Prince Ralaifin  

Status: Incomplete

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:The Burning Lands
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Dec 17 21:48:38 2018
Modified: Fri Feb 8 04:48:13 2019
Prerequisite Quests: ?

Quest Giver: Horizon Blighted Sage can be found at +421, +971, +65 on the west side of the zone.

Request Phrase: gathered

Zone In Phrase: ready

1. Kill 4 Ralaifin Ecclesiastic 0/4 Empyr: Realms of Ash

Task Window: The Ralaifin Ecclesiastic will raise Prince Ralaifin if you don't stop them. It would benefit all if you choose to undertake the task of ending the threat. It is suggested that you end the threat in the most efficacious way possible. Death.

Kill 4 Ralaifin named mobs.

Ralaifin Ecclesiastic - (Casts Volcanic Explosion: Unresistable, PBAE 200' 212k dmg, 4.5s stun.)
Ralaifin Oblate - (Casts Volcanic Explosion: Unresistable, PBAE 200' 212k dmg, 4.5s stun.)
Ralaifin Sacerdot - (Casts Prince Ralaifin's Softening: Unresistable, Directional AE 200', Decrease AC by 2700.)
Ralaifin Theologist - (Casts Prince Ralaifin's Ease: Spell Blocker but allows their detrimental spell to land on you. Also casts Prince Ralaifin's Wrath: Unresistable, Directional AE 100', 75000 mana drain.)

Spider adds in between the named. Hit for less than 1750 damage. Kill spiders first before killing a Ralaifin.

2. Open the chest 0/1 Empyr: Realms of Ash

Open "a smoldering chest" at the zone in.

212 platinum 5 gold
You gain experience!
96 Fettered Ifrit Coins
Submitted by: Larth
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Required Quests
# Dec 12 2019 at 9:57 AM Rating: Good
65 posts
Fire and Fury
Some observations
# Jul 17 2019 at 8:49 AM Rating: Good
15 posts
We read the posts here and our group went and tried this night before last. We ended up saving the Theologist for last as recommended by Fayman. However, we were unable to beat him due to the mana drain. Our group is all casters with the exception of the warrior tank. We ended up scrapping the attempt and trying again last night. Starting with Theologist this time, we figured if we can beat him, we got this. While we did end up beating it, it was only after determining how the mana drain seems to work that we did so.

After engaging Theologist, you will see an emote along the lines of: Prince Ralaifin directs his Disgust towards, <random group member>. This means you are the target for his mana drain and you have a few seconds to get away from other group members and get out of line of sight. Losing line of sight protects you from Prince Ralaifins Wrath which follows the Disgust message. You will even get a chat message about your immunity protects you. However, even if you are hiding out of LoS and you are still around other characters, they get hit with it, even if they too are out of LoS. Its like you are bombed with it, and while you are protected, they are the casualties.

Now the first night, when we gave up, we did the first 3 with no mana drain at all. Because we did the Theologist first this time, imagine our surprise when we pulled Sacerdot, and we started getting hit with the mana drain again. After we realized what was happening because we started seeing the "Disgust" messages again, we were able to beat him too using the same hide away from others strategy. Based on the difference between the two nights, I understand now why you should save Theologist for last, because then you should only have to deal with the mana drain once.

One final note. Grizabelle wondered about the "All in its place" achievement and if notice in the last paragraph, I said we pulled Sacerdot. We determined that the mobs were invulnerable if pulled off a spot, but they can be killed on any spot, not just their own. We ended up pulling Sacerdot, which is the westernmost mob, to the fire ring of the southernmost mob and killed him there due to better hiding spots while dealing with the mana drain.

I hope any of this information helps others get through this task. These observations come from two nights of trying and more than one attempt inside each task (usually be evacing and re-engaging after clearing some spiders), so while my information might not be perfect, I feel it is very close and should help you get around these mission mechanics.
# Feb 01 2019 at 3:15 PM Rating: Good
287 posts
associated achievements: Prince Ralafin - Time Trial, All Safe from the Fire, All in it's Place

I clearly dont understand all the mechanics of this one. When we pulled Ecclesiastic from his point he appeared to take no damage (not an incredibly heavy dps group but not even 1% hps drop) made me think they were invulnerable off their spots (but then why is there an achie for killing on their spot?)

Im guessing the billows are the result of the "prayers"? I dont run with enough dps to take them down before those power up the All Safe achie to test it.
nice challenge, nice chaos, nice bunch of spiders
# Dec 27 2018 at 4:26 PM Rating: Excellent
314 posts
Some data here for that mission after some trouble and 3 wipes:

- Kill the 4 Ralaifin mobs.
- after zonewide emote another spider spawns
- spider add step by step and path between the 4 Ralaifins
- they are easy aggroing so standing between 2 Ralaifins (e.g in the back) will add all spiders to kill them easily with AE/Rampage

- mass Spiders: Use Honed Wurmslayer, Spiders only hit for less than 1750dmg mostly
- the more spiders, the more power on Ralaifin (this is an assumption, but after full zerging we first killed spiders, then it was a very long fight but possible to do)
- Honed Wurmslayer holds off spiders
- kill all spiders then go for a Ralaifin and Burn him as fast as possible
- kill all spiders - take next Ralaifin - rinse/repeat
- if you want to avoid more trouble with manasucking Theologist, then do him for last try
- if you wipe then simply reform group, buff up, plenty of time, wait on discs and burn again (6h)

Ralaifin Oblate
- Volcanic Explosion, PB-AE 200`, 212k + Stun4,5s
- Tank on Ralaifin Oblate with AE-Aggro/Rampage for the spiders
- Spiders are mezzable, optional root or AEDamage them but mostly burn through and kill them after Ralaifin

Ralaifin Ecclesiastic
- Volcanic Explosion, PB-AE 200`, 212k + Stun4,5s
-> same like Oblate

Ralaifin Sacerdot
- Spell: Prince Ralaifin's Disgust
- Spell: Prince Ralaifin's Esteem
-> logfiles say nothing what these spells doing

Ralaifin Theologist
- Prince Ralaifin's Ease
- Prince Ralaifin's Wrath
-> logfiles say nothing what these spells doing

- instant Manasucker in short range
- Rangefight -> Tank/melee in close combat
- fast burn with casters outside about 50-100`

- TBL T2 Aug5: Blue Sky (AC45,HP495,m/e360,hStr17,hSta13,..)
- TBL T2 Neck - Wild Star Necklace (AC234,HP/m/e5180+.., Healing60-75%/116)
- 2x TBL T3 Diminished Inhabited Muhbis
- TBL T1 Wheeping Arms
- TBL Spell Level 109
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