An Epic Retelling (Shaman)  

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Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
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Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
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Seems there are two hidden flags to qualify for the Destiny reward:
1) Do as Iargents directs. Upon turning in the broken arrow to Rogarsh, he will give you a Worn Crystal, and say 'I hope you know what to do with this!' This signifies that you've successfully flagged for the 'An Epic Retelling' achievement in General -> Class /ach window. If you haven't done the epic request 3 times the achievement will be visible but locked.

2) Do the epic request 3 times. Upon final hail you will be provided an option to receive Destiny in the reward window.
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Event Details
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This write-up works for both the 'An Epic Request' and 'An Epic Retelling'

A few notes:
1) Commentary is in brackets.
2) You will need to bring your 1.0, and have it equipped, and,
3) You will need a broken arrow, an item from the 1.0 quest to flag for the Destiny ornament reward option, as well as:
4) You will need to do this quest 3 times. You only need to turn in your 1.0 and broken arrow once however.

Emerald Jungle locations for shaman in the emeraldjungle_1 file:
P 2046.7771, -293.4894, -340.7478, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham1
P 2003.4092, -399.8680, -340.5603, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham2
P 2151.6121, -1303.8020, -342.5747, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham3
P 801.8136, -2577.8291, -344.4666, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham4
P 768.9460, -3292.8542, -344.4666, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham5
P 416.1099, -3860.6804, -357.6332, 240, 0, 0, 3, sham6
Font is large and red.


[Go to 293.49, -2046.78, -337.62 (sham1). You will get the message:]
The familiar ruins of the once proud city of Torsis bring to life all the haunting memories of the Ashiir nightmare. The fear, pain, and death of thousands at the hands of a spiritual failing... The clouded memories are pierced by a novel sight in the distance, a small flickering light!

[A will o wisp will spawn around 399.87, -2003.41, -337.44 (sham2). Go to it. You will get the message:]
A flicker of light appears before you, insubstantial and weak. Whispering without a voice, and the light is gone. A dim apparition appears along the road to the north...

[Go to 1303.80, -2151.61, -339.45 (sham3). You will get the message:]
As you approach the flickering light, a feeling of warmth overcomes your being, like a tugging at your incorporeal senses. A small voice calls. You reach out a hand, and the light is gone. There is a small gust that seems to urge you to the north end of the broken road...

[Go to 2577.83, -801.81, -341.34 (sham4) You will get the message:]
You watch as the light flickers, as if it is struggling against a great weight. Its voice murmurs about you, pleading. Asking you to... see. The light vanishes, leaving a faint trail leading north to the lake...

[Go to 3292.85, -768.95, -341.34 (sham5) You will get the message:]
You struggle to listen to the voice above the din of the jungle life. It seems to gather itself a moment, and then a shrill cry echoes in your mind. 'SEE!' ... Across the lake you spy the outline of two figures.

[Go to 3860.68, -416.11, -354.51 (sham6). The rest of the event takes place here. Thalger, his spirit wolf, and 'an ashen husk' are found here.]
You say, 'Hail, Thalger'
Thalger says, 'Welcome, Heyokah. I am glad. Glad that you have seen the signs, and heard the will of the spirits. Do not be alarmed, this man died for our cause. I have summoned you here for a very important [task].'
You say, 'task'
Thalger says, 'Do you know who I am?'
You say, 'I know who you are'
Thalger says, 'Then you know of Miragul? His dark magic threatened my people, and the spirits tasked me with destroying his experiment, his gateway of negative spiritual energy. I was successful, but did not survive.'
Thalger says, 'The spirits thought me destroyed, did you know that? I struck into the heart of the black hole with the Spear of Fate, and true enough my body and, yes, most of my spirit, was snuffed out in the act. The spirits took my Spear and forgot me. But a part of me remained, and I have watched. do not [have the spear], do you?'
You say, 'I have the spear'
Thalger says, 'Can I see it? Show it to me.'

