Tsaph's Day Off  

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This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Related Zones:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Mar 4 20:21:07 2017
Modified: Mon Jun 7 01:15:04 2021
This is a 18th anniversary quest. (WARNING group with a lvl 105 so they can kill the adds - reward is only usable once you level to 105)

You say, 'Hail, High Magister Zueria'

High Magister Zueria says, 'There's no need for formalities between us, Jeffroex. I come on [unofficial business:What sort of unofficial business?], a personal errand for [Tsaph Katta:Who is Tsaph Katta?]. Do you have time to [help:I will help you, High Magister.] us?'

You say, 'What sort of unofficial business?'

High Magister Zueria says, 'The glorious leader of the Combine, [Tsaph Katta:Who is Tsaph Katta?] is prone to wanderlust, and he's been cooped up in [Lceanium:What is Lceanium?] for awhile now. He's asked me to escort him on a tour of some of the many ancient [spires and dragon circles:What spires and dragon circles?] that once made up our cross-continental teleportation network.'

You say, 'Who is Tsaph Katta?'

High Magister Zueria raises her shoulders and lifts her chin up before saying, 'Tsaph Katta is the Combine's timeless leader. The greatest speaker, diplomat, and unifier that Norrath has ever seen. If you haven't met him already, you're in for a privilege today. He rarely leaves [Lceanium:What is Lceanium?].'

You say, 'What is Lceanium?'

High Magister Zueria says, 'Lceanium is the heart of the new Combine. From its fortified position in the hills of Kunark, we will strike at its heart. I was under the impression that you'd already visited, but I must've been misinformed. My apologies.'

You say, 'What spires and dragon circles?'

High Magister Zueria says, 'I'm surprised you haven't heard of them, Jeffroex. I believe your wizards still use many of them today. We're in the process of compiling a report on the operating status of all of the Spires and Dragon Circles used at the height of the former empire. That's what we'll be working on today.'

You say, 'I will help you, High Magister.'

High Magister Zueria says, 'Excellent! I'll inform Tsaph that we should be ready to leave soon. Please stay close and check back with me when you're [ready:I'm ready.] to leave.'

You have been assigned the task 'Tsaph's Day Off'.

You say, 'I'm ready.'

High Magister Zueria says, 'Stay close to me, friends. Tsaph is ready for us. I'll teleport us to him now!'

Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports to meet Tsaph Katta.

High Magister Zueria floods the area with power as she teleports away with her allies. She will return shortly.

You have entered Dreadlands.

Note: Basically your are following two NPCs. Tsaph Katta and High Magister Zueria. (Stay with them as they will port to the next zone in the task)

* At some zones there is a kill task of 5 mobs but these are old zones .

* You can have a merc and you might be with others at that stage in the normal zone.

* There were two groups, I know one of the kill quests I did not get all 5 but I was ported to the next zone
and the task updated as done.

* The task doesn't lock at any point. Added members do not need to be in group or in the final zone to get the reward.

  • 1. Tell High Magister Zueria your ready to join Tsaph. Plane of Knowedge

  • 2. Inspect the Dreadlands Spire with Tsaph. Dreadlands

    You have entered The Dreadlands.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Thank you, Zueria. Another impeccable teleport that kept my breakfast right where it belongs. You are truly without peer. And thank you for joining us, friends! It's good to get out of the capital and stretch our legs for a bit, eh?'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'It is an honor, Emperor.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Please, Zueria, call me Tsaph.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Your will, Emperor. You've chosen wisely. This font still overflows with intense magical energies.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Agreed, Zueria. It should be easy to get this spire working again.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'And the current denizens look like pushovers. We shouldn't even need military support.'

    High Magister Zueria casts a massive fire spell with a simple flick of her wrist and the skeletons rushing at the group are instantly incinerated.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Nevertheless, I suspect Lcea will insist. She loves to kill iksars, skeleton or not.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Your will, Emperor. More good news: I can feel a strong magical connection to Luclin nearby. The spire to the north must still be operational.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Most excellent. This trip may turn out to be easier than we anticipated.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'I will ensure maximum ease for your convenience. Are you ready to depart?'

    Tsaph Katta looks wistfully around him for a moment and then says, 'Yes, yes. Of course. I'm eager to see Velious again.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Stay close, allies. The Emperor's passage is my top priority. If you're not near us, you'll be left behind.'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to Great Divide. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports to the next location.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to The Great Divide!

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 3. Inspect the Great Divide Dragon Circle with Tsaph. Great Divide

    You have entered The Great Divide.

    Tsaph Katta looks confused and mutters, 'No, no, this doesn't look right at all. This building wasn't here before... Who built this?'

