but here is what I know so far.

You say, 'Hail, Erdarf Restil'

Erdarf Restil says 'Huh? Dont you know better than to interrupt a Coldain enjoying his ale? I may be a user of priestly magic but that doesnt mean I cant bash your head in.

You say 'What user of priestly magic?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Aye. An old one not much taken with idle chit chat.

You say, 'What old one?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Very old, very wise, and on and on. You must have some point to bothering me. Im not a merchant and I dont contract myself out for work. I've performed works for the Dain. There isn't much I haven't done.

You say, 'What haven't you done?'

Erdarf Restil chuckles at you. 'If you want to impress me, and let me make certain you understand I doubt you can, then you can do what I never was able. For years I adventured and attempted to venture to the bottom of the Crystal Caverns in search of ancient artifacts from my people. Do that, show me that you have, and I will be impressed.'

If you give him the Sceptre of Coldain Ancients, he will give you back a Gem of Persuasion, which has no stats and is lore, no drop. A bottle of Karsin acid dropped from random mobs in cc also works to get the gem of persuasion, as well as the sceptre.

Now talk to Vores the Hunter in Great Divide. He asks for a blood wolf harness and the gem of persuasion. Blood wolf harness is dropped by Drakkel Blood Wolf in Great Divide. (Note the Crested Blood Wolf Harness will not work). Give him these and Vores gives you a harness of control.

Turn in this harness to the Shardwurm Broodmother. The Broodmother then walks out of the cave and heads to the giant fort. At the giant fort, two of the named giants inside the fort, Gralk Dwarfkiller and Fergul Frostsky, repop outside. Gralk engages the Broodmother and Fergul runs away. While the Broodmother fights Gralk, chase down Fergul and kill him and then loot kromrif military leggings off his body. The Broodmother will kill Gralk, in addition he drops nothing if killed by players. After killing Gralk, the Broodmother seems to be somewhat buggy. She has been reported to have poofed, become pc's pet, become an npc's pet, or attacked the pc. It may be broken at this point.

Need all dialogues, faction hits, minimum faction required to get quest, mob info (names, /loc, faction hits, fight info, zones), any missing information.
Submitted by: Aandaie Gurglebrook
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Quest Still Works
# May 10 2004 at 11:55 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
I was able to complete this quest over this last weekend. As was mentioned in earlier emails, all 3 quest mobs must be up for the quest to succeed. The broodmother, Fergul and Gralk all have to be up for the quest to run its normal course. If Fergul and Gralk are not both up, the Broodmother goes to the fort, waits a while, then goes back to the cave she came from. Once she gets there, it seems another check for gralk and Fergul are done and she starts her trek to the fort yet again. If Gralk and Fergul are there, the broodmother attacks Gralk and Fergul takes off running toward the EW zoneline. If you attack Fergul before he starts running, he does not have the legs. Anyway, I did this quest once for me then once again for a friend. The quest still works and requires high amiable faction to be given.

Faction Change?
# May 07 2004 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
My faction with the thurg dwarfs is mid amiable. I hailed Erdarf Restil, but he gives me the message that I need to prove myself before he would talk about that subject. Earlier comments in this thread indicate that they have done the quest with an "apprehensive" faction. When did this faction change? It looks like you have to be either high amiable or ally to do it now...