***[Give him your 1.0. This is a required step in aquiring the Destiny ornament.]***

Thalger stretches out his hand to touch the spear. As he does, his image wavers violently. He pulls his arm back.
Thalger says, 'I have no need for this, Slackwaters. You can have it back.'
Thalger says, 'Perhaps later then. After we finish.'
Thalger says, 'Well. On to the task at hand. I have kept careful vigilance out for any remnants of Miragul's work resurfacing. The sorcerer was dabbling in powers he did not yet comprehend, and they have taken on a life of their own. The darkness he evoked has spread like a corruption through the spirit world, and now I fear it means to bridge the connection into this world of flesh and blood. We must stop it. Will you [help me]?'
You say, 'help me'
The jungle hushes. Thalger smiles.
Thalger says, 'Good. We must combine our powers. I sought you out because I needed a connection to the living world. What is in the spirit world cannot fully destroy what is in the living world, and what lives cannot completely vanquish what does not. That is where the spirits failed last time. They sent me against the black hole, and I was successful, but only in the world of the living. Together, we can surround this corruption, and suffocate it.'
Thalger says, 'Do you know why so many spirits manifest in this form, Heyokah?' He motions toward the spirit wolf beside him, 'In times long before we walked this world on two legs, the spirits whispered to other creatures. They favored the wolves. It was through a wolf that the spirits first spoke to me.'
Thalger says, 'I was a hunter in the North once, and saw a great wolf on the frigid tundra. I tracked it by myself for days, and as hunger gripped my bones and I grew weak, the wolf approached, and spoke to me with a thousand voices. The wolf was my companion from that day onward, watching as I crafted the Spear of Fate.'
Thalger gazes sadly at the spirit wolf.
Thalger says, 'The components of the spear were not enough to imbue it with its power. A sacrifice was needed. Blood to soak the spear. As I slew the wolf, who was my friend, the passing of its spirit from our world to the next allowed the other-side to touch the Spear, to give it the power it needed.'
Thalger says, 'I hope you are not shocked at what I tell you, for that is what it means to be a shaman. Those other priests ... those clerics. They fall to their knees and grovel for the gods, the Great Spirits, to give them the power to save what is living. They refuse to acknowledge what we know. Death is meaningless.'
Thalger says, 'All things exist in their natural state. Living or dead, spirits live on. Our cousins, the druids, they hear the spirits, but lack direction. They flit about like fools, thinking they know the way. But they do not. They do not have a shaman's strength, a shaman's wisdom. They cannot accept sacrifice as we do.'
Thalger says, 'We must sacrifice again. This spirit wolf will be the bridge. You must slay it. Through its death, I will reach out, and our powers shall connect.'
Small voices call to you...
Thalger says, 'Do not be alarmed if it resists. It is not in their nature to surrender to death. You must fight for the blood. It is our way!'

[Kill the spirit wolf. He melees and casts 2 spells: Vitrik Wing Mites, and Avatar Knockback. Once it's dead:]

The wolf raises its head, as if to howl. Black smoke pours out of its mouth and eyes as its form fades from view. Your weapon is stained with blood.
You have slain a spirit wolf!

Thalger's image shimmers. You feel a great tearing as the small voices cry out in dismay.
Thalger shouts above the din of the crackling void, 'Do not be alarmed! We have drawn the corruption into the open. Now stand aside, and I will do what needs to be done.'
Thalger closes his eyes and begins to chant. His form is becoming increasingly solid.

[At this point you will be blinded and rooted:]
The Dark Mantle begins casting Shadow Eyes.
Darkness clouds your eyes.
The Dark Mantle begins casting Freeze.
Your body is encased in ice.

The lights around you are fading, weak. One final whisper reaches your mind, 'See!'
You close your eyes.

You hear the quiet of the forest. You feel the coldness of the air. You see...wrongness!
A strong urge to [STOP] the ritual overcomes you!

You say, 'STOP'

Thalger smiles at you. You reach out a hand to grip his arm, and pass through him like water. His features begin to melt, skin peeling away into mist, hair igniting and disintegrating, clothing rotting away. He sinks into the ground, leaving behind nothing but a black stain in the forest floor.
Thalger died.
Dark tendrils creep out of the nearby vortex, lashing on to the man's corpse at your feet. The body lurches, muscles tensed, and you sense a great dark presence rushing around you.
The previously ashen body glows with a dark crimson hue. It lurches backwards and tilts forwards with no apparent sense of balance. It turns its head toward you and speaks, 'So... Shaman... I thank you for your help, but I've much work to do now you see...'

[At this point 'an ashen husk' will change to a 'A Risen Host' and attack you. He casts 2 spells: Vitrik Wing Mites, and Avatar Knockback.]
A Risen Host raises its arms and freezes your body in place!
A Risen Host says, 'I've come to appreciate many schools of magic, but had paid no attention to the primitive superstitions of your kind... Despite your ignorance, you turned out to be quite the useful pawn. Thanks to your little sacrifice I was able to breach that unbearable void and find a mortal host again...'
A Risen Host says, 'You'll be happy to know you were at least amusing throughout the ordeal. So hopeful in your attempt to reclaim the soul of that lumbering Barbarian.' The human laughs, 'I may even make your death swift ... once I've found a way to separate my life from yours...'
A Risen Host sighs, 'Always a caveat to the arcane arts, I could not cheat death in necromancy, and am bound by such ridiculous limitations through possession. You're no threat to me now Shaman, so you may as well know. Your life is precious! You should be honored to be my bridge to this plane...'
The surrounding wind spirits begin to flicker with the intensity of burning flame. They cry out in a unified voice, 'Heyokah! You know what must be done!'
A Risen Host roars furiously, 'Fine! If you insist on making this difficult then I will subdue you by force!'

