Ulthork Tusks  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Faction Required:
Othmir (Min: Apprehensive)
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Era:Scars of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Tue Feb 27 19:56:54 2001
Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
This quest begins at Chief Kalan in Cobalt Scar (location -330, -1218 on the beach just north by northwest of the druid portal).

It is available at apprehensive faction.

You say, 'Hail, Chief Kalan'

Chief Kalan nods respectfully and says 'Welcome to Siren Bay, strange one. These beaches belong to my people, the Othmir. You are welcome in our villages as long as you do not cause trouble and are willing to either assist the shellfish collectors provide nourishment or aid the warriors defending the beaches.'

You say, 'I will aid the warriors'

Chief Kalan says 'There are many creatures that would prey on my people if it were not for the dedication of our warriors. The Bulthar and Ulthork often invade our territory and prey on our shellfish collectors. They are wasteful creatures and take more than they could possibly eat from the sacred seas.'

You say, 'What ulthork?'

Chief Kalan says 'The Ulthork are walrus people. They are just as territorial and brutish as the Bulthar but are slightly more intelligent. They seem to be jealous of my peoples prosperity and occasionally lead raiding parties onto our beaches. Our craftsman use the tusks of the slain Ulthork to carve ivory totems of praise to the ocean lord. I will gladly barter for no less than four Ulthork tusks.'

Upon handing in the tusks:

Chief Kalan says 'I will barter for no less than four pairs of Ulthork tusks.'
Chief Kalan says 'I will barter for no less than four pairs of Ulthork tusks.'
Chief Kalan says 'I will barter for no less than four pairs of Ulthork tusks.'
Chief Kalan says 'Many thanks to you strange one. Our craftsman will be pleased, they have been in need of a new bundle of ivory.'

Your faction standing with Othmir got better.
Your faction standing with Ulthork got worse.
You gain experience!!

For your efforts, you'll receive a random gem or trinket.
Submitted by: Jeskola Corpseshredder
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# Jul 11 2001 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Im kindly but when I hail the chief he doesnt give me the quest... something about on watch. Any ideas or will he still give up the items if I turn in 4 tusks?
# Jul 02 2001 at 9:23 AM Rating: Good
12 ulthork tusks =
1 blue diamond - resistant gear
1 ruby crown - 190+
1 crystalized - sulfur shawl quest

use the charisma song to get faction higher.
Zamphir PanFlute 50th song
Sulfur shawl quest?
# Sep 14 2001 at 6:46 PM Rating: Default
What exactly is this? I have been looking around for it since I have received 2 Crystalized sulfur and would like to know what to do them.
RE: Sulfur shawl quest?
# Oct 23 2001 at 2:16 PM Rating: Excellent
The only use I know of is a quest with the tunarean court. It is a long quest of 7 subquests to get a cool ring. One requires you to combine 4 crystallized sulfurs in a quest container and procede to blow up a building in Kael. Not sure if there are any other uses as it drops from many things besides tihs quest. I Dont think there is a sulfur shawl quest either.
faction increase = better rewards
# Jul 02 2001 at 12:28 AM Rating: Excellent
As you raise Othmir faction, you will get better rewards from this quest. If you are a chanter, cast the collaboration line before turning in tusks. I got much better rewards after, including blue diamonds.
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 27 2001 at 12:51 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ********
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 28 2001 at 4:32 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) the person who said Bull@#%^ is a ***, and the person who said better faction = better reward is right.... Go to hell you ****
To get into Cobalt Scar
# Jun 19 2001 at 1:54 PM Rating: Default
In order to get into Cobalt Scar, you will need to do two things:

1) Got to Skyshrine (which is on Claws of Veeshan faction) and speak to Ziglark (he is a small dragon who is the herald of Yelinak). You may either accept a quest from him or just kill him outright; in either case, your reward/loot will be the key to Cobalt Scar.