Druid lvl 49 - Druzzil Ro
Faction Change?
# Nov 08 2006 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
i con'd apprehensive to this guy too and indiff to all other coldain. i hailed him and he wouldnt talk to me but i gave him a bottle of karsin acid anyway just to see if it worked. he took the bottle of acid and gave me a gem of persuation & exp and everything. even though the faction has changed the turn in still works, at least with an apprehensive con anyway.
Faction Change?
# Oct 07 2006 at 7:33 AM Rating: Decent
He gave me the quest at mid- to high-amiable, for what it's worth.
RE: Faction Change?
# May 08 2004 at 7:07 AM Rating: Decent
1 person stated apprehensive for faction, I think they are wrong or there would be more corroboration.
I think it's broke...
# Apr 14 2004 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
I went out to see if the BM was up and she was... I used the Northside of the wurms caves to enter into (I have been ganged up on too many times with wurms coming out through the wall on the Southside)... Went Invised and double checked all the worms I would have to pass to make sure they didn't see me. Went into the BM cave and one of the two other wurms saw through invis so I took the route with the one that didn't see me. I then anounced to the zone that I was about to pop the giants outside of fort and for peps not to mess with them... Un-invised and handed the broodmother the harness. Invised and raced up to the giant fort where I summoned my pet and buffed him... the BM finally arrived but the two named giants were still in the fort. I waited around to see if they would pop near the BM but no luck there. I decided to pull them out near the BM but she didnt help me at all... so first try for me was a bust... I'll try it again after patch today hopefully it'll go well.

# Aug 26 2003 at 11:56 AM Rating: Default
The quest is almost identical to the bracer accept the bracer is easyer and better. Just compare the 2 it has more stats and a lvl 3 focus effect is there any doubt.
RE: bracer
# Oct 17 2003 at 7:40 PM Rating: Decent
What bracer?
RE: bracer
# Dec 16 2003 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
The bracer refered to is the coldain military bracer. Quest is similar but done from an "aid the giants" point of veiw. My druid sports both :)
Quest Worker Great
# Jul 24 2003 at 6:54 PM Rating: Decent
Just completed this quest. It worked perfectly, and if you have any of the quest items rotting in the bank the quest wont take you long.

I used a bottle of karsin acid. Also I would suggest entering the wurm cave from the end facing Thurgadin. 1- It is closer to the Broodmother, 2- Some wurms see invis and that can result in a huge train of wurms.

no longer bugged on torv
# Jun 24 2003 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
quest couldnt have gone down more smoothly. broodmother walked out, i gated to the fort, giants took positions and furgel got owned. attempted twice before the patch to no avail, quess the fixed it.
Kaesin acid
# Jun 03 2003 at 11:24 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
This quest is so much easier if you use the Kaesin (?) acid in place of the Sceptre in the first stage. It's a rarer drop than the scepter, but its much easier to get to particularly if you're a lower level or soloing, as it drops off the Watchmen (or the miners) at the zone to EW.

Plus, the message you get when you do the turn-in is funny :)
# May 28 2003 at 11:00 AM Rating: Default
I did this last night with no problems. My faction with the dwarfs is apprehensive, and Erdarf didn't mind!
Working Properly
# Mar 30 2003 at 11:43 AM Rating: Good
64 posts
I completed this quest last night without any problems. Had a guildie clear the wurm tunnels leading up to the Broodmother. I gave her the harness and she walked out to the giant fort and made better time than I expected too. Fergul and his companion were right where they were supposed to be. Fergul took off, but didn't get far. With the help of three of my guildmates (61 necro, 59 bard, 45 enchanter) we easily dropped him. He had the leggings and I celebrated. :)

Allisia Autumnrain of the Archangel
Druid of Tunare in the 46th Season
Tholuxe Paells

Edited, Tue Apr 8 14:05:25 2003
why dont it work!?!
# Mar 19 2003 at 7:56 PM Rating: Default
Ok i got something to say bout this quest.
ive done this twice in the last 2 days alright.
Well i let the brood mama pop and start to attack the giants but there is 2 fergul frotsky and 1 grakil and the brood mama depops after she kills 1 fergul and no other fergul runs or anything he just stands there so me and my friend attacks grakil and make sure he is dead first then we kill fergul he still isnt running away or doesnt attempt to or anything ... whats going on?
RE: why dont it work!?!
# Mar 27 2003 at 5:40 AM Rating: Default
Same results.... Turned in harness, followed BM to fort, waited for her to engage Gralk, and watched Fergul to see him run. Then noticed that there were TWO Ferguls, and both were fighting the BM. Snared both, which they ignored, and watched em continue to beat down BM. Finally one comes chasing me, which I kited to death in a few minutes... not hard, only one wolf added, which I rooted... Went back to fort after killing Fergul and looting meat, to see gralk standing outside, and other fergul back inside building. BM gone, apparently killed by the giants, instead of killing Gralk. Petitioned, but no answer as yet.... Oh - and noone else fiddled with it, as I waited until late, and was only one in zone. Sigh... yet another frustration.....