[You need to canni yourself to death now. I'd suggest stripping off all buffs before hand at higher levels because this can take some time. As you do so, the 'A Risen Host will take damage and change names a few times.]

The Host's form begins to crack as ashen blood pours from its wounds. Suddenly, dark tendrils lash out from its hands and begin pulling at your spirit!

A Dissolving Body begins casting Negativistic Energy.

The wounded Host ceases his assault and shouts, 'Enough of this, BEGONE SHAMAN! Do not return and I will let you live!' His faded ethereal form is showing signs of mortal wounds...
The flickering spirits cry out weakly for your attention. You strain to hear their voices. They urge you to recall the ways of the shaman. Dedication. Sacrifice. The body must suffer so the spirit may strengthen.

[As you canni yourself to death:]
You have been knocked unconscious!
Miragul`s Broken Possession says, 'You miserable waste of life! You would die to stop my return? I shall make your next existence an everlasting nightmare!'
Miragul`s Broken Possession died.
As life flees your body, you feel your spirit rising, drifting away towards the cosmos. Your consciousness of the world around you fades. Memories drift away, and lucidity becomes feeling and sense...with a jolt, your mind comes back to you, as the wind spirits do their best to hold you back.

A greater wind spirit begins casting Focus of Darkhollow.
A greater wind spirit begins casting Aura of the Quiet Voice.
You have been silenced!

You are conscious again!
You find yourself in a familiar, yet altogether novel state of being. A physical loss and a spiritual awakening. You peer down to find the remains of your former self, and then look up to see the true form of the being whose physical body you severed from existence.
You feel your grasp on consciousness fading. You know that you must act swiftly to remove Miragul's chance of finding a new host!

[Attack Miragul`s Spiritual Remains.]

Miragul`s Spiritual Remains begins casting Unconsciousness.
Slackwaters has fallen to the ground.
Miragul`s Spiritual Remains begins casting Freeze.
Your body is encased in ice.
You throw yourself into Miragul, your spiritual force against his. Miragul screams as your essences burn at each other. You feel his momentary surprise, his shock at your self-sacrifice, before he is banished back into his phylactery. The two contrary spirits, unable to exist as one, negate one another. The wind spirits struggle to keep you bound to your body, but you are fading...fading.
Slackwaters has fallen to the ground.

[Miragul`s Spiritual Remains will die instantly. Afterwards:]

A wind spirit begins casting Unconsciousness.
A wind spirit begins casting Freeze.

As the spirits enter your body, you feel a flash of sensations. The crunch of snow underfoot, the feel of a spear's haft in your hands, the satisfaction of a successful hunt. You know that what remains of Thalger's true spirit rests within you now, thankful for what you have done to banish the ancient sorcerer.
A young elf stands before you. She pulls her hands away in shock as your eyes open. She backs away, as if uneasy by your brutish appearance. She speaks, 'Oh! You're awake. You were so weak, I wasn't sure I could keep you alive.'
Melyndra says, 'Thank Tunare! I did all I could, though I've never felt anything like that. You weren't badly hurt, but...'
Rogarsh says, 'Hurry along Melyndra, we've no more time to waste on these random savages!'
Melyndra says, 'Just a moment, Rogarsh. We can't just leave her here to die!'
Rogarsh says, 'We must. This is a dangerous land. We have to keep moving. We don't have time to care for every wounded animal in our path. Or have you forgotten that we're unarmed. Unless you expect me to be firing my last [broken arrow] at our attackers?!'

***[Hand Rogarsh the broken arrow. This is a required step in aquiring the Destiny ornament.]***

[Rogrash will give you a 'Worn Crystal', and say 'I hope you know what to do with this!' This signifies that you are flagged for the Retelling achievment.]

Melyndra says, 'I will not have it, Rogarsh! We can't go!'
Rogarsh says, 'I doubt it even wants our help... Come, we must be about our business.'
Melyndra sighs...
Melyndra looks at you regretfully as Rogarsh draws her away. As they vanish into the jungle, you lie still, attempting to gather yourself. You feel as if great parts of you are missing.
The nearby spirit drifts towards you. You feel its essence filling the voids left in your soul. With a whisper of gratitude for your sacrifice, the last spirit vanishes, and you feel the strength to rise.

Your task 'An Epic Request' has been updated.

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