Reliks of the Past  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 00:12:00
Quest Items:
Related Quests:
Era:Torment of Velious
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Oct 24 23:28:40 2019
Modified: Sun Aug 30 10:36:55 2020
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This shared task can be obtained from Loremaster Dorinan in The Great Divide at -3453, +1976, -120 which is in a cave on the southwest side of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Loremaster Dorinan'

Loremaster Dorinan says, 'Oh, Gidonorog! What a surprise! I haven't seen you since back when ye helped me with the mine in Thurgadin. As you can tell, things have gotten quit dire since the last time we crossed paths. The ice seems to have taken over all of the continent and has forced us to block the entrance to our home. We relocated to this cave, but my people are scattered across the great divide. I understand that the situation grows worse by the moment and the survivors to the north have made little headway in getting back into Thurgadin. There are other, more pressing [matters] at hand.'

You say, ' What kind of matters can I help with?'

Loremaster Dorinan says, 'Well we need to collect the rest of the coldain that are un accounted for. As I understand it, some are in the cave to the southeast are lost to us. However, there is one miner that we hear is still seen roaming the area, and that's [Relik].'

You say, 'Relik'

Loremaster Dorinan says, 'Yes, the gruff ol' miner used to help facilitate the coldain mines to the east. But with the ice creeping in and taking over everything it touches, the situation out there has gotten a wee bit too terrifying for many of us. Would you mind taking a moment out of your busy day to try and locate him for us? We are pretty worried that he hasn't checked recently, and some have started to whisper about his demise.'

You have been assigned the task 'Reliks of the Past'.

Loremaster Dorian is worried that Relik hasn't checked in from the mines to the east. Search for clues to what may have happened to him and figure out where he could be.

  1. Bring whatever evidence you find near the Coldain ruins back to Loremaster. 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    Head to Location: -3420, -1880, -350 (about center-west of zone, under a tree) and loot Frozen Bag of Food (looks like a small bag).

    Return to Dornian with the bag.

  2. Talk to Loremaster Dornian about the frozen food 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    Hand the bag over to Dornian.

    Loremaster Dorinan says, 'This was his favorite meal, two apples, a container of fish, potatoes and leek soup, and a flagon of ale. It's [frozen] which means it was out in the elements for quite some time.'

    Your task 'Reliks of the Past' has been updated.

    You say, 'Frozen.'

    Loremaster Dorinan says, 'It... it appears that the soup was also 'infected' with the ice. Look! You can see the soup churning within the container. That is very strange. This doesn't help us get any closer to where Relik may be, but it does tell us where he isn't, which is at his normal spot that he eats his lunch. Perhaps we can check in with Hakon. He said they used to have lunch together. Maybe that can help narrow down where he went.'

    Your task 'Reliks of the Past' has been updated.

  3. Ask Hakon Brightsteel about Relik 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    You say, Where is Relik?.'

    Hakon Brightsteel straightens himself up before talking. It is apparent that he has been shaken up by the events that have happened. 'Oh, hello there, adventurer. I'm happy to hear that you will help in looking for our brethren, Relik. Him and I used to have lunch together over b the mines and...'

    Brimgald Brightsteel says, 'There you go again! Trying to get others to do what you should be doing but are too scared to do yourself! Why would you ask this stranger to look after your friend when you could have just asked any of us? What makes you think that this person is even willing to help you?'

    Hakon Brightsteel says, 'Stop! We need to recoup what we have lost and we can't afford sending more of us out there to die. This adventurer looks strong enough to weather the storm out there and look into what is going on. This is a trivial matter for them so, please, let us just this one time reach out to the others to help us! I'm sorry, Laurana. As I was saying,' he regains his composure 'we used to meet up near the giant's [fort]. Maybe one of them has seen Relik lately. I would suggest continuing your search with them.'

    You say, 'Where is the giant's fort?

    Hakon Brightsteel says, 'You will be able to find their fort to the northeast. Please be careful. There are a lot of those... things out there still and they are very dangerous.'

    Your task 'Reliks of the Past' has been updated.

  4. Ask the giants in the camp to the northeast if they have seen Relik 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    Head over to the giant fort on the east side of the zone and seek out Bekerak Coldbones in the southern most building.