2) Once in Cobalt Scar, run over to the dragon ring there and take a tooth which spawns in the ground in the middle of the ring. The Cobalt Scar tooth allows its holder to teleport to any of the dragon rings in Velious (so once you get this tooth, you can teleport directly to Cobalt Scar without having to cut through other zones to reach it).

51st level Iksar Shadow Knight
Destiny's Flame
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Aug 03 2001 at 5:03 AM Rating: Default
Now does the person casting teleport have to have the tooth. or anyone taking a ride have to have the tooth?
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Aug 06 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
As with GD and WW, Everybody in the group will have to have the tooth. If you are the porter, you can cast the CS circle without your tooth and that will drop everybody in your group with the cs tooth there - but be aware that doing so will drop you in the "safe spot" in the zone with the message the zone is currently down. The other big nasty is it acts like you are still casting the spell - so you can't click on any of your buttons, and you can't even do a /q. I'm assuming that running to a zone will reset this, but it's a royal pain and I usually unplug the DSL to go LD and reset the char.
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 17 2001 at 8:27 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) What?!? Never heard of /camp? Even when you can't click, you can type. I've done this and it's faster than running to the zone in some areas (like Firiona Vie). :)
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Aug 09 2001 at 2:51 AM Rating: Default
141 posts
Also don't do like I did once, I was in CS in wolf-form quading the wyverns, as is a druids lot, and was asked to port someone to Great Divide which being the kindly druid that I am, obviously accepted.

"I know.. I'll destroy my CS tooth, so that when I port him out, he'll go, I'll get put in the safe zone, and I can go get another tooth."

A good idea with only 3 flaws..
1. Safe zone is at the end of the beach in the middle of a lot of cute little othmir, who take exception to me being in wolf form.

2. I managed to get my wolf butt over to the Skyshrine statue to try and zone out, but without that tooth, no matter how much I was clicking on the statue, or how much screaming to be let out, it wouldnae let me.

3. Dying in Cobalt Scar without any Velious tooth, or Skyshrine/CS key is NOT good.

The only good thing to come out of this was the guy I ported, thankfully had a cleric with rez stick sat in Skyshrine, so he just popped over and rezzed me, other wise I'd have been in for a nasty wait :-/
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Jul 01 2002 at 2:41 AM Rating: Decent
141 posts
Well, I just decided to have a look through my old posts, and I found this one from my earlier days, and I figured I'd try and clear up a couple of things.

Umm why didnt you just go get your Skyshrine key from the bank and head back into Skyshrine then CS. Your story is crap.

I never HAD a Skyshrine key to begin with.. I originally got my tooth by porting in from Skyshrine, grouped with someone else who did, and people who keep keys in the bank want shooting anyway - what good do they serve there when your guild wants you to go somewhere that requires it ?

You can get into SS Without a Key - You just cant get back into CS without a key. Please dont lie. Either you were clickin the wrong statue or you dunno anything.

I wasn't lying, this was the experience I had, I had been into Skyshrine lots of times, then would port back to CS when my mana was sufficiently recovered (as posted above I didn't have a shrine key to zone back through the pool statue). I just COULD NOT activate the statue in the wyvern tower to get me out of the zone, but yes, you are correct you don't need a key to get out, so cannot explain why I had a problem, only that I did.

Thank the gods they took the Velious keys out of being a requirement anyways. /cheer
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Dec 06 2001 at 11:19 AM Rating: Default
ah ha ha thats funny
silly druid
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Oct 29 2001 at 11:08 AM Rating: Default
You can get into SS Without a Key - You just cant get back into CS without a key. Please dont lie. Either you were clickin the wrong statue or you dunno anything.
RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Nov 24 2001 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
Are you saying what I think you are saying? You say you can't get into CS without a key? Isn't the tooth (the key) found in CS? Doesn't that mean you HAVE to get into CS without the key at least once?

I think you are right, he should be able to get into SS without any problems. He must have been clicking the wrong thing or there was some other problem.

You don't have to have a tooth to get into CS. You have to have the tooth to TP to CS. If you walk through SS then you will have no problems.

