Orcwolf Mercy  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
Quest Items:
Era:The Burning Lands
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Mar 9 07:59:25 2019
Modified: Fri Aug 16 08:13:58 2019
This quest starts with Greeter Seeltink in Gnome Memorial Mountain.

You say, Hail, Greeter Seeltink.'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'Oh my! You aren't an orcwolf. Give me a moment... Let me guess... you are a High Elf! Amazing! We thought everyone was [dead]. That means, if you found this place, you are either a [researcher] or an [adventurer].'

You say, 'dead'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'Ah good. We have this wonderful museum, and if you wish a tour speak to this assistant over here. I can also give you some of the [history] of this mountain.'

You say 'history'.

Greeter Seeltink says, 'I can tell you that I have heard from those that claim that they have spoken with the last maker. It is a tale of grief, honor, and bravery. In the time of the ancients, when the makers were young and they ruled all of the known world, the gods became worried. They grew concerned that their greatest creations might surpass them and rise to take control of the heavens. And so gathered their power and confined the leaders of the makers in their mountain home and encased it in impenetrable magic. They then buried the makers and their home deep beneath the ocean so that they might [never return].'

You say, 'never return.'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'Despite their great power, the makers were not immortal, and so eventually succumbed to age and accidents. They grew so few that the orcwolves, who seem to be able to survive with nothing but trees to gnaw on, became a real threat. And so they designed and built us, their greatest creations, and assigned us the task of keeping their memories alive. We do so until this day, keeping the orcwolves at bay as best we can and remembering the past so that someday, a day like today, we could tell the tale to others. Now that the gods have died and our home has risen from the sea to drift over the waters, we can pass on our knowledge.'

You say, 'help.'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'I had heard that adventures are the helpful sort. I guess I will have to trust you.'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'We would like you to remove some of the wounded [orcwolf] stragglers that have been lingereing since the most recent fighting. They are a danger to visitors.'

You say, 'orcwolf.'

Greeter Seeltink says, 'I will need proof that they have been dispatched. Addtionally, while you are outside, I saw that at least one of the orcwolves stole a part from the display behind me. Please find it. We want everything to be functional. I will need proof that they have been dispatched. It is a fairly simple task, but I can give you more [information] if you like.'

You have been assigned the task 'Orcwolf Mercy'.

  • 1. Grant mercy to wounded orcwolves. 0/5 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    Task Window: ?

    Slay orcs with the word "wounded" in their title.

  • 2. Gather proof of the end of their lives. 0/5 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    Task Window: ?

    Slay orcs and loot Bloody Hank of Orcwolf Hair.

  • 3. Check on the status of the gate. 0/1 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    Task Window: ?

    Approach the gate to the orc canyon in the east side.

  • 4. Defend yourself from the ambushing watchers. 0/2 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    Task Window: ?

    Two orcs spawn, kill them for update.

  • 5. Return to Greeter Seelyink with your proof. 0/5 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    Task Window: ?

    Hand in five Bloody Hank of Orcwolf Hair previously looted.

  • 6. Speak with Greeter Seeltink about the gate. 0/1 Gnome Memorial Mountain

    You say, 'Hail, Greeter Seeltink.'

    Your task 'Orcwolf Mercy' has been updated.

    Greeter Seeltink appreciates your caring heart.

    You receive 5 silver.
    You receive 2 gold.
    You receive 106 platinum
    You gain experience!
  • Rewards:
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