    High Magister Zueria frowns as she points to the roof and says, 'Dragon worshipers. Dangerous. We shouldn't stay long.'

    Tsaph Katta turns to the incoming sound of hooves on ice and says, 'It appears we've already been noticed.'

    High Magister Zueria steps forward and says forcefully, 'Stay behind me, Emperor. Allies, to my side!'

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 4. Defend Tsaph at the Great Divide Dragon Circle with Tsaph. 0/5 Great Divide

    A tizmak charger shouts, 'Blood for the dragons! Blood for the tizmak!'

    A tizmak spiritcaller begins casting Spirespine's Pandemic.

    High Magister Zueria begins casting Restless Ice Comet.

    Tizmak's spawn until you kill 5 of them.

  • 5. Inspect the Great Divide Spire with Tsaph. Great Divide

    High Magister Zueria shouts, 'Enough!'

    High Magister Zueria raises her staff above her head and flames erupt outward, latching onto all nearby Tizmak!

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Let me see if I can... Yes, I sense the Spire is still here! And not far! Get close to me and I'll take us all there.'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a short-range teleport spell. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to the eastern Spire!

    A Mystic Voice says, 'Two minutes till teleportation. Please be prepared to step inside the circle of Spires.'

    High Magister Zueria marches up to the Nexus Scion and shouts, 'Nexus Scion! The Emperor was almost killed on your watch! I will have a full report on recent magical activity in this region on my desk by dawn tomorrow, or your head. Understood?'

    Nexus Scion is clearly scared and confused. She stammers, 'Y-yes, High Magister. Of course. My apologies.'

    Tsaph Katta speaks softly to the Nexus Scion, 'It's no fault of yours, madam. Thank you for your service at this Spire. Without it, I fear we may have teleported into a Coldain's bathtub... and I've grown quite tired of their splashing.' He gives a wink.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'And, Zueria, I'm certain that we are never truly in danger while you are here. So do try to relax. It should be easy enough to fix the teleportation problem. When we get back to Lceanium, I'll give you the archives of some of our ancient magisters, which should explain how we've dealt with this issue in the past.'

    High Magister Zueria kneels and says, 'By your will, Emperor.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'The Combine has no Emperor, Zueria. And let's travel to Skyfire Mountains next. That Dragon Circle reminded me of something I saw during the old Empire... I wonder if it's still there.'

    High Magister Zueria kneels and says, 'By your will. Everyone, stay close!'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to Skyfire Mountains. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to Skyfire Mountains!

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 6. Inspect the Skyfire Mountains Dragon Circle. Skyfire Mountains

    You have entered The Skyfire Mountains.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Ah, Skyfire, where even the rocks are on fire... It looks just as I remember it. A few more bones, I suppose, but that's to be expected.'

    High Magister Zueria looks around warily and asks, 'You've been here before, Emperor? I don't remember reading about this location in your journals.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'That's not surprising. This is one of the last Dragon Circles that we discovered before I was poisoned and we never truly controlled it. As you might guess from these massive bones, powerful dragons have owned this land for a long, long time.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Yes, I sense immense power here. Even after all these years, it's almost overwhelming. Incredible...'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Some magic does not fade, Zueria. This will outlast us all. As it should.'

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 7. Defend Tsaph at the Skyfire Mountains Dragon Circle. 0/5 Skyfire Mountains

    Dragons and dragonflies spawn until you kill 5 of them.

    A primal wurm suddenly appears and shouts,'It will certainly outlast you, Tsaph! Did you think that we had forgotten your arrogant empire? You were a fool to return!'

    High Magister Zueria shouts through a whirlwind of fire, 'You... Will... Not... Harm... The... Emperor!'

    A gust of fire gathers around High Magister Zueria and then blasts outward, annihilating all nearby foes!

    Tsaph Katta looks at the burning wurm and says, 'What a waste. Sometimes I wish I had my daughter's strength and love for battle.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Not all foes will agree to talk, but far too few of us try. You find strength in words and peace. There is no shame in that, Emperor.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'The dragons were never pleased with our work on the Spires and Dragon Circles. They wanted them to stay buried forever, but we needed their power...'
    Tsaph Katta looks with sorrow at the corpse of the wurm and says, 'We still do. Forgive us, ancient one.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'We will take these lands for the Combine, but not today. Stay close while I get us out of here before the big dragons arrive!'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to Nektulos Forest. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to Nektulos Forest!

  • 8. Inspect the Nektulos Forest Spire with Tsaph. Nektulos Forest

    You have entered Nektulos Forest.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'I can't say I'm surprised this Spire has fallen. Even in my time, this region was never at peace.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'And I can see from the halfling and dark elf corpses here that it hasn't gotten any better...'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'The treacherous runts leave us no choice, Emperor. My people need to survive and thrive.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'We can survive and thrive together, High Magister. This is the core principle of my Combine.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Of course, Emperor. My apologies. Let us proceed to the next Spire.'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to North Ro. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to North Ro!