Bearwin Bearson
51 Druid
Pantheon Of Heroes, Saryryn
leggings achieved at last!!
# Feb 20 2003 at 1:00 AM Rating: Default
Ok, here is what happened. I walked into the BM's room and she was there, I uninvised, handed her the control harness, saw the quest text. I re-invised, followed her out, she made a couple of odd turns but indeed headed to the giant fort. When she got to the fort, she walked in through the front gate, then turned around, walked out, down the hill, and then came up the hill again by the right corner (looking at the front gate) of the fort outside.

No respawn. Yes, they were up. Yes, I went inside and tried to kill Fergul. No, he did not drop the leggings. I trained Grakl outside to the BM, but she had wandered off during the dot war with Fergul. So I killed Grakl too.

I was told by a kind chanter nearby, Zilia, that they had similar problems and they agged her and trained her back to the fort. I went to find the BM and found that she had gone back to the cave, but then started back to the fort again! I followed her, she did the same, went back to the fort, same corner. No respawn of giants. Hmmm, ok, so I tried to agg her and root her at the door, but nope, she would not move. She did attack me when I was in range, and cast at me when in range, but would not move. So, I camped to clear aggro.

Came back in...she was doing the same thing! She walked back to the caves and came back to the fort! Yes, even after I had camped and I feared my harness was completely lost. So I followed her back...this was her third trip. I was almost to the giant fort and...BAM!! I crashed to desktop! Sucky...I came back, Fergul had indeed respawned and saw that someone had kindly snared him and a few were hitting him for faction, but he was well above 50% and agged nicely when I started dotting him. I killed him, got xp, and wonder of wonders! He dropped the leggings! So...I suppose as long as the BM doesn't die or get reset with the server, she will remember the last one to give her the harness and keep trying until it works. Just make sure you actually get the kill, or nobody gets any leggings!

Oh, and for the record, I am a 52 shaman, soloed him easily. He hits hard, but just root, Plague, Ebolt, Ebolt, keep rooting and he went down easily. At about 60% health, it took only Plague, 2 Ebolts and a dd to finish him. Not so hard. Good luck all, its annoying as hell since it is so bugged, but it still works.
Killing Fergul
# Feb 17 2003 at 5:55 PM Rating: Default
I'm going to try this quest as soon as I get my faction up and when I get to lvl 37-38 probably. I'm currently a lvl 36 Wood Elf Ranger. How many people/what classes/what lvl do I need to kill fergul?
FYI Correction in responses
# Jan 25 2003 at 1:53 PM Rating: Default
In the preliminary Quest trigger :

<You say, 'hail Erdarf Restil'

Erdarf Restil says 'Huh? Dont you know better than to interrupt a Coldain enjoying his ale? I may be a user of priestly magic but that doesnt mean I cant bash your head in.

You say 'what user of priestly magic?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Aye. An old one not much taken with idle chit chat.

You say, 'what old one?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Very old, very wise, and on and on. You must have some point to bothering me. Im not a merchant and I dont contract myself out for work. Ive performed works for the Dain. There isnt much I havent done.

You say, 'what have you done?'