Just click the right stuff. ;-)

RE: To get into Cobalt Scar
# Nov 26 2001 at 11:15 AM Rating: Default
You are partially wrong, is true that you have to get into CS once without the tooth to be able to port or to get ported there, BUT is false that the tooth is the key to CS.

As the original post in this chain says, you get a KEY in SS, either through a quest (very awful one, you need to deliver money and a note to a spy inside Kael that is sorrounded of giants) or killing the drake that gives you that quest, so the decision you have to make is doing the quest (lot of time and eventually other people needed to help) or taking the faction hit (bad idea if you are in CoV faction and if you really care about roleplaying).

An alternative is to find someone that have the key, group with him or her and zone in. Have read someplace it works but havent try it.

The person that posted previously to you is wright, you can zone out of CS to SS without that key(can happen, for example, when you grouped with somebody that had the key and zoned when you get into CS or if you destroyed the key)BUT you cant get back if you dont have the key or, again, if you dont group again with someone that have it.

Lvl 51 druid
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 06 2001 at 5:05 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hehe, right, you tell him, lol
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 27 2001 at 12:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Umm why didnt you just go get your Skyshrine key from the bank and head back into Skyshrine then CS. Your story is crap.
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 30 2001 at 2:35 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Because as most people do to save room, they destroy keys. If you have the CS key, you have no need to save the GD, WL or SS key. Unless of course you destroy it.
# Jun 17 2001 at 5:08 PM Rating: Default
What are thier wiskkers for, they seem to be as rare as the tusks, er and leve the druids alone, hate them as much as you want, but when it comes time for that TP to join your guild rade...
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 18 2001 at 2:31 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) got some whiskers charm kiting (w00t, 1 full blue each kill at 27!) and sold to a chanter... said theyw ere for coldain shawl quest
Tusks are rare
# Jun 15 2001 at 11:09 PM Rating: Default
I see one guy has the rate at 1 in 20/30..that seems about right. The way some were describing it, they dropped a lot more. Seems typical of VI to have a cool quest and then stiff us into evercamping...oh well, so what else is new. The walrus feilds by Kael Drakkal spawn occasional Men o' War if ya whak walrus in quads. I get good exp off the blue walruses at 50, too.

Someone told me they only got tusks off the warriors and the Men o War..do they drop off the hunters?
RE: Tusks are rare
# Jun 20 2001 at 8:45 AM Rating: Good
This morning (20 June 2001) I found a tusk on a hunter.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2001 at 1:08 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i killed 40 ulthorks, turned in 40 tusks, and got 10 blue diamonds
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 01 2001 at 1:01 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I've been quad kiting the Ulthorks with my Druid and getting great exp from it. I've only turned in two sets of tusks and got a blue diamond for each :)
#REDACTED, Posted: May 29 2001 at 3:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) No wonder I can never get the spawn on TZ.
Facts, opinions and Tactics
# May 17 2001 at 6:25 AM Rating: Excellent
I have hunted these from level 34 to 47 and am still going (I am on Tallon-Zek so the MR gear is my goal)

I estimate I have killed about 2000 ulthorks, maybe as much as 3000. I didnt keep count but I estimate I have handed in about 20 to 30 sets of tusks(ie about 80 to 120 tusks) I think the drop rate is about 1 in 20/30 ulthorks. I have killed 100 without any dropping and kiled 2 in a row and had both drop, 1 guy claimed he got 4 in a row but I dont believe him - just trying to annoy the rest of us:)

I have recieved the following from about 25ish sets

6 Blue Diamonds
4 Diamonds
2 Jacinths
3/4 rubies
1/2 Black Saphire
2 Sulphur
Rest various jewellery

Didnt realize the value of first diamond despite asking for price checks and got ripped off for it - you *******!