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 9. Inspect the North Ro Spire with Tsaph. North Ro

    You have entered North Desert of Ro.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'This too? Ro's desert was always harsh, but I had hoped...'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Well, that's new. See how close that Druid Ring is to the Spire ruins? Is that common, Zueria?'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'It's not uncommon, Emperor. I haven't studied them closely.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Interesting. It can't be coincidence, can it? Either way, let's leave this wasteland before my shoes get even more sand in them.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Your will, Emperor.'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to Stonebrunt Mountains. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to Stonebrunt Mountains!

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.

  • 10. Inspect the Stonebrunt Mountains Spire with Tsaph. Stonebrunt Mountains

    You have entered The Stonebrunt Mountains.

    Tsaph Katta says, 'Ah, the fresh air of Kerran lands. I've missed it... Wait, where is the Spire? Zueria, are you sure this is the right location?'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'This is it. There's been no Spire as long as I've been alive, but the power still pulls here. I will speak with the Erudites to see if their records show that there was ever a Spire here.'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'I'm not familiar with your Erudites, but I'm certain the local Kerran will be the best resource for this. They know this land better than anyone and are in touch with all natural powers.'

    High Magister Zueria shifts uncomfortably and says, 'I'm sorry, Emperor, but the Erudites took over this land long ago and I'm afraid they, uh, they sent most of the Kerran to the moon.'

    Tsaph Katta shouts, 'THE MOON?! Why would they do that?!'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Well, from what I hear, they mostly deserved it. Besides, the Erudites are far smarter. We're better off with them in control of these lands.'

    Tsaph Katta says sternly, 'Zueria, your words shame me and the entire Combine. Intelligence is no match for wisdom, and the Kerran were unmatched... I pray they still are. We need them now more than ever.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Forgive me, Emperor. You are correct, of course. Would you like to visit any other locations today?'

    Tsaph Katta says, 'No, thank you, Zueria. This has has been most enlightening. We have much to discuss. I've been gone too long. So much has changed.'

    Tsaph Katta turns to you and says, 'And thank you for joining us on our little getaway, friend. It was refreshing to stretch my legs and you're pleasant company. The next time you're in Kunark, I hope you'll take time to stop by Lceanium and say hello.'

    High Magister Zueria says, 'Stay close. I'll drop these adventurers off in Plane of Knowledge, and then escort you to Lceanium, Emperor.'

    High Magister Zueria begins channeling a powerful teleport spell to Plane of Knowledge. Stay close!

    High Magister Zueria whisks you away with her as she teleports.

    High Magister Zueria teleports herself and everyone near her to Plane of Knowledge!

    Your task 'Tsaph's Day Off' has been updated.
    You have received a replay timer for 'Tsaph's Day Off': 0d:5h:46m remaining.

    Zueria Slide Skyfire (charm- revolving clicky port to old zones)
    2 Commemorative Coins
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    Easiest Quest Ever..
    # Mar 27 2021 at 9:56 AM Rating: Good
    140 posts
    Ok this is super easy so I just summarized me

    1. I grouped all my 115s, whom were in different zones (aka not in the zone doing the quest)
    2. I brought only 1 toon into the instance
    3. I assisted the Mage and killed whatever he hit
    4. I never had to even get hit...
    5. Once you are done, he ports you back to POK and the item appears in your first open slot, regardless of where you are and it doesn't say anything lol.

    And done...
    DS on Tsaph & High Mage
    # Apr 04 2018 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
    I ran an 85 heroic mage through. First fight at GD I just stayed invis... and got left behind.

    Gated to PoK, re-entered back to GD stage and used DS and short term DS on High Mage. This worked.

    At Skyfire I was foolish and sent in pet too. Ended at 12% health from rampage since I had dismissed the original merc and not done the quest yet. So, can't say for sure it worked at Skyfire too but probably...
    cannot equip
    # Apr 14 2017 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
    463 posts
    I'm level 105 but I cannot equip the reward, nor does anything happen when I click it. (The item window says "Can equip", not "must equip".) I am able to convert it through the cycle of destinations.
    Sukrasisx (105 monk) / Terrwini (67 druid) / Teviron (59 shadowknight) / Wizbeau (36 wizard)
    -- Mystic Coercion, EMarr
    cannot equip
    # Apr 14 2017 at 11:25 AM Rating: Excellent
    138 posts
    Can't equip? The charm is ALL/ALL.
    If you mean the "Can Equip" statement for the teleport spell effect... Charms don't have stats or effects until they have been equipped to check what percentage of those stats and effects they should apply, therefor the charm doesn't have the clicky yet when it's just sitting in a bag. So, put it into your charm slot, then back into your bag, and now the charm's spell can be clicked from inventory until you zone. Once you have zoned, you'll have to re-equip it to gain access to the spell again. This is true for any other Charm with a clicky effect, like the Polished Diamond Prism.
    # Apr 06 2017 at 1:54 PM Rating: Good
    2,861 posts
    What an odd little quest... with an overly generous reward, especially for EQ which has historically been very parsimonious with quest rewards.

