Arx Mentis Event #5: Calix Quirinus  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 116:00:00
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:The Darkened Sea
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Oct 26 04:13:43 2014
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022

The Darkened Sea Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This is a raid event in the expedition into Arx Mentis.


- This event is triggered through dialogue with Calix.

Phase One

- Here, you'll have to contend with Principal Indagator Gordianus.
--- Lanys T`Vyl and Calix remain out of the fight, for now.

- Principal Indagator Gordianus:
--- Casts "Stormpulse" every 35 seconds (PBAE 20' range 95,000 dmg + melee inhibition + fizzle rate increase).
--- Casts "Energy Wave" every 25 seconds (rear 40' range AE for 85,000 dmg + knockback).
--- Spawns storm auras every 60 seconds that pulse "Manastorm" every 3 seconds (80,000 dmg + 6,000 mana drain).

- This phase ends when Principal Indagator Gordianus dies.

Phase Two

- Here, you'll have to contend with Calix, Lanys T`Vyl, and many adds.

- Lanys T`Vyl:
--- Her health can't drop below Calix's health (will auto-raise +1%).
--- The more health she loses, the weaker she becomes.
--- Casts "Surge of Pain" (500' range PBAE 10-tick levitation suppression + 2,000 mana drain + 75,000 dmg).
--- Casts "Repulsion" at same time as "Surge of Pain" (100' range PBAE knockback + one-slow dispell).
--- Casts "Mana Conversion" buff on herself (causes spells to heal her for 50,000hp).
--- Casts "Lifescourge" (emote-based frontal beam spell; reduces max hp by 20% for 120 seconds; has 75 corruption counters).
--- Swaps between tank targets every 75-100 seconds (switches from top hated to second hated).
--- Alternates between being vulnerable to melee and vulnerable to spells (will emote about this).
--- Spawns undead adds on the raid (remain up for 25 seconds).
--- Weakening as she loses health:
------ When below 60% health, adds stop spawning.
------ When below 40% health, stops casting "Lifescourage" and doing tank swaps.

- Calix:
--- The more health he loses, the stronger he becomes.
--- Casts "Energy Conversion", 150' range PBAE, every 45 seconds which does range-based damage.
------ Does 45,000 dmg at close range to Calix, up to 180,000 dmg at further range away from Calix.
--- Once below 70%, spawns one sparkworker add for every 6% health lost.
------ Sparkworker adds don't have any special abilities.
------ These appear in the middle of the event area and will occasionally prioritize caster targets.
--- Once below 50%, gains two spells (emotes are seen by inflicted targets):
------ "Energy Charge" (every 20 seconds on four targets: 50% spell interrupt; DOT for 60,000/tick; cured by moving 120' range in any direction).
------ "Energy Barrier" (same time as Energy Charge; four targets; inflicted player should not move more than 25' range with this debuff on, or it drops. After 10 seconds, if this buff isn't still on the player, they are hit with "Energy Discharge" for 130,000 dmg.)
--- Once below 30%, gains two more spells:
------ Every 30 seconds, casts "Biomagnetization" on his adds (pulls them towards him; when buff is about to wear off, the folem explodes, casting "Deconstruction", 50' range AE for 60,000 dmg).
------ "Energy Flow" (alternates with "Energy Conversion" casts; range-based damage the opposite of "Energy Conversion" - the closer you are, the more damage you take).
--- Lanys T`Vyl must be 10% health or lower before you can kill Calix.

- Una Lucem:
--- She remains out of the fight, but does a big AE upon completion (get into Ognit Eznertob's aura to protect yourself from it).

- Kill Calix to complete the event.


Possible chest loot includes 1-2 armor pieces (first list) + 1-3 other items (second list) + 4-8 spells (third list) + 0-1 "Elder Source of Creation" (cultural aug) + 0-1 "Venenium" (chase item):

Darkwater Helm
Darkwater Tunic

Amiculua Magio
Amiculua Serpentia
Amiculua Umbraculo
Amiculua Vis
Humis Umerium
Serpentis Umerium
Umeria Fortitas
Umeria Noceis

Greater Essence of the Citadel
Glowing Essence of the Citadel

In addition to chest loot, everyone in the zone receives 1x "Calix Quirinus' Key" (clicking 10 of these items grants the Raids achievement "Destroyer of Calix Quirinus" - Item Lore states that the key "serves as a substitute for both a Fragment of the Citadel Key and a Fragment of the Apitarx Key").

Also, everyone receives 10x "Arx Energy Crystal" (used to buy raid gear). This event unlocks the following items from Researcher Orbiana (click for map image) in the zone-in area of Katta Castrum: Deluge:

BACK Items:
Amiculua Fortitias
Amiculua Humas
Amiculua Magio
Amiculua Memorias
Amiculua Noceis
Amiculua Scribia
Amiculua Serpentia
Amiculua Umbraculo
Amiculua Unguisis

Humis Umerium
Scribis Umerium
Serpentis Umerium
Umeria Fortitas
Umeria Lumbius
Umeria Magius
Umeria Memorias
Umeria Noceis
Umeria Vis
Unguisio Umerium

Weapons & Shields:
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