New Year - Old Frostbeard  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Depths of Darkhollow
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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This is a seasonal quest that appears around the New Year. You can get this quest from M.C. Tinkerton in PoK next to the Great Divide stone. He is on the Find tool as well.

You say, 'Hail, M.C. Tinkerton'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Hello, _____! You've caught me in a bit of a [bind].'

You say, 'What bind?'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'I'm trying to get my clockwork party machine up and running but the dang thing just wont move! Its primary party motivator was stolen by the [Dark Mistletoe giants]!'

You say, 'Who are the Dark Mistletoe Giants?'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'The Dark Mistletoe giants are a grumpy old clan that lives in the Great Divide. Their leader, Old Frostbeard, complained my party machine was keeping him up at nights! Bah! The old geezer goes to bed at five thirty in the afternoon! We'd be well within our rights to [steal it back]!'

You say, 'Will you steal it back?'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Wait a minute, _____! Steal it back? That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Here's what you need to do! Once you return with that motivator, we're going to party like it's 3199!'

1. Scatter 5 of Old Frostbeard's summon winds 0/5 Great Divide

Task Window: It's time to get my machine's party motivator back. Look for Old Frostbeard. He stands high on a mountain amidst his summoned storms. He's big and nasty and cold. You can't miss him. Get a group and steal back my motivator.

Then it's party time!

Rock swirls on west side of the mountain above the wurm caves in the center of the Great Divide. Old Frostbeard is found on the east side of the mountaintop. He hits for a max ~725.

The mobs in this task summon. The dervishes cast "Blizzard of the North Wind". Old Frostbeard also casts that spell as well as "Gale of the West Wind".

Blizzard of the North Wind: Unknown(32) 100', Cold (-200)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 1375
2: Decrease Attack Speed by 50%

Gale of the West Wind: Single Target, Cold (-200)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500 per tick
2: Decrease AC by 300

2. Recover the Party Motivator and Return it to M. C. Tinkerton. 0/1 in Plane of Knowledge

Task Window: ?

Kill Old Frostbeard in Great Divide and loot the Clockwork Party Starter and give it to M. C. Tinkerton.

Upon hand in,

M.C. Tinkerton gives you his thanks for returning the primary party motivator.

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Well done, my friend. Let me just slide that party motivator back into place.'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Hmm. . .'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Should be working. . .'

Clockwork Party Machine says 'Initial-i-zing par-ty start-er sequence one-one-niner.'

Clockwork Party Machine says 'Pri-mary firework cannons: online.'

Clockwork Party Machine says 'Gy-ro-scopic dance mod-u-lator: online.'

Clockwork Party Machine says 'Par-ty favor dis-per-sal hopper: online.'

Clockwork Party Machine says 'Initial-i-zation complete. Beginning par-ty start-er sequence one-one-niner'

M.C. Tinkerton says 'Whew! It worked! Thanks again, my friend, and have a happy new year.'

You gain experience!
Emerald of the New Year

In addition, several chests spawn around the Party Machine and have various items in them (some champagne, fireworks, and invisibility potions).
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New Years
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This is a New Years quest, not Frostfell.
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