Dark Reign Raid: Fanning the Flames  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Time Limit:06:00:00
Faction Required:
Dark Reign (Min: Amiable)
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Dragons of Norrath
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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For an overview of the Dragons of Norrath expansion, see this wiki article.
For an overview of progression, see quest entries for Norrath's Keepers and the Dark Reign.

This is a non-progression raid task that begins with General Lereh Dirr (click for map image) in the Dark Reign camp of the Lavastorm Mountains.

Pre-requisites for requesting this task:
- Level 68+
- Minimum 6 players; maximum 54 players
- Minimum amiable faction with Dark Reign
- Completion of "Blood of the Basilisk" (Tier 1 solo task)
- Completion of "Clearing the Path" (Tier 1 solo task)
- Completion of "The Burning Poison" (Tier 1 solo task)
- Completion of "Have Note Will Travel" (Tier 1 group mission)
- Have hailed & said "work" to Commander Zaerr Ty`Dar to begin Tier 2 (character flag)

NOTE: Tirranun has a banishment effect that casts players out into the lava, stripping them of aggro. If Tirranun is left idle, the event resets. Because of this, you will most likely need at least two players (or one player with a pet) on Tirranun's aggro at all times.

You say, 'Hail, General Lereh Dirr'

General Lereh Dirr says 'May the Child of Hate bring a cloud of hate and darkness to reign over the lands of Norrath!'

You have been assigned the task 'Fanning the Flames'.

For honor and glory, descend into the mouth of the volcano in the delve and confront Tirranun. They say that anger only makes the flaming beast stronger - and to that I say we fan the flames and extinguish them once and for all. Let bravery guide your blade into his burning black heart! His days of tormenting the Dark Reign are over.

Task Steps

Touch the cave entrance to Tirranun's Delve 0/1 (Tirranun's Delve)

Confront Tirranun 0/1 (Tirranun's Delve)


Kill Tirranun 0/1 (Tirranun's Delve)

The Event

The entrance is a cave in the northeastern part of the Broodlands.

In the zone, every few seconds while on the path leading up to Tirranun, you'll see an emote:

The platform shudders violently, causing you to nearly lose your footing.

This coincides with a small knock-up/knock-sideways and strips levitation effects. This appears to be restricted to the section closest to the path, though levitation was stripped elsewhere.

At the end of the path is Tirranun's platform.

Tirranun says 'You will burn for your defiance. Your flesh will fuel my flames.'

Note to solo players: If he banishes you far enough away, he strips aggro and immediately resets. To get around this, you'll want at least two players (or a player and a pet) on him while the banished player makes their way back to the platform. Also, it's possible to "kill" Tirranun in the first phase, which completes the task. If this happens, the event continues on, but you'll be on a 30-minute timer after which the zone shuts down, booting everyone out.

Initially, Tirranun hits for a max ~2,600 (no rampage; no flurry; no spell effects). Every 40 seconds, he banishes someone to a random point in the lava. You need to get Tirranun to 0% health (takes ~825,000 damage), at which time he falls down on the ground, changing into "Tirranun`s ashen form" (non-aggro) and starts regenerating.

After having fallen to the ground, adds called "whorl of searing ashes" start spawning and auto-aggro. These spawn one at a time, with increasing frequency (as often as every 15 seconds). These continue to spawn throughout the rest of the encounter. Adds hit for a max ~900; have ~50,000 hitpoints; are mezzable and stunnable; and proc "Blinding Ash":

Blinding Ash: PB AE 100', Unresistable (0)
1: Blindness (1)

Once "Tiranun`s ashen form" reaches about 85% health, he stands up, changes into "Tirranun`s Blazing Body", and buffs himself with "Form of Lava":

Form of Lava: Self 0', Unresistable (0)
1: Add Defensive Proc: Lava Splash rate mod 300 (adds proc for 3,000 dmg)

Now, he hits for a max ~2,100 (no rampage; no flurry) and has ~800,000 hitpoints. Also shortly after standing back up, he changes into "Tirranun the Ancient Protector" and adds two spells to his arsenal:

Breath of Tirranun: PB AE 350', Fire (-375)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 1500
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 500 per tick (60 seconds)
3: Increase Poison Counter by 50

Tirranun's Incinerating Aura: PB AE 350', Fire (-475)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 2250
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 750 per tick (60 seconds)
3: Increase Poison Counter by 99

Now, he can be killed.

Completion & Loot

Kill Tirranun to complete the event. Event lockout timer is 4 days, 20 hours.

Tirranun the Ancient Protector has been slain by _____!
Tirranun's body bleeds liquid magma, his wounds spurting jets of flame as he comes crashing down.

Upon death, a chest spawns with loot, containing three items from this loot table:

Ashen Blade of the Slayer
Blackened Sandals
Brimstone Spaulders
Glimmering Fire Opal Band
Hands of Flame
Russet Rockscale Armguards
Scorched Green Metal Visor
Smoldering Claw of Tirranun

Task Rewards:
Dark Reign Token
5 Ebon Crystals
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