    First time I did this, solo with my 105 druid, I noticed I wasn't getting any kill credits as the two NPC's killed mobs. This seemed to contradict comments here that you don't have to do anything. So then I started attacking the mobs but since I wasn't grouped with the two NPCs I figured I needed to do 51%+ damage to get the kill credit. These mobs are DB so my mistake as they're quite capable of killing a 105 player without a merc. So I died.

    That didn't seem to be a big problem since I went back to PoK, hailed the quest-giver and got ported back to the spot where I died. The instance and quest continued. Now I noticed you just have to do a little damage to the mob and your kill count is incremented, as if you are indeed grouped with the two NPCs.

    However I noticed I only got 4/5 kills before the mobs stopped spawning. Initially this didn't appear to be a problem since the animations continued and when we ported to the next spire the kill step was checked off as if I had 5/5 credited.

    BUT... that must be a bug. Because the quest continued to the end, I was credited with all steps, but no closing dialogue and no reward. I could even hail the quest-giver and get ported to the starting spire but the two NPCs were not there.

    So I'm bugged. Dropped the quest and will try again in 5 hours.

    Moral of the story: be sure to do some damage to each of 5 mobs so you get 5/5 credit.

    Ok did it again. Must have been dying that broke the quest for me. Did it again, and on one of the pack of mobs only got credit for 4/5. But completed the quest and got the charm.

    Stats are 184AC 4345 HP 4115 mana in a Kunark zone and 174AC 4127 HP and 3909 mana outside of Kunark. Still a very nice charm for the minimal effort. You do just have to be 105 to use it. Crazy generous reward all things considered. Plus it's tradeable on FV. /boggle

    Edited, Apr 8th 2017 4:26pm by Sippin
    Sippin 115 DRU **** Firiona Vie
    Master Artisan (300+) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
    My crew: 115 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ SHD SHM Master Alchemist ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
    # Mar 22 2017 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
    81 posts
    This was nerfed today with the patch they applied this morning. You only get two commemorative coins now and at lvl 90 I received approximately 2% regular xp.
    Don't Bring Pets
    # Mar 18 2017 at 5:49 PM Rating: Good
    21 posts
    Unless your pets are disposable.

    I just saw my air 80 pet get killed during those 'defend' steps.

    DO NOT engage, unless you're 105. You'll be safe. Otherwise the mobs WILL attack you and they con RED to me.
    thankfully my merc healer kept me from dying.

    So just sit tight. Enjoy the read of dialogue.

    Once the quest completes you get your level 105 charm. Sadly, it's NOT usable until you're 105. Teleport functions don't activate and if you try, it will tell you that you're not sufficient level.

    Good game. Makers...sigh...

    Btw. Level 84 Mage. I was at 25% exp before I did the quest.

    I got to 53% after! Holy exp batman!!
    Don't Bring Pets
    # Mar 19 2017 at 3:01 AM Rating: Decent
    346 posts
    zetagod wrote:
    DO NOT engage, unless you're 105. You'll be safe.

    You may be safe, but you CAN'T advance the task!

    If your kill count is ZERO, you will be LEFT BEHIND when the High Magister teleports away.
    Don't Bring Pets
    # Mar 24 2017 at 7:15 AM Rating: Decent
    18 posts
    The NPC's kill the mobs so you get your updates....Have you run the quest ?
    Kill Mobs
    # Mar 17 2017 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
    11 posts
    The kill mobs for this quest are red to my 99 Necro.
    # Mar 17 2017 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
    509 posts
    Quest is easily soloable. Just /assist the Magister and win loot.
    Cactuszach Rathebringer- [EQ]85 Human Pally Karana

    Cactuszach- [FFXI] 75 Galka Monk Hades server

    Cactuszach- [LOTRO] 50 Dwarf Guardian Vilya server
    # Mar 17 2017 at 5:02 PM Rating: Good
    147 posts
    you don't even have to assist. You just listen to 15 minutes of dialog and get your reward

    Edited, Mar 17th 2017 7:03pm by dilxar
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