Erdarf Restil chuckles at you. 'If you want to impress me, and let me make certain you understand I doubt you can, then you can do what I never was able. For years I adventured and attempted to venture to the bottom of the Crystal Caverns in search of ancient artifacts from my people. Do that, show me that you have, and I will be impressed.' >

I tried five times to get this quest to trigger..I was at amiable, but had to spend an engaging & rowrzing *wink* evening faction leveling a few clicks up from amiable (but still amiable! *go figure*)

The last time, I got the first two responses, but could not trigger the third response (Erdarf Restil chuckles at you...etc) with "What have you done." Instead, I tried other triggers. I finally got the response from

"What HAVEN'T you done"?
So if anyone had the same problems I did, try telling ol' Erdarf "What haven't you done?" instead.

Good Luck! & I could use some if you have some handy. *grin*

Wolfdanser Tailkinker
Tailkinker Extraordinaire
Proud Member of Sword of Fate
Prexus Server >^,,^<
The Broodmother "Bug"
# Jan 18 2003 at 10:59 PM Rating: Default
In case it hasn't been said before... The bug with Broodmother happens if you don't stick close to her and follow her after turning in the harness.

And if you happen to trigger the broodmother while Frostksy and Grakl are not up... Just wait at entrance, they'll repop in time for the quest. I didn't know it once, and lost Frostky when he dashed to the zone as I was heading to CC to get components again :)

Edited, Sat Jan 18 23:57:16 2003
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 12 2003 at 11:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Well, I'm gonna try the quest for the Kromrif Military leggings, I'm only a lvl 37ranger but my 51ranger friend is gonna help me, hes also gonna help me with the Ice forged shackles quest, thats an awesome item, to bad you have to do the quest to have some, NODROP, LORE too. Oh well, I hope I can hit lvl 39 before he and I do this quest, I'm pretty close to lvling, I'm currently fighting in Great Divide, decent exp. I'm gonna learn the lands of GD, and look at my map from as I go.
Broodmother Pop Time
# Dec 17 2002 at 9:44 AM Rating: Default
Does anyone have any info on what the Broodmothers repop time is? Or can she possibly be triggered by killing other Wurms?

Thanks for any Information you have.
RE: Broodmother Pop Time
# Jan 15 2003 at 3:02 PM Rating: Default
20 posts
She has a 12 hour re-pop time, I believe. Just doing the quest myself so will soon find out.
# Dec 11 2002 at 4:26 AM Rating: Default
Did this last night, many thanks to the team and to the group who kindly vacated the castle for us.
One thing I feel I should mention - don't use a bard invisibility in the shardwurm caverns, an ancient shardwurm saw straight through that. We resorted to just killing them all
RE: Invisibility
# Jun 01 2003 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
Some normal shardwurms see through invisibility -- so it's not that it was bard-based. So make sure you con them as you move in, they're easy enough to avoid usually.
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I got no legs
# Nov 08 2002 at 9:15 PM Rating: Default
I did this quest with 4 of my friends yesterday everything went fine untill we did the turnin to the mother. We do the turnin she takes off to the fort the named giants have ran to the zone line because the Agro on a grp at the fort when they come back the mother attacked Fergus instead of Grakl so we attack Grakl we kill are giant she kills her giant and yep u got it no legs well going to try again another day
How I got my leggings
# Oct 21 2002 at 7:40 AM Rating: Default
I used the Scepter of Coldain Ancients fron Queen Dracnia to get Gem of Persuasion. Drakkel Blood Wolf I found sort of in between of Thurgadin and wizard spires, had to nuke him down in a hurry due to a helpful coldain npc attacking him.

I did as adviced here, first made sure all the three npcs were up: broodmother, Grakl and Fergus. No one was fighting at the giant fort either. I went to the broodmother, gave her the Harness of Control, she took off, I gated back near the fort to wait. My bard friend was there waiting for me.

Very soon Grakl and Fergus march out and stand in position on one side of the entrance. After a while the broodmother arrives, stops in front of Grakl and... stays there. She does not attack Grakl, Grakl does not attack her, nobody moves. Frozen situation. After a long wait of stunned staring at the npcs I decide to give it a shot and I snare Fergus. We pull him slightly, kill him: no legs. Broodmother and Grakl still stare at each other. Shortly after this Grakl depops and broodmother walks away.

