Dreadscale Breastplate  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Armour Set
  • Experience
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
Entered: Wed Jan 10 21:49:47 2001
Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
You say, 'What breastplate?'

Sarth Scarscale says 'Ahhhh....a breastplate you want, is it? Well, they are not easy to come by. Fetch me a scorpion chitin. Intact, mind you! They are extremely fragile and must be treated before they can protect your carcass. Also, fetch me a war braid from a sarnak to connect the pieces. I also require a ruby and your banded tunic. Do this and I shall make it for you, hatchling. Now, go!'

Sarth Scarscale says 'Well done! Here is the item we agreed upon. May Cazic's glorious curses flow through you!'

You gain experience!!

The Scorpion Chitin drops from the Large Heartsting Scorpion in the Field of Bone. The Sarnak War Braid drops from a Sarnak berserker in Frontier Mountains and The Overthere.

Need hand-in dialogues, faction hits if any.
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# Dec 06 2000 at 7:30 PM Rating: Default
HAHA! ! ! look at this forum,,,its 5 pages long and no one knows $#@# ! ok guys, this has been enough...dont you all agree? i've been searching for this chitin for 4 levels now- NO ONE even has a clue. I motion that all who pass through here...goto the station's BUG forum. you'll see that ive posted a topic about DREADSCALE armor. however. doesnt seems to be helping much. POST others. USE CAPS. they wont notice 1..but they'll notice 50 use the same name in the TOPIC -"DREADSCALE BUG?" let's beg for at least a clue on what ZONE we should look for these chitins. much time and effort has been wasted on an item, which, even still, might actually be bugged. TAKE ACTION FELLOW SHADOWKNIGHTS-IT IS NOW or NEVER !
Could the Chitin Shell sheild be relaited
# Dec 06 2000 at 5:47 PM Rating: Default
Well this is just an Idea considering that you have to get off Kunark for some of the quest could the A Giant Heart Spider in Upper Guk be related since it drops the Sheild . could drop the other shell also .. if ya have anybody in that zone to check it could be another possiblity

32nd SK
RE: Could the Chitin Shell sheild be relaited
# Dec 06 2000 at 8:11 PM Rating: Decent
I doubt it because all items come from Kunark zones.
Anyone Tried to Turn in Cracked Chittin?
# Dec 06 2000 at 11:32 AM Rating: Default
Doubt it will work but anyone tried it?
RE: Anyone Tried to Turn in Cracked Chittin?
# Dec 06 2000 at 11:33 AM Rating: Default
Doh, NM someone has.
# Dec 06 2000 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I have spent about 7 hours killing between Kaesora and area around Kurn's, including the grassy area. I estimate that I killed about 500 MOBs with no less than 100 being Heartsting Scorpions. The only rares I got to pop were the Rogue Shaman and the Iksar Manslayer that the Shaman Epic Quest MOB pops out of. Considering that I just made 45 and am already looking at 30-50 hours of fighting before 46 I am giving up on this quest for the time being.
RE: Kaesora/Kurn's
# Jan 10 2001 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
They drop from the *LARGE* Heartsting Scorpions
Lets find the chiting in fob or submit bug report...
# Dec 06 2000 at 1:47 AM Rating: Default

There are really only two logical options for the chitin. One, it is the cracked shell (identifies as cracked scorpikis chitin) foraged in overthere combined somehow with the wet clay also foraged there. Two there is a new scorpion mob in Kunark that drops the intact scorpion chitin.

I have tried various combinations of the cracked shell and am beginning to think it is not the solution we are looking for. I also saw the posts on Giant Hatetail Scorpions in field of bone. From talking to others in game there is a scorpion that is a rare spawn in field of bone besides the Scourgetail (the one that spawns between pit and kaesora ruins).

I have cleared every scorpion I can find in the zone for two 5 hour sessions and cannot locate this scorpion however. One person on my server told me a guildmate of hers camped this scorpion for the firiona vie "rare armor" quest, and the camp was 8 hours.

