Iksar Heritage Crate  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Era:Ring of Scale
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Jan 29 02:00:23 2018
Modified: Sat Apr 9 22:25:52 2022
This Iksar Heritage Crate was introduced to the Daybreak Marketplace in late January 2018.

So far these are the items we have seen come from Iksar Heritage Crate. We also need the individual ornament pieces uploaded via our item collector please.

If you collect all the teleport items or familiars you are rewarded with a title. Let us know what that title is.

Adoptable Crystalline Chokidai -> Crystalline Chokidai Familiar
Adoptable Golden Crypt Feaster -> Golden Crypt Feaster Familiar
Adoptable Lumbering Chokidai -> Lumbering Chokidai Bridle
Adoptable Pit Scorpion -> Pit Scorpion Familiar
Adoptable Swifttail Whelp -> Swifttail Whelp Familiar

Suit of Militant's Iksar Chain
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Chest Oranment
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Chain Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Chain Wrist Ornament

Suit of Militant's Iksar Cloth
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Chest Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Cloth Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Cloth Wrist Ornament

Suit of Militant's Iksar Leather
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Chest Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Leather Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Leather Wrist Ornament

Suit of Militant's Iksar Plate
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Chest Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Plate Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Plate Wrist Ornament

Suit of Militant's Iksar Ringmail
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Chest Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Ringmail Wrist Ornament

Suit of Militant's Iksar Scalemail
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Arms Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Chest Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Feet Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Hands Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Helm Ornament
  | - Militant's Iksar Scale Legs Ornament
  \ - Militant's Iksar Scale Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Chain
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Chain Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Cloth
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Cloth Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Leather
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Leather Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Plate
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Plate Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail Wrist Ornament

Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Arms Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Chest Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Feet Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Hands Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Helm Ornament
  | - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Legs Ornament
  \ - Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail Wrist Ornament

Wrapped Brain in a Jar -> Brain in a Jar
Wrapped Emperor Ganak Throne -> Emperor Ganak Throne
Wrapped Froglok Head in a Jar -> Froglok Head in a Jar
Wrapped Music Box: The Plane of Fear -> Music Box: The Plane of Fear
Wrapped Placard: Tink N Babble -> Placard: Tink N Babble
Wrapped Statue: Iksar Bust -> Statue: Iksar Bust
Wrapped Statue: Iksar Head -> Statue: Iksar Head
Wrapped Veil of Veksar -> Veil of Veksar

Other reported items that we don't have on the site yet, please upload them via our Item Collector (Use Firefox to download if Chrome doesn't work). (Name of items may be different)
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When are they bringing this crate series back ?
# Sep 03 2021 at 1:45 PM Rating: Good
33 posts
Sure would be nice if they would bring some of these older crates back for a limited time or find a way to trade in a bunch of useless other ones for ones we actually need.. The only and last teleporter we need in the game is the Wrapped Froglok Head in a Jar ... looking for it on Xegony or Drinal.
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