I check track and Grakl and Fergus are back inside the fort. Because I'm a thorough druid I decide to kill them before petitioning. The bard and I begin to clear the giants at the entrance to gradually work our way inside the fort to kill Fergus. Suddenly Fergus and Grakl come out again and take the positions. I check track: broodmother is on her way again! We finish the giant elite and go watch. And this time it goes like a dream, broodmother lunges at Grakl, Fergus flees like the coward he is, we kill him: I loot the legs.

So it is indeed bugged, but I got it to work this way. Good luck everyone!
How to....
# Sep 24 2002 at 11:13 PM Rating: Excellent
The krom leg quest can be done very easily if you follow these easy steps (I did it this way):

1. Find Erdarf, he is in the bar next to the glowing eyed coldain statue in thurg.
2. Hail him and see if your faction is good enough. I did 4 shawls and numerous kael raid (conned indiff) and it still wasnt good enough. I hunted giants and wolves and became kindly very quickly and he gave the quest.
3. After he gives you the quest go kill the queen first and get her sceptre, she breaks root fast so have a tank. Then return the sceptre to him and get the gem.
4. Get the blood wolf harness and along with the gem give them to the hunter at the bottom middle of Gd along the river in a tent and get the harness of control.
5. Heres the tricky part, and the possible bug. MAKE SURE ALL MOBS ARE UP. These include the broodmother, and both named giants in the fort, and make sure they are inside the fort and not anywhere else.
6. Once you see that they are all up bind outside the giant for if you can or have a group or friend wait there and watch the giants. People will try to steal your mob if they know he has the legs.
7. Invis until you reach the broodmothers cave, go behind her, uninvis, and give her the harness, now gate or run back to the giant fort and dont aggro other wurms.
8. Once at the fort the giants will look like they are leaving but they arent, you will also notice two of each giant. Two stay in the fort, ignore them, and two walk outside, the one outside is the one you want. Keep frugal targeted.
9. When the broodmother arrives and frugal begins to run attack and kill him. MAKE SURE YOU WAIT UNTIL THE BM GETS THERE AND WAIT UNTIL HE RUNS BEFORE YOU ENGAGE. Kill him, and only him first and loot the legs.

Its that simple but beware he is a tough mob, as a 48 dru with c3 he still took 10 minutes to kite. He has a lot of hps compared to other frost giants that coned the same to me. And be sure to listen to what I mentioned in caps. If you attack at the wrong time the legs wil not drop also the mobs dont spawn just because you are doing the quest.

Hope I helped and if so RATE MY POST!

RE: How to....
# Oct 07 2002 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
Very awesome description of what to do... Follow the key points that Eristotle mapped out, and it went flawlessly.
Important Notes:

Scepter v. Acid - I handed in a Bottle of Karsin Acid to Erdarf in Thurg to start the quest. It yields the same result as the Scepter off of the queen, apparently, because I received the Gem of Persuasion. The acid drops randomly off of ry'gorrs in CC as far as I can tell.

Faction - My faction was Amiable with the dorfs, which is (apparently) good enough to make Erdarf respond the right way to a Hail. Also, Vores the Hunter mentions nothing about a harness when hailed, but turning in a Blood Wolf Harness and the Gem of Persuasion gives you the Harness of Control regardless.

Mobs - I (51 Wizard) was with a 38 Rogue and a 38 Ranger (the eventual looter) for this quest. Rogue handled crowd control (ooc'ing to the masses to ensure no one engaged Grakl or Fergul) and kept an eye on the fort. Ranger helped track the mobs I was looking for. And I, being the only one with the good Coldain faction, got the joy of turning in the harness to the Broodmother. As stated in some other posts, some of the shardwurms in the cave CAN see thru invis, so be careful!!! I eventually got thru to BM, handed in, reinvis'ed, and ran back to fort... the BM's slow and takes a while to get there, and since I was SoW'ed, I had a minute or two to wait once i arrived at fort.

