Fell Foliage (Raid)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Achievement
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Ring of Scale
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Pre Requisite Quests: Testing the Waters, For My Information and What Makes a Scorpiki?.

Seek out Hortulanus Cryolex in The Overthere in the outpost at /loc +1686, +2028, +2.

You say, 'Hail, Hortulanus Cryolex'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'There are many hidden treasures over here in the Overthere,' smiling seductively. She picks up a [plant], and it sways side to side, the plant's green maw snapping at the air.

You say, 'Is that plant one of your treasures?'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'Flora is often overlooked, yet it's amazing and often misunderstood! Plants take in sustenance from the sun and the soil and produce unusual [wonders]. I've had the luxury of studying many wondrous plants myself.'

You say, 'Tell me more of these wonders you speak of.'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'One subject in particular has been giving me trouble; I've given it sunshine and dirt, but it's given me nothing but heartache and hurt. I believe the plant has great promise, if only I can get it to grow! Now the previous iteration was no only promising but exceedingly dangerous,' She glances about furtively, lowering her voice. 'The [guards] have forbidden further experimentation near the outpost!'

You say, 'You need to void the guards?'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'Yes. My tenure will be, uh, revoked if there are any more mishaps here.... Y-You have no idea how much energy I've put into the succulent!' she blurts out. 'You know, they have a latent capacity to [grow] quite explosively.

You say, 'Could I help you grow this succulent?'

Hortulanus Cryolex nods, stroking her chin. 'Yes. I can tell that you're both able and eager to help. We will plant my latest experiment. If the seed takes, it will grow quickly and could be dangerous. You will want to bring reinforcements in case things go badly. Let me know when you're ready to go into the [field].'

You say, 'I'm ready to go into the field.'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'Good! I like your enthusiasm. One last question. Can you gather a [large] force or will we only need supplies for a [smaller] group?

You say, 'large'

Hortulanus Cryolex says, 'Just let me know when you're [ready].'

You say, 'ready'

Task Window Says: ???

The succulent grows rapidly in the fertile soil, producing rustling and snapping sounds as the plant's flesh unfolds.

a monstrous succulent attacks at this point. Killing it spawns Cactiikii where it died.

pre Raid set up

1 tank group for Named -
1 tank pullers to move the Renages away from the raid if they pop near the raids
tank groups for the Adds that might be up
Group to kill hock pucks

two type of adds
a burgeoning succulent when killed, spawns == a pitiful succulent, a surreal succulent, a spiteful succulent

A good MA that know what adds to kill next
Range DPS the NAME due to its DS.
Boss spawns HP% adds at: 83, 67, 51, 35, 19. Adds are: a pitiful succulent, a surreal succulent, a spiteful succulent

MA -adds should be killed in an certion order LB one 1st then charm one the last one.

when a a burgeoning succulent spawns - a Hock puck spawns - if that Hock puck is not killed it can spawn one of the 4 adds types.

this raid is about timing -
if you kill to fast on Named you might have to many adds up
if you dont kill a burgeoning succulent before a 2nd one is up your get TWO hock pucks to kill.

to win
Slow DPS on the name, know when to DPS the main mob to pop adds before killing next burgeoning
never have more then one burgeoning up.
not having to many adds up.
Have peeps who can run away starting 30%.

It looks like one group tanks and dps's Catiikii while the rest of the raid focuses on adds through a large majority of the event.

During the fight at certain intervals (or is it based on Catiikii's health or is it time based?) it spawns a burgeoning succulent. Killing it spawns several weaker adds.

Killing the burgeoning succulents you'll see this emote.

As the burgeoning succulent dies, it burgeons, spawning several lesser succulents.

This spawns several adds you'll need to kill. We need spell information on these adds. Is there a priority to them based on which spells they cast? It looks like they are mezzing and charming people. Are the adds rootable, snareable, mezzable?

If there are more than 4 adds up during the whole fight, Catiikii goes invulnerable.

Once you get the adds down to 4 or less you'll see this emote.

Cactiikii grows vulnerable as the population of succulents shrinks.

At certain intervals during the event you'll see this emote. (health based?)

Catiikii sheds several lesser succulent as it is wounded.

This spawns several more adds to kill. a burgeoning succulent spawns during this, be careful not to kill it until you get the other adds down first or else you'll have even more adds on you.

Random sarnaks are called into the fight during the event. Kill them.

At 30% health on Catiikii you'll see this emote.

Cactiikii sends floating spines at ____ and ____.

Catiikii shouts, 'My spines will find a target, ____ and ____.'

Replace the blanks with player names. Is it casting a debuff on those two people? I see a large yellow target ring when this happens. Does this mean those players need to run away from the raid? What spell is being casted on them? Is it a viral dot that needs to be cured?

It will keep doing this for the rest of the fight at certain intervals.

Killing Catiikii you'll see this emote.

You've put an end to Hortunlanus Cryolex's dangerous experiment.

1 Fragment of Sathir's Seal (collectible for raid progression)
10 Ancient Draconic Coin (raid currency)

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