Firstly, I've read the quest discription and the item you need to return is a "flawless scorpion chitin" - I dont know how much closer in description to the item we are looking for you can get. It also explains why noone has found it yet if it is an 8 hour spawn.

So here is what I propose. It is too difficult to cover the entire desert and grassland areas where scorpions need to be cleared with one person, even sowed or with jboots. We need to individually form groups on our servers and clear and track for the Giant Hatetail scorpion in field of bone. There are some ruins to the left of the path from cabilis (facing the pit) that are in a valley almost like a zone entrance, this could be a possible spawn location. There is also a tower with pillars in the desert area between the pit and the beach in the middle of this area, and closer to the servants of sythrax (skeleton sks) tower.

If you have the time to dedicate to investigating this please post your progress as a reply to this thread. Several have petitioned GMs on my server as well and they've been told the quest is definately not broken. With what a pain getting the Knight's sword in BW, Golras in Timorous, Thickbone in Kurns, and Boots off Zorash are - an 8 hour camp wouldnt surprise me.

38 iksar sk of emerald flame
7th hammer
RE: Lets find the chiting in fob or submit bug report...
# Dec 06 2000 at 11:27 AM Rating: Default
A few days ago we killed a good number of scorpicis in OT hopeing it came from them, but we found none. Only thing on them was skorpikis venom sacs. Oh, Zarslik, did u do the combining of clay and chittin?

43 Iksar SK of Graveyardshift
RE: Lets find the chiting in fob or submit bug report...
# Jan 10 2001 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
I looted 1 today; they look like a black barrel. They are probably a rare drop from the Scorpion.
# Dec 05 2000 at 11:09 PM Rating: Default
This is getting ridiculous. I quit trying to figure this stupid quest out. If anyone finds this alleged scorpion chitin give me a tell. Otherwise i am not going to waste my time with it when i could be worrying about Velious.

Chukasil Desade
32nd season sk
Gravedigger's Union
Guardian Scorpikis!!
# Dec 05 2000 at 12:35 PM Rating: Default
Ok, was helping a friend this evening and have come across a "Guardian Scorpikis" in The Overthere! Has anyone attempted to kill one of these? Unfortunately, I was not able to, matter of fact, I was slain by them. They spawn together, there are 5 in total, and they are Shadow Knights. They simultaneously HT'd me (all 5) and I was dead shortly afterwards.

Will get a party together and attempt to see what they drop.

50 Shadow Knight
RE: Guardian Scorpikis!!
# Dec 06 2000 at 1:24 AM Rating: Decent
All Scorpiks are Shadow Knights and the guardians surround a named Scorpikis for an Epic quest. I really do not believe that a lvl 55 gaurdians would be needed for a midlevel Iksar quest armor. If it is on these then that would just be too stupid on Verant's part.
Scourgetail Scorpion
# Dec 04 2000 at 10:45 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
There is a rare scorpion listed in the bestiary for the FOB called a Scourgetail Scorpion. I have never seen this but I will be killing North and East of the pit, rarely hunted area, as MOB's tend to be tougher there. Would not surprise me if they put this on a rare mob with a PH somewhere in the FOB.

I have checked various sites and found 5 sources for location, 3 for area around Kurn's and 2 near Kaesora. From Kaesora's northern wall to north of Kurn's there are many Heartsting scorpions with no mixing of the other types. Also this area produces the PH for another rare, the Rogue Shaman.
RE: Scourgetail Scorpion
# Dec 05 2000 at 6:19 AM Rating: Default
PH???what is PH????
RE: Scourgetail Scorpion
# Dec 05 2000 at 1:27 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
PH means Place Holder. It spawns in place of the rare.
RE: Scourgetail Scorpion
# Dec 05 2000 at 6:18 AM Rating: Default
BAHHH i spent all night in FoB,,,NADA!!!!!!! i HATE THIS ! ! !
ohhhh noooo!!!!!
# Dec 04 2000 at 7:15 AM Rating: Default
hiya guys,,im searching too...i got a confirmed message from a GM that the quest is definitly not bugged...so keep searching. i put lots of posts on the MB on stations website. so keep an eye out
good luck
Not in Game
# Dec 03 2000 at 8:45 PM Rating: Default
The chitin is not yet in game. :(
The quest is broken.
RE: Not in Game
# Dec 04 2000 at 5:39 AM Rating: Default
Really? Before telling us it isn't in the game, how about telling us where you received this information... Without definitive information as to your sources to back you up, that statement means nothing.