    You say, Have you seen Relik?'

    Bekerak Coldbones says, 'Aye. I remember seeing those two off to the south. They never came into our territory and were always sure to clean up after themselves, which I found not only amusing but courteous. I have only seen one of them as of late. He was roaming around outside the Coldain mines near a campsite that was destroyed by the ice. That may be a good place to continue your search.'

    Your task 'Reliks of the Past' has been updated.

  5. Examine the camp to the south 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    Head over to the Southeast area of the zone to Location: -3300, -1600, -435 It looks like a small abonded camp with some broken building blocks and tattered rags. Click around on the blocks until you get an update. 2 a familiar looking Coldain will spawn. Kill both coldain.

    A familiar looking Coldain's corpse cries 'I... want... to... be... hooooome.'
    Your task 'Reliks of the Past' has been updated.

  6. Recover the Ornate Pickaxe 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    An Ornate Pickaxe will be placed in your inventory after slaying the coldains.

  7. Return the Pickaxe to Loremaster Dornian 0/1 (The Great Divide)

    Upon handing in the pickaxe to Dornian:

    Loremaster Dorinan: 'This... this was Relik's pick. You can see by the runes etched on it that it was his. This is not a good sign. If he no longer has his pick, then he no longer is... well, let us not dwell on that too much. Until we know for certain, we cannot give up hope on Relik. Thank you, Laurana. We will continue to keep an eye out for him and see what comes up. For now, take this as a token of our gratitude and please... stay safe out there.'

    Your 'Reliks of the Past' h as been updated.

You have an uneasy feeling that you won't know what happened to Relik until you find him. Until that day comes, you will have to keep on the lookout.

You receive 6 copper.
You receive 6 silver.
You receive 6 gold.
You receive 141 platinum.

141 platinum 6 gold 6 silver 6 copper
Submitted by: Gidono
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Prepare to get ganked by Familiar Coldain
# Mar 27 2021 at 9:51 AM Rating: Excellent
185 posts
When I came to the camp, there was already one Familiar Looking Coldain up who conned indifferent. He attacked me when I got close. We killed him. Then, ss soon as I clicked on one stone, another spawner but then immediately about eight spawned, stunned us and killed almost everyone until I was able to save two with an evac.

So approach this closely. Maybe pull the single guy away from the camp and kill him even though he cons indifferent.

Then send in an FD character or maybe an evac-er to click the stones so you can deal with whatever spawns.

Btw, we got the update as soon as the second guy spawned, then we died, but the CR was a pita.
Extra Mob Spawn - Not Task Update - Out of Order Note
# Nov 15 2020 at 12:59 PM Rating: Good
140 posts
So here is the situation I could repro and realized what was happening

1. The person who got the shared task should be the one to go into the camp and trigger the 2 npcs
2. If its one of the other folks, it will spawn them but NOT give the update
3. then you will have potentially extra mobs if people other than the person who got the quest go in
4. If you do this, kill the 2 mobs (any 2 depending on if they are stacked etc)
5. whomever gets the pick axe , make them go into the camp, yes its backwards but #4 will still update your tasks, you just didn't do the previous step with the right person
6. After the person with the pick axe goes in, if the mobs were dead, they won't spawn any more and it will task update (at least for me this was true)

And go turn in
Extra Mob Spawn - Not Task Update - Out of Order Note
# Feb 03 2021 at 8:33 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
This happened to my group last night with the following exceptions.

1. Person that received the task spawned the coldain, but did not get an update.
2. Person that received that task did not get the ornanate pick.
3. We killed and respawned a bunch of coldain not realizing we had a pick and did not kill all coldain that had spawned, but tried having the pick holder update the quest.

Even with familiar looking coldain spawned we got the task update and received credit for the task.
Frozen bag of food
# Mar 10 2020 at 8:59 AM Rating: Good
107 posts
The frozen bag of food is at loc -3435 -1880 by the smaller tree.
Ground Spawn Position
# Jan 13 2020 at 7:12 PM Rating: Good
165 posts
Ground Spawn position (a bag on the ground) is actually southeast of zone, a bit directly north of the entrance to the tunnels on the southeast side. If you have the map, it is about where the first "circle" is above the entrance. I didn't get a /loc.
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