Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Torment of Velious
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sun Aug 15 19:21:40 2021
Torment of Velious Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

You can obtain this group task from Taskmaster Abyott in Great Divide at -2109, -1571, -1 in the Giant fort on the east side of the zone in the middle building.

You say, 'Hail, Taskmaster Abyott'

Taskmaster Abyott slowly raises his head. You can see his cheekbones protruding from his face. His skin is clearly sunken due to malnourishment. 'Come any closer tiny one, and I will have to eat you! I'm not afraid to...' he attempts to lift his fist but succumbs to weakness. 'I'm not afraid to [destroy] you where you stand!'

You say, 'destroy'

Taskmaster Abyott says, 'You heard me! I'll... we'll... crush you and use your bones for our stews! Ready your [weapon] so that you may die in glorious combat against the kromrif!'

You say, ' Well, here I come then'

Taskmaster Abyott attempts to raise their weapon, only to let it fall to the ground again. 'Oh, well, here they are, Gidonorog, slayer of gods here to wipe out what is left of our small camp. As if things couldn't get any worse for us here. First the ice closed off all exits and entrances to the great divide, making it impossible to get supplies. Then the tizmak and the coldain become those hideous monsters, and now Gidonorog shows up to finish us of. Well you won't get to write in your history books that the kromrif went without a fight, even though we are all [starving]. I bet you wont take that part into consideration when you write what happened today!'

You say, 'I'm not going to fight you'

Taskmaster Abyott says, 'So get on with it then? What do you want? You want to slowly watch us [wither] away? Is that it? Well then good. If you can't fight us yourself like the coward you are, then I will ask that you leave us to our fate. You won't have me begging for my life to the likes of you!'

You say, ' Instead of withering, what if I could help?'

Taskmaster Abyott says, 'You, you would do that for us? Even after all that we have been through you'd still be willing to... save us? Why tiny one? If we survive this, we wont bow to you. Why do you feel the need to [assist] us like that?'

You say, 'assist'

Taskmaster Abyott says, 'Morale is low and, as you can see, we are all starving. We haven't been able to get any food since the ice started killing the animals. Every time we send hunting parties out they either don't come back or they come back empty handed. The [creatures] have all gone to hiding in caves and well, being our size makes attempting to collect them very difficult. As you can also see, we aren't the most inconspicuous of people, so they see our scouts coming from long distances then retreat.'

You say, 'What kind of creatures do you eat?'

Taskmaster Abyott says, 'The kodiaks used to roam these lands freely but have since gone underground. Their meat was tough but hearty. If you can bring us some of their meat, we can use that to get started on a stew to quickly get to our people for some sustenance.'

You have been assigned the task 'O.M.A.D.'.

The giants in the Great Divide are starving and have been running out of food. They are too weak to go and fight and forage food for themselves. They need your help to provide them with the food they need to survive.

  • 1. Collect Kodiak Meat 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    Taskmaster Abyott says that the kodiak can be found to the southwest while in or around a cave.

    looted 5 Fresh Kodiak Meat from a vicious kodiak's corpse

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated.

  • 2. Deliver Kodiak Meat 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    Bring the meat back to Taskmaster Abyott quickly, as lives are at stake!

    Taskmaster Abyott looks as if they are going to cry, but doesn't. 'This... this is a start. This is hope. Thank you, tiny one, for this offering. Maybe there's a chance we can survive this ordeal. I have another humble request to ask of you. The tizmak were the first to go into hiding when the ice came, and we have been unable to locate any of them. Their meat is something that our people can use for meals as well. Please collect meat from tizmak and bring it back to me.

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated.

  • 3. Collect Tizmak Meat 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    The tizmak have been corrupted but gathering their meat appears to be something that the giants want. Perhaps they can find a way to prepare the meat in order to fill their bellies.

    looted 5 Fresh Tizmak Meat from a relentless tizmak's corpse.--

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated

  • 4. Deliver Tizmak Meat 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    The meat from the tizmak is already frozen and feels like it's covered with thousands of small creatures as the ice wiggles around within.

    Taskmaster Abyott says, 'This meat is already frozen. You mean to tell me that you found the tizmak still moving and this is what you found on their bodies? I must say that I have seen stranger things, but this is certainly something that is a shock to find. The coldain have also retreated into their mine. While meat is delicious, their lunches used to have assortments of vegetables and brews that could really lift our spirits. From what we have seen so far, the Coldain have also succumbed to this confounding ice. They won't be needing their lunches anymore. Please bring us some of those and we will be able to gather our strength even further.'

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated.

  • 5. Collect Coldain Lunch Buckets 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    The Coldains to the southeast will no longer need their lunch buckets. The giants can use those for nutrition instead of just letting them to go waste on the undead Coldain.

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated

  • 6. Deliver Coldain Lunch Buckets 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    Of course, the beer has already been consumed. Why wouldn't it be?

    Taskmaster Abyott says, 'Thank you, tiny one! You have saved my people! This is a good start in helping us survive here, but we still need one more thing in order to thrive. Our scouts that we sent out never came back. They are still out there. We know it. When they left us, they would take rations of dried meats and other fruits with them. These keep for a very long time and new scouts could certainly use them more than... well... than they're currently being used. Please, collect the rations from our fallen brethren.'

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated

  • 7. Collect Rations from Giants 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    Many of the giants who were lost didn't get very far, it seems. They can mostly be found around the giant's camp, as if something is preventing them from leaving.

    Loot 6 Giant Rations from a hardened giant or a corrupted giant.

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated

  • 8. Deliver Rations from Giants 0/10 (The Great Divide)

    The rations that the giants can use consist of berries, dried meats, and bread. All of which are frozen solid. Nothing a good fire can't fix.

    Taskmaster Abyott smiles, 'Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for your efforts, tiny one. On behalf of my sundered people, we thank you. We look forward to the days when we regain our full strength and meet you in the field of combat for Rallos Zek! Now, if you will, please leave before I regain enough strength to actually eat you!' The giant gives you a knowing smirk as you turn to leave.

    Your task 'O.M.A.D.' has been updated

  • The Kromrif in the Great Divide are no longer starving and are on the path to recovery because of your efforts today. Though you hope that you didn't create a future problem for yourself, you do see the giants in the camp become more lively because of your actions.

    425 platinum
    You gain experience!
    You have gained 7 mercenary ability point(s)!
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    Buckets also drop from restless Coldain
    Buanu Connoy
    Champions of Norrath
    Other Giants too
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    a Corrupted Giant also drops them.
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