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
40th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: Not in Game
# Dec 04 2000 at 12:17 AM Rating: Default
Geez and all that time I waisted looking for it and trying all sorts of different things. Well they need to hurry and fix it. BTW has anyone gotten the mask yet. I have gotten all the pieces except for those two.

Lv 43 Iksar Shadow Knight
RE: Not in Game
# Dec 04 2000 at 7:13 AM Rating: Default
i got confirmed from a GM on EQ website that the quest is NOT BUGGED...so keep searching...ur wimpy way out will not convice me
RE: Not in Game
# Dec 07 2000 at 7:12 PM Rating: Default
********* GMs do not give out quest information period.
RE: Not in Game
# Dec 21 2000 at 6:35 AM Rating: Default
You are a jackass. The guy didn't say that the GM gave out the solution to the quest. He just said that the GM verified that the quest is not bugged. Find your clue, you probably left it next to your manners.
DOH Thats Right!!
# Dec 02 2000 at 6:56 AM Rating: Default
I think Hate Tail Scorps spawn in Kurns tower!!
RE: DOH Thats Right!!
# Dec 02 2000 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
No they do not. I have spent untold days in all lvls of Kurns tower and there are no Scorpions there. I have never heard of hate tail scorpions.
RE: DOH Thats Right!!
# Dec 03 2000 at 1:21 AM Rating: Default
I have heard of the Hate Tail Scorps, but cant remember from where. I think a quest from FV. Since Kunarks release I have yet to see one though. Just a thought, it says it needs to be treated quickly. Shamans need froglok treated planks. Maybe we need them too. Just throwing out wild guesses cuz me frustrated.
Giant Hate Tail Scorpions?
# Dec 01 2000 at 6:29 AM Rating: Default
Ok...I have searched high and low (as with many of you) for this Scorpion Chiton with NO success! As I was checking Quest DB, there is a FV Quest which requires the 2 Carapice of Hate Tail Scorpions....could this be the same item we all are searching for???? Has anyone come across these lil buggers?? Or is it simply a new MOB that Brother Verant has not yet inserted within our worlds? Feedback please.
# Nov 25 2000 at 4:10 AM Rating: Default
Okay shammy powers that be used medglow clay from burning woods to med a broken skull to create the skull with ii, okay it also has been posted that medclow clay when potered witht the 3 pieces of totem create an intact totem. medglow clay was expected to be foraged in burning woods and sold back to vendors, but our poor druid iksars all died at the gates, so they wont be bringing enough, medglow clay back to fix that chitin.
RE: chitin
# Nov 25 2000 at 7:14 AM Rating: Default
Am I the only one confused by the previous post?

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: chitin
# Nov 25 2000 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
no, the only thing I got from it was that maybe we can use the clay to fix the cracked chitin.. maybe 3 pieces of clay and the chitin.. other than that, nothing much else. :)

Skurrge <Blades of Law>
lvl 39 Greenmist Crusader
RE: chitin
# Nov 25 2000 at 2:59 PM Rating: Default
Or maybe 3 pieces of chitin and one piece of clay.
RE: chitin
# Nov 25 2000 at 6:18 PM Rating: Default
You can't get 3 pieces of chitin because it is a Lore item...

But the 3 pieces of clay and the chitin perhaps. I talked to the quest NPC's over and over again trying to find out how to "treat" the chitin, but alas, I was unsuccessful.

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: chitin
# Nov 26 2000 at 5:45 AM Rating: Default
i hope someone anwser the question of how to get the scorpion chitin soon
RE: chitin
# Nov 26 2000 at 8:03 AM Rating: Default
Cracked shell + Mendglow clay in pottery wheel = do not combine
Cracked shell + Wet clay (also foraged in OT) in pottery wheel = do not combine
I didn't use water because I was trying to follow the other examples of Mendglow use. (shaman skull quest 2 and Ton Warrior totem pieces)


Next idea?