Dont know about other servers but on TZ these are the rough values that people have offered me

BD 7000-9000
Diamond 2000
Jacinth 1000

If you can get a jeweller to make BD gear it sells for 15-20k. Out of my three attempts 2 were succesful and 1 failed (jeweller had 250 jewellry/208 int and charged 1k for service - get someone you trust btw. "Maty" on TZ was excellent) May have been unlucky or lucky with success rates. Still have 1, traded 1 for ES bracer (bad move - wanted it for lo level guild buddy but didnt know proc level was so hi) and gave 1 to guildmate who traded it for 8.5k) Prices will be much lower I expect on non-PvP but still good for Planar raids.

This place is mega camped by all levels atm but as long as everyone kills all mobs it seems to keep plenty of spawns coming. Only problem happens when Uber-levels selectively kill the ulthorks and gate out to do something else without killing walruses, bunies and rhinos. I have seen 10-15 level 35 plus here with plenty of ulthorks to go around. One of the few places I have seen darks/lights more interested in mobs with many having unspoken truces - still plenty of morons who like to snare you while quading tho.

The XP from 34 to 45 is insane. Completed those levels in under 2 weeks of approx 8 hours a day (love those holidays)

Cant remember levels exactly
Hunters 30-32 approx
Warriors 33-35 approx
Walrus 28-33 approx
Rhinos 35-38 approx

Tusks drop off hunters and warriors in equal quantity. Not sure about man-o war in the southwest of EW.

Drops/Spawns may have been nerfed/unnerfed or it is just plain randomness. Have had 20 tusks drop in last 8 hours and had 4 drop in the 30 before that. Also have seen a big increase in Ulthorks but it may be that people are now understanding the importance of killing everything.

My suggestions to killing if you are a druid...

Level 34-38 quad kite hunters and warriors(may include 1 warrior at 36/37)
level 39-43 quad kite warriors
level 44 choose a rhino as pet and set him onto ulthorks. When health of pet at flee level invis and blast for excellent experience, or charm 2nd rhino and finish 1st off. 1 rhino can kill 3 warriors (not at once) and have HP left. Hunters barely dint a rhino. Kill rate is approx double that of quad kiting but you cant go AFK. Very rarely should you do anything other than ensnare and charm with the occasional root for wanderers. Snare rhino pet first btw for safety. If your feeling adventurous bring a Snow griff up from south and it will heal between fights - but he isnt going to like you once ensnare and charm both come off together and he casts SOW immediately. I always have fear up for instant pet problems - sorts out those annoying walruses who join mid fight too. At this level if you are concerned about XP your primary goal is to get rhino health down to kill him if you want tusks just let him die and get another pet. This keeps rhino population down and ulthork up. (Rhino = half blue approx at level 47)

Have also been saved from PKing darks who hadnt reckoned on my pet dishing them 200'ish damage each round.

Considered doing man-o war for tunic/tusks but no decent pets nearby. May be ok if you dont like the charm method.

Very safe area's to pull to just south, east and west of prison pit - no wanderers unlike the coast pull spot that most favour.

If you are a 35 -44 druid this is THE best spot for levelling if you are on a PvP server - you will get wealth and XP. At 34 my gear was worth about 15-20k by 49 it is going to be worth about 100-120k. Try doing that in any other zone for these levels...

If you cant get a CS key then dont sell your tusks for less than 150pp the buyer will easily make around 250pp in the long run. I traded 4 tusks to get my key at lower level only because of interfering darks at Whisperwinds spawn site. I recommend you dont sell the tusks unless you never go on plane raids or play PvP... go figure.

Will stay here until I have a full BD and Diamond set of resist gear (6 BD and 3 D)and then it is off to CS to quad wyverns.

Oh and for all those people who complain about farming - we are getting XP and we arent spending the same amount of hours in the planes for a 1 in 6 chance of winning the rare gems that drop there.

Well I probably missed out on 1 or 2 tusks to write this you bastards so you better use the info and not flame me...

Go kill those ulthorks!

