Darkhollow Geode (Gnome)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Related Creatures:
Era:Depths of Darkhollow
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
Entered: Sun Sep 2 01:34:03 2018
Modified: Sat Sep 7 18:42:09 2019
Find Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy in Ak'Anon at +830, -129, +3.75 on the roof of the king's tower in the middle of the upper lake (CTRL F to find by guide path).

You say, 'Hail, Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'Wha? Who are you? Go away! You're breaking my [concentration].'

You say, 'concentration'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'Yes, I'm trying to concentrate on my calculations! You see, I discovered yesterday that based upon the gnomish arm-torso aspect ratio our current [armor] designs are actually patterned with suboptimal... Sub... Uh... Blast! You've broken my concentration!'

You say, 'armor'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'Yes, well, before you interrupted me I was trying to redesign Ak'Anon's armor patterns. I believe with my newest calculations, I can increase the efficiency of our designs by a significant margin. Assuming, of course, I can finish my calculations. It's hard to work with strangers running up and hailing me all day!' Vidi sighs and then continues, 'Tell you what, if you leave me alone, I'll make you a pattern book with my new designs. Would you be [interested] in that, or perhaps you're more interested in [symbols] I've been studying?'

You say, 'interested'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'Great. To make you a pattern book, I'll need some zombie skin and darkbone marrow from the Estate of Unrest. I can use those to create the parchment and ink for the book. I'll also need some of the battle beads from Crushbone to help bind the book and a preserved orc hide to create the cover. While you're out gathering these things, I can finish my calculations. Hopefully in peace!'

You say, 'symbols'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'These symbols when used in conjunction with my improved armor can improve them even more! If you're interested in them I have some [work] that you could do to earn some patterns for them.'

You say, 'work'

Artisan Vidi Cogsworthy says, 'I need you to do a bit of exploration and gathering for me. The symbols need a certain amount of... Inspiration. I find that I do not have time to go out into the world and be inspired. I will give you an impression book that you can use to make impressions of certain patterns that you find out in the world. This book will magically take deep impressions or even just surface patterns. All of it is useful for inspiration. You may do as many of the tasks as you wish, but each requires a slightly different book.'

You have been assigned the task 'Darkhollow Geode'.
  1. Loot 1 Large Darkhollow Geode 0/1

    --You have looted a Large Darkhollow Geode.--

    Your task 'Darkhollow Geode' has been updated.

  2. Deliver 1 Large Darkhollow Geode to Artisan 0/1

Upon turn in.

Your task 'Darkhollow Geode' has been updated.

You have been given: Seals of Darkhollow
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