Xyric Vilis
RE: chitin
# Nov 26 2000 at 2:04 PM Rating: Default
Maybe try both again but use water... What do we have to lose?

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: chitin
# Dec 24 2000 at 11:06 AM Rating: Default
It has been confirmed that the Chitin DROPS off a mob we need to kill more and quit worrying about the stupid foraging in Overthere
Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 23 2000 at 12:28 AM Rating: Default
Following the advice of the last poster about foraging in Overthere, I found a group and foraged throughtout the night. Finally I did come up with a cracked shell which identified as a cracked scorpikis shell or chitin, can't remember which at the moment.

The druids in the zone seem to come up with this often but never a whole or uncracked shell. The quest giver did say the shell needed to be treated. Perhaps we need to take this cracked shell and do something with it. Or perhaps this is simply the quest item.

The shell was Lore.

Slaasrk Gixthaark
39 Shadow Knight
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 23 2000 at 10:27 AM Rating: Default
I tried the cracked shell this is not the Item. So we need to keep looking for an Intact chitin.

Zakulis Mistcaller

RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 23 2000 at 10:36 AM Rating: Decent
Perhaps this is like the gold foraged in FM for the monk quest in which there is 2 different kinds. Or perhaps it does have to be treated? Maybe in the forge?
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 1:12 AM Rating: Default
If the hint given here is correct, the cracked shell has to be the item. It is a new foraged item and it is a lore item. I believe the trick is to figure out what we need to do to "treat" it before we can use it. I am wondering if perhaps putting a ceramic lining in one and putting it in a kiln would do. I am a master potter and will try it. I will let you know if it works
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 6:06 AM Rating: Default
Tried putting a cracked scorpikis shell and some gooey adhesive in a forge. Nada on that, next gonna try shell and some serrated wire that dropped in Dalnirs. Wire is a new drop down there so perhaps this one will work.

42 Iksar Sk
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Dec 06 2000 at 11:40 AM Rating: Default
BTW, the sarated wire in Dalnir is not for this quest. I killed a cohersed gnome which had the wire. It is for giving to the Iksar Slave who in fact is a traitor to cabilis. The slave then uses the wire to cut himself free. Just to let u know as well, the iksar will give u a gem to give to our guild leader in Cabilis the Duke. He tells u to give it to the Duke and he will give u an item in return. Well i gave it to the Duke and he threw it on the ground and gave me nothing but a bad faction to the cabilis guards and a good faction to, i beleive it is guards of greenmist or something.
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 4:17 PM Rating: Default
I think you are on to something here! Perhaps treating the Cracked Scorpiki Shell (What it is called when identified) somehow with the wet clay that is also foraged in The Overthere is the answer. However, I am no potter and have no idea how to do this...

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 7:06 PM Rating: Default
Be careful with this because it does say Scorpion Chitin, not a Skorpiki Shell. It's worth a shot though. :)

Was this foraged inside the Skorpiki pit or can it be anywhere in the zone?
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 10:19 PM Rating: Default
Yes, that is true, but as anyone living on the shore knows, chitin is just another word for shell. Chitin is the material making up shells, as well as the "armor" on shellfish such as lobster, crabs, etc.

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 24 2000 at 10:21 PM Rating: Default
Yes, it can be foraged anywhere in The Overthere, however, I decided to spend two hours in the scorpiki chasm foraging just in case but I never foraged any whole piece of chitin, only the cracked type.

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
RE: Cracked Scorpikis Shell
# Nov 25 2000 at 1:10 AM Rating: Default
Could it be that the Scorpion Chitin is not this but perhaps something that we can forage somewhere like Field of Bone? I simply don't see this as being a component of the scorpion chitin that Sarth is asking for... shrug..