Krym the Ulthork Slayer :)
47 Druid

RE: Facts, opinions and Tactics
# Oct 05 2001 at 3:02 AM Rating: Good
A slight correction on the level of ulthorks...
walrus high 20s-32 (Starts to green out for me at 40)
hunters 32-35 (Not really sure since they are all blue to me.)
warriors 35-37 (All warriors are charmable by the 27 song which is capped at level 37 NPC)
rhinos 35-40 (Some charmable by level 27 song some have to use level 39 song)

Walrus do drop tooth... walrus tooth the magic lore piercer :p
Never seen walrus drop any ulthork tusk ever.
Stupid Question
# May 11 2001 at 3:14 PM Rating: Default
From reading this I assume you hunt Ulthork Men of War, etc, in EW?

Or do the tusks come from MOBs in CS?
# May 10 2001 at 10:33 PM Rating: Good
FYI....The Diamonds,Black Emeralds,and Jacinthes are needed for the warrior epic weapon quest.For the Finly Jeweled Dragonhead Hilt.......
RE: DOH...
# Aug 19 2001 at 1:18 PM Rating: Good
no the 3 gems are Diamonds Blackened saphire and a jacnith.
# May 10 2001 at 4:08 PM Rating: Default
You can have tusks on Ulthork, but you can have some on rhinos too. And the quest can be done by people under lvl 50.
RE: Wrong
# May 12 2001 at 9:48 PM Rating: Default
285 posts
Yes, you can get the tusks on mobs as low as lvl 25...but good luck getting through Skyshrine and grabbing the key much before 50.
RE: Wrong
# Aug 08 2001 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
Getting through Skyshrine is quite easy if you are invis...hardest part then is getting the key to go through the portal ;)

Level 41 magician killed the key holder (didnt have enough faction, or knowledge, to bother with the quest), invised, and just went straight to Cobalt Scar. Have to admit, that drake guy is a tough con, though.
#Anonymous, Posted: May 01 2001 at 1:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Dr00ds still sux azz no matter what u can quad kite... Get real, try shouting for a group in a real dungeon...
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 14 2001 at 5:30 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Yep. You are sooo right, all we can do at 60 is Snare and Port...
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 06 2001 at 3:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) "druids at 60 can still only snare and port... good post game show... no real merit"
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 08 2001 at 5:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ... and that same necro he was talking about can lich up and transfer mana, stack up 6k worth of dots, debuff fire/poison/disease, debuff STR/AC, transfer health. Oh yeah and don't forget a pet and a pet haste buff which tosses in even MORE damage. And for those raids that go bad: conjure corpse and a convergence (which although expensive - comes in VERY handy if your clerics bite the dust).
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 02 2001 at 12:17 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) yup necros dot for more than druids, good job...what? druid dots stack with necro one? thats added damage?
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 04 2001 at 8:44 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) And this is related to Ulthorks in what way ?
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 11 2001 at 10:43 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Yes it is, as the druuds tell you that you stole their mob because they're taking every mob in the zone! It's part of the Druud Hating that Druids always complain about (that and they don't know how to group half the time), and since half the people are talking about quad-kiting (and this is related to Ulthork in what way??) it is related to the stream.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 30 2001 at 4:21 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) They're not taking all the mobs in the zone... only the ones they can track. Duh!
#Anonymous, Posted: May 08 2001 at 11:14 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Be a wizzy and quad then...just as easy, if not easier if you have jboots or SoW potions. And they do not suck in dungeons. A necro before a healingtype in a group.....it all depends on if the group have other healers, such as shammy and cleric. Remember the druid can buff some also.
#Anonymous, Posted: May 02 2001 at 3:49 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hmm...if you had a choice between getting experience 4 times faster or getting it at a "regular" speed, what would you pick? And who cares what you think of druids, its just a dang game man - get over it.
Ulthork Tusks
# Apr 27 2001 at 1:02 PM Rating: Default
Two simple questions what is the map coordinates in EW where they spawn and what do you need to get into Scar ?