The Battle - Once BM engaged Grakl, Fergul made a break for it, as expected... we ran him down, and i hit him with Atol's Spectral Shackles (a snare spell... cuz he's soooo fast) then just kited him with Conflagration a bunch of times... I had a KEI, and just barely didn't have to stop to med before he dropped. Rogue and Ranger were melee'ing him while he was snared, since my nukes carried most of the aggro... it took about 5 minutes... Ranger looted the legs... yes, they have a leather look, but for the stats and the price (nothing), he'll deal, lol...

In conclusion,
a) you can use the acid instead of the scepter
b) all you need is one person with good faction to do whole quest, and you can loot...
c) Fergul can be (in essence) solo'ed by a 51 wiz with KEI without much of a sweat...

That's all I got...
Can't wait to get more acid so i can get these legs for my cleric next =D

Update: The following night I returned to GD and completed this quest for my cleric... Not as smoothly this time, silly adds... but no sweat... =)

Edited, Tue Oct 8 19:15:44 2002
My notes on this quest
# Sep 14 2002 at 11:47 PM Rating: Default
Ok, after my third attempt I now have the leggings. So sucks no new graphic but the stats are worth it. There is one very important thing that no one has stated:

Make sure that Fergul Frostsky and Grakl Dwarfkiller are actually up.

I had assumed that they would actually respawn from the way people talked, but they actually walk out of the fort and position them selves to the right.

Anyhow, good luck to all.
RE: My notes on this quest
# May 31 2003 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
Doh, wish I had read this earlier. Grakl was up and duplicated himself, their were 2. But Fergul was dead and no leggings.
wahoot got um
# Sep 06 2002 at 7:27 AM Rating: Default
I happened to be in cc when my group got the queen. Picked up the scepter since no one else knew what it was for. I picked up the harness in the bazaar for 50pp. None of the npc gave me any clue as to the quest. But i gave them the items anyways and got the harness for the broodmother. When the giants popped, someone aggroed fergul!!! But they zoned and fergul started running back to the fort. When we killed him he had the leggs. So the quest isn't broken, and as long as you reaggro him after he runs, the legs will drop
Ok, done with a bit
# Sep 01 2002 at 7:55 PM Rating: Default
sceptre drops off queen drachnia in cc.
give sceptre to erstaf. facing ice wall in thurg bank, turn right, go down that ramp and go into the first house on the left. should be a bar. he is there
giving him the sceptre makes him despawn.
# Aug 27 2002 at 10:29 AM Rating: Default
I did, or tried rather, to do this quest last night. I had my tank parked at the fort, myself bound at the fort and handed in the harness to the BM. She wandered out to the fort, she's damn slow. When she got there, no giants popped, no fight between her and the giants never ensued. When they did finally pop they stayed inside the fort. We killed the one listed as dropping the legs but he didnt drop them, only a piece of meat. The BM wandered off back to her cave after about 5 minutes. It would appear that this is broken/nerfed or whatever. Frustrating...

p.s. we didnt kill the named until AFTER the BM went back to her cave.

Edited, Tue Aug 27 11:20:01 2002
RE: Broken??
# Sep 05 2002 at 7:11 PM Rating: Default
If the two named giants are not already up in the fort when the Broodmother arrives, they will not properly respawn outside. I learned this the hard way.

Wait until both are up, beg and plead with the zone to leave them alone, THEN do the turn-in to the Broodmother.
# Aug 26 2002 at 12:13 PM Rating: Default
Careful about the queen; if you don't root/snare her, she will run into the underwater caves, which makes it very difficult to finish the kill if you don't have enduring breadth. As for the quest itself, it still works, but is buggy. Two Ferguls popped with a third giant after the BM got to the fort. The leggins did drop, but I forget off hand which "Fergul" dropped them.
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