Skurrge <Blades of Law>
39th level ISK
# Nov 21 2000 at 11:44 PM Rating: Default
HMMM. Maybe we Iksar should try foraging in the Overthere. Possibly you might get a chitin.

War Baron Eater
All Servers
# Nov 22 2000 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
Did you do this or are you saying this is something to try?
# Nov 26 2000 at 3:21 AM Rating: Default
Ummm War Baron Eater is the Master of the Warrior Guild. Now, either this guy is a Verant rep, or someone using his name.

Predatorus Viktus
"The Father," First Order of Blood Knights
Shadow Division, Shadow Triari
39th Scale Shadow Knight
Bristlebane Server
Impaler Tzulig
# Nov 18 2000 at 2:37 AM Rating: Default
Anyone try killin this bad boy? or Skorpik Guardian's? They hang out near the HS entrance, just follow the left wall of the temple to get to them. I know Impaler is for the enchanter epic quest, but I have no idea what he drops, since he doesn't need to be killed for our quest. Try him out, hes lvl 51 with 5 Guardians in his room, might be what you are lookin for.
RE: Impaler Tzulig
# Nov 18 2000 at 9:19 AM Rating: Decent
No that would not be him. This armor is considered a mid lvl armor and should not involve slaying a quest NPC as they are usually very difficult for even 50+ players to slay.
Grandor Lonshot
# Nov 17 2000 at 2:05 PM Rating: Default
God quest and fairly easy.
RE: Grandor Lonshot
# Nov 17 2000 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
Huh? I find no reference of this.
# Nov 17 2000 at 12:44 PM Rating: Default
Has anyone actually tried giant scorpions on field of bone?
RE: re:chitin
# Nov 17 2000 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
Yes. As I said in my previous post I killed all forms of Scorpions in FoB and no scorion chitin. I also killed lots of Scorpiks and skorpik scroungers and no chitin.
# Nov 16 2000 at 6:26 PM Rating: Default
been trying to find a chitin... killed skorpiks in the overthere for probably a good 2 hours, and not one dropped. Any ideas??
RE: chitin?
# Nov 16 2000 at 9:59 PM Rating: Decent
I too killed Scorpions in Field of bone and Skorpiks in the canyon of The Overthere and no Scorpion Chitin. ANyone have any ideas?
RE: chitin?
# Nov 17 2000 at 12:21 AM Rating: Default
I imagine it will be a new drop with the patch.
RE: chitin?
# Nov 17 2000 at 3:24 AM Rating: Decent
I'm wondering if it will be off a new rare spawn like the Totemic armor bp with Grizzleknot.
RE: chitin?
# Nov 17 2000 at 7:38 AM Rating: Default
i spent a while in the Overthere also, and havent seen any chitin, on either the regular scorpikis or the scroungers. Can only hope it isnt going to be a rare spawn like Grizzleknot though, hes a real pain to find :P

Slythia Silverscale
49 Iksar Shadowknight
The Rathe Server
RE: chitin?
# Nov 19 2000 at 3:27 PM Rating: Default
i think i saw one of those as a rare drop of heartsting scorpions in the FoB.
not positive, but its worth a try
RE: chitin?
# Nov 17 2000 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
i was in overthere last night. there are 2 named scorpikis at the top of the canyon. the end with the ruins. when i hailed one he sighed adn said something about eternal damnation and told me to leave since i was a darkelf. the other one didn't respond. shot in the dark, but worth a try if you are there anyway.
RE: chitin?
# Nov 18 2000 at 4:07 AM Rating: Default
Those two were there before the patch, but that means nothing in all reality. There drop tables could have been altered. *shrugs* I'd bet on the scorpikis myself, but it appears many have thought the same and have tried unsuccessfully already.
RE: chitin?
# Nov 17 2000 at 8:02 PM Rating: Default
I believe these are the Quest giving mobs for the Iksar warrior quest armor.
RE: chitin?
# Dec 04 2000 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
Yup u got it the named scorpiks are way too high a lvl and plus they do give out warrior equivlant called "Trooper Scale" quests...im 45 and they con red and odds are theyd both jump you.

lvl 45 Iksar Warrior
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