RE: Ulthork Tusks
# May 17 2001 at 10:41 AM Rating: Default
Um to get into CS the first time you do need something, or a friend who has it. It's a key that activates the portal in SS that zones you into CS.
RE: Ulthork Tusks
# May 08 2001 at 11:06 PM Rating: Default
To get to CS you dont really need anything unless you port, then you need the CS tooth. Can be found by the port in CS so you have to run there first. SoW and Invis will prolly be enough and a guide ofcourse will help alot.
RE: Ulthork Tusks
# Aug 06 2001 at 1:31 PM Rating: Default
You are mistaken. It is a rather drawn out quest to get the skyshrine key to get into CS the first time. (involves having ok faction with claws and then a careful camp in Kael.) You can however zone in if you are in a group with someone who has the key - he must be the clicker on the fountain. After that, if you are a druid (or Wiz?)- Circle of CS. If you were the guy that said druids are only good for taxi's - enjoy the walk. :-p
12 tusks adn this is what I got
# Apr 24 2001 at 11:53 AM Rating: Good
2 Diamonds
1 Sahpire necklace (140PP)

Not too bad for 1 hour of quad kiting hunters
# Apr 23 2001 at 12:28 PM Rating: Default
Jacinth if valuable, as it is crafted by jewellers to make Save versus Magic items. I believe a Velium Jacinth Ring is +14 SvMagic. Very nice!
Latest results
# Apr 22 2001 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
Well for those who think it has been nerfed....i don't think so.

Sure tusks do seem to drop a little slower now, but the results are still worthwhile.

out of 16 tusks.....
1x Ruby Crown
1x star ruby ear ring
1x Diamond
1x Black Saphire

plus some nice faction hits meaning those little little fluffy guys on the beach just love me (a great bonus for when the hunt goes wrong and you need to do the old "run to guards")

I have no problems with druids quad kiting the ulthorks...if you can do it, then why not?

There are certainly enough to go around and they do spawn pretty fast in and around the giant/ry`gorr prision (even had a couple of orc fang earrings drop from the guards....added bonus)

Good hunting all an let the decent gems continue to be distributed.
68 Tusks generated the following.....
# Apr 13 2001 at 8:04 AM Rating: Excellent
I just did this quest for the first time. I came with 68 Ulthork Tusks. This is what I got and in the order of the first beeing at the top. The prices are what I got selling the items to a vendor.

Cystalized Sulfur - 1pp
Fire Emerald Ring - 142pp
Crystalized Sulfur - 1pp
Star Ruby Earring - 119pp
Star Ruby Earring - 119pp
Fire Emerald Ring - 142pp
Fire Emerald Ring - 142pp
Ruby Crown - 190pp
Black Sapphire
Sapphire Necklace - 166pp
Black Sapphire
Star Ruby Earring - 119pp
Star Ruby Earring - 119pp
Black Sapphire
Crystalized Sulfur - 1pp

/Paximir on Terris Thule

(Added on 20 April)

I turned in another 72 Ulthork Tusks. Together with the first 68 Ulthork Tusks, this is what I have gotten from 140 Ulthork Tusks = 35 Quests ....

3 Blue Diamond
3 Diamond
1 Jacinth
3 Black Sapphire
2 Ruby
4 Ruby Crown = a 190 pp
1 Sapphire Necklace = a 166 pp
4 Fire Emerald Ring = a 142 pp
8 Star Ruby Earring = a 119 pp
6 Crystalized Sulphur = a 1 pp

I have heard that the Crystalized Sulphur might be used in a quest in Wakening Lands, but I dont know which if any.

/Paximir on Terris Thule

RE: 68 Tusks generated the following.....
# Apr 18 2001 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
Wow did you get the shaft. I mean sheesh. Not that the PP take isn't nice, but
in 17 sets you got those 5 gemstones? And kinda eh ones at that? At least
you got very little Crystallized Sulfur.

In 17 sets (over different days) I received:
3 Diamonds
2 Blue Diamonds (note I got 5 gemstones too, but the GOOD ONES..;-)
5 pieces of Jewelry (thankfully several Ruby Crowns)
7 Crystallized Sulfur (which I now read is for a quest in Wakening Land..just not
a quest open to many races/classes)

But I must agree, killing Ulthorks is a very good way to power level people and
as long as you clear out the walrus and rabbit and rhino hordes you can keep
them coming at a VERY high rate.
What quest in wakening lands?
# Jul 10 2001 at 8:42 AM Rating: Default
Whom do i speak with in wakening lands for this crystalized sulphur quest?
# Apr 12 2001 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
Hail all
Tryn to be nice peeps, ye know there be young folk that play the game as well.
As for the tusks I have found they drop about 1 in 8 off of all Ulthorks.
As for the gems and loot turn ins I turned 20 in and recieved 2 quest gems (magic items) and three cash items total sale on cash gems was about 400pp. As well if there is a chance, and many say there is, to get a Blue Diamond be well aware these will sell very nicely to high lvl enchanter as well they make some kick ***** magic items.
As for the druids kite tactic I applaud them for such ablilities and have no problem seeing other prosper. The Ulthorks spawn fast and have PH of rhinos walrus and I'm guessing on this one snow bunnys. I have PLed many of my guild mates there its very good exp for 35+ lvls plus a turn in that may result in blue diamonds, hey what more ya want?

Just me 2cp
Be safe all
Kazagore Orcmosher
52 cleric of Brell
Legio Victrix, For Legion!.. For Life!
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 12 2001 at 11:08 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Group Communication
What I got on 4/11/01
# Apr 11 2001 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
With faction being Warm from fighting Ulthorks for exp for the last 4 lvls, I turned in 20 Tusks and got, in order:

Ruby Crown
Crystallized Sulfar
Blue Diamond

Except for the Sulfar, I could sell each one for at least 100pp to a vendor... nice little quest, til they do finally nerf it =p

P.S.- How much are players buying Blue Diamonds for now? And do players need Jacinth for anything, or should I just sell it to a Merchant?

Rezeew Bloodhoundgang, 42nd Druid on Bertoxx
just FYI...
# Mar 31 2001 at 8:11 PM Rating: Good
No, you do not have to lvl 50 to complete this quest. However, Cobalt Scar is not a very "pleasant" zone to go hang out in.

I just finished doing this quest for the first time, and I am 2 blue's from 45. I turned in 32 Uthlork tusks that I had been saving just for this occasion. I got:

2 Diamonds
2 Ruby Crowns
1 Crystallized Sulfur
1 Plat. Fire Emerald ring
1 Sapphire Necklace
1 Blue Diamond

Ironically, it "seemed" to give better rewards the more i turned in. The first reward i got was the Crystallized Sulfur, and the last 3 were the two diamonds and the blue diamond. Obviously that is just my perspective from a limited pool of empirical data.

It is still possible to get nice items outta this

Panteroo Mcgillakudy
lvl 44 Cleric of Tunare
Fennin Ro
level 50
# Mar 29 2001 at 1:51 AM Rating: Default
Is the minimum level to do this quest really 50?
nerfed drops?
# Mar 22 2001 at 7:37 AM Rating: Default
Maybe I'm just unlucky. I've hunted Ulthorks off and on for 5 levels, always for exp. The drop rate for tusks seemed to be around 1 in 10+/-. Since last patch Ive killed over 40 and not a single one. Any on else notice a decrease in drops?
RE: nerfed drops?
# May 12 2001 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
I hunted these very recently not sure if drop rate has changed, but with 10 quads I got lots of armor couple of weapons and 20 meat no tusks.
RE: nerfed drops?
# Mar 25 2001 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
I've noticed just about the same decrease in tusks as you (...I never collected the tusks before but now that I'm finally gettin them for a friend they aren't dropping. I got about 3 out of 60 or 70